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Sara Bozanic:  "Marketers and designers are finally moving into a new era – the era of transmedia. The previous era, which was characterized by a huge platform obsession approach, is over. But what does it all mean?"


...Transmedia is a storytelling technique, which happens across multiple media platforms, but in a platform appropriate way.


Content is spread across several media simultaneously. It’s not just about digital media, but also a combination of several traditional channels or a combination of both, such as the environment, radio, TV, web, mobile, etc.


3 Main Phases of Development
But what does this mean in practice? We can divide transmedia development process in 3 main phases: concept development, distribution and growth. Each phase is characterized by emotional investment, social mechanics, participation and care....


[Here's a useful overview of Transmedia storytelling ~ Jeff]

Via The Digital Rocking Chair, Jeff Domansky