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Help Animate Special Mission of via 99Designs

Help Animate Special Mission of via 99Designs | Digital-News on today |

We've received a lot of great feedback in's first 10 days. Some of that feedback tells us our current homepage video works better as an About Us video than an explanation of what crowdfunding cancer research is about and why the new cancer research revolution is so important.

If you are a graphic designer who can animate we hope you will apply and win our 99Designs contest.


Via Martin (Marty) Smith
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Thank You Note As Works Its Way LIVE Today

Thank You Note As Works Its Way LIVE Today | Digital-News on today | Is Launching Today - Marty's Thank You Note
Here is what I just wrote on our blog. Blog is acting a little…

Via Martin (Marty) Smith
Martin (Marty) Smith's curator insight, October 16, 2013 10:40 AM

My Favorite part of a THANK YOU NOTE I wrote this morning as we launch into the world:

"After sixty days of riding a bicycle 3,300 miles during Martin's Ride To Cure Cancer we saw the ocean and a large BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) was struck from my bucket list. Today feels like we've arrived in Colorado. Colorado is where Martin's Ride RUBBER met ROAD, where everything we ARE or ever WILL BE was tested. When we reached Colorado I rode with my sister Caroline in a land so beautiful and challenging everything seemed right, true and real. feels right, true and real too. Creating a view behind the cancer research curtain is fascinating, wonderful and empowering. POWER is something every cancer patient understands perhaps better than anyone. When I was diagnosed power felt stolen and my life force dimmed. Cancer was driving my life suddenly and in directions that only the Big C could understand.

If I could visit that day, the day I heard "cancer" and my name in the same sentence, the news may have felt a little less devastating. When a doctor tells you about your fate you feel like an iron curtain comes down isolating you from every other human, isolating you from family and friends. You are never more alone than in that moment. is here to say NO CANCER PATIENT is ever alone."

Thanks to all of my friends, teachers and coaches. Couldn't have gotten HERE without your help, love and support.


Kelly Hungerford's comment, October 16, 2013 10:47 AM
Good luck Marty. We are all behind you and this amazing platform. Together we can and WILL help cure cancer!