New Developments in Social Media
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Rescooped by Erica Thayer from Keep Up With The Web!

Best and Worst Times to Share Your Social Media Updates [Infographic]

Best and Worst Times to Share Your Social Media Updates [Infographic] | New Developments in Social Media |
Wondering what's the best time to share your social media updates? The following infographic will show you just that!

Via Sherryl Perry
Erica Thayer's insight:

When developing social media websites, it is important to understand the best and worst times to share status updates and communicate with your followers.  Most users are searching Facebook between the hours of 1 and 4 pm, allowing three hours of prime communication opportunity.  The best times for Twitter are between the hours of 1 and 3 pm.  This article discusses the best times to communicate on several different platforms, but I can't help but question some of the research.  Although these times may seem to be the best on average, I believe that it depends on your brand and who your target market is. If you are reaching out to college students, I feel that it is important to understand that these users are on their social media pages at different times than older adults.  Although older adults may stop using social media at 8:00pm, college students are often communicating and sharing until late hours or the early hours of the next day.  I think that further research should be done based on specific target markets and age groups.

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Rescooped by Erica Thayer from New Developments in Social Media!

Future Development of Online Marketing in Social Media Networks

Future Development of Online Marketing in Social Media Networks | New Developments in Social Media |
The key factors of Web 3.0 Marketing are new ways of searching for information, ''smarter'' information, and a more approachable Web. Web 3.0 marketing is a convergence of new technologies and fast changes of consumer ...

Via Kaitlyn Bajorek
Erica Thayer's insight:

This article discusses how social media is developing today and the future predictions of its uses.  We are now considering Web 2.0 (back and forth conversation) a standard, and expect that Web 3.0 will be the next transition.  We have become accustomed to hearing from businesses in a way that grabs our attention on the social media communities that we reside in, and we are looking for that next step of involvement.  We expect that we will be able to communicate through social media at any time of the day from wherever we may be.  Businesses are looking to market their products and services by microblogging along side of their customers, offering customization to grab each individual's attention and personalization.  The major way to do this is with mobile applications.  Customers are opting in by downloading the application, and do not consider the marketing messages to be an interruption.  Not only will applications create an easy way to market, it will also allow for easy transactions and purchases on the customer's end.

The web will continue to mature, along with our growing expectations of communication and involvement with the businesses that we are loyal to.  As businesses start to adopt social media into their marketing plans, they will be experts on how to talk to their customers differently on each site.  As we look to be more involved with these businesses, we are providing easy, low cost market research for these companies. They will continue to learn our likes and dislikes, about our experiences with the company, and HOW we communicate online.  New ways to collect data and access information are being created, making it easy to customize and personalize products to the customer's liking.

Kaitlyn Bajorek's curator insight, February 11, 2014 9:44 PM

This article discusses how online marketing is developing on social media networks.  It goes on to discuss how the point of social media marketing is to bring together people of a common interest.  A company must transform their brand to the needs and interests of the target market.  There are many aspects that will change to the internet in regards to social media marketing.  The web has changed to Web 3.0 meaning that it will be faster and easier to search.  Semantic Web means that the search will be clearer.  I think this is a great thing for the future of social media marketing because people will enjoy doing searching for things and it will be easier to do.