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Are You Creating a Culture of Learning?

Are You Creating a Culture of Learning? | School Leadership |
If we really want to create a culture of learning we should stop focusing on the adult in the room and put our focus on the student, but sometimes it's more complicated than that.
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TPACK Case Studies

TPACK Case Studies | School Leadership |

"The Practitioner’s Guide to TPACK is an initiative jointly undertaken by the members of the National Technology Leadership Coalition (NTLC). Technology is rapidly changing how we teach and how we learn. Emergent technologies offer opportunities to understand concepts in deeper, often different, and more meaningful ways. However, this growth in understanding will occur only if teachers learn to use these technologies in effective ways."

Via Beth Dichter
Beth Dichter's curator insight, August 12, 2013 9:22 PM

If you have not heard of TPACK here is a brief explanation. Think of a digagram that has three intersecting circles.The circles are: 

* technological knowledge

* pedagogical knowledge

* content knowledge

To make the best use of technological knowledge one must also have an understanding of pedagogical and content knowledge and how they interact with one another. 

What makes this site unique to me is that it includes case studies of the use of TPACK in English, History. Mathematics and Science in both elementary and secondary education and they have recently posted a video study on elementary mathematics. 

To do this site justice you will find yourself spending time exploring...and you may walk away with some new ideas and lesson plans!

Viv Hall's curator insight, November 10, 2013 6:18 PM

A must watch for all educators interested in TPACK.  Excellent model to enable the viewer to follow the theory being effectively put into practice. #plpnetwork #edchat #ceoelearn 

Scooped by Valerie!

On why a basic knowledge of technology is important – BonnieNadri.Com

On why a basic knowledge of technology is important – BonnieNadri.Com | School Leadership |
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