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Cognition's Semantic Natural Language Processing (NLP) adds word and phrase meaning and understanding to applications like Semantic Search.




Cognition's natural language technology employs a unique mix of linguistics and mathematical algorithms which has, in effect, taught the computer the meanings (or associated concepts) of nearly all the words and frequently used phrases within the common English language.


It also has knowledge of the relations between words and phrases, especially paraphrase (a "finger" or a "digit") and taxonomy (a "finger" is part of a "hand", a "cow" is a "bovine" and is a "mammal").


Unlike all of the popular text reading and search in use today which utilize mathematically-based pattern-matching technology (i.e. they search for a particular word pattern based upon the user query), Cognition's Semantic NLP understands the meaning within the context of the text it is processing.


Cognition's Semantic NLP Understands:

Word stem, The morphological properties of each word, what type of plural does it take, How to disambiguate word sense, ......


Cognition encodes the types of objects different verb meanings can occur with....




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