Picturebook -- make your own story
This little app is free and comes with a starter set of illustrations. You can make stories with those but your child will want the farm set, the Halloween set, etc all .99 each, so be careful!
Pat the Bunny 2.0 and more!
By Alex Porter, Techlicious.com
The iPhone's touchscreen interface is a perfect, simple introduction to interactivity for little hands. So if you have a toddler, give this handful of safe, smart and fun apps a try.
Can you locate all the food items? The sharp things? The musical instruments?
Toddle Puzzle Transports educational apps for toddlers and kids. —
Technolio offers several cute and interactive games, including this one where kids are asked to "Find the train" or other mode of transportation. Watch the video and you'll see how engaging this would be to kids who like trucks, cars, planes, and things that go!
PlayTime Theater Puts YOU on Stage!
I haven't seen this but I love the idea of it. My kid would have loved starring in his own space movie.
App tells visually impaired the value of paper currency | Springwise
How do visually impaired kids know what's left of their allowance? Is this bill a five or a one? There's an app for that.