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"Nine (9) agile leader qualities are listed and explained as a leader / culture toolkit for sustainable leadership practices as well as a checklist."


Along with Drucker's "there's no such thing as leadership" article that is getting some attention, this list is also useful for followers, staffers and for examining culture and values.  In my own experience with leader competencies, flexibility and adaptability is key to being ABLE to change, the core of sustainability. ~ Deb




Elaine Rumboll suggests:


Adaptability Back Up Curiosity Diversity Ease of Access Foresight Grace in Failure Hubs Inclusiveness


The first in the list, Adaptability (Flexibility) is defined to:


be ready to change our plans when they are not working the way we expected create alternatives to be ready to change course mid direction build a healthy robustness around how we are going to react [let go of] things remaining stable


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Via Deb Nystrom, REVELN