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Interested in hypnosis? It doesn't matter if you are a professional hypnotherapist or someone who just wants to know the secrets of how to effectively hypnotize someone, be that for fun or pleasure...

Imagine the excitement of being able to eliminate unwanted, habits, behaviors and emotions. With these two 21 century hypnotists you will learn all that you ever needed to know about how to safely and effectively hypnotize someone.

Your friends and family will be mesmerized! Just imagine being the go to person who can effectively help where most other therapies and medications have failed. Learning the Elman Induction and the other amazing techniques these hypnotists will show you will help you to become incredibly confident in your own ability to hypnotize.

Tim Phizackerley and Ian Smith will show you the step by step via HD videos, with concrete instructions and safety aspects to consider, just how to handle unexpected situations that sometimes occur when using hypnosis inductions.

Learn the "Elman Induction" The Dave Elman induction is by far the best induction that is available which has tried and tested built in tests for somnambulism which is essential for achieving the right depth of trance which is required to create effective subconscious change.

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Ian Smith + Tim Phizackerley - Mastering The Elman Induction
Mastering The Elman Induction - Ian Smith + Tim Phizackerley

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