Importance of Vaastu for newlywed couples | neeta-sinha-astro-architect |

Vaastu Shastra for a newly wedded couple’s home has a list of guidelines. These guidelines are a key to select a proper sector for the bedroom, bathroom, dressing table and a whole lot of other elements. On following these simple rules, a couple can lead a blissful married life.


Marriage is a sacred way of binding two souls for life. In Hindu tradition, a marriage ceremony entails for the purification of the entire premises with ceremonial actions. The entire environment fills up with excitement, positive energy and vigourthrough marriage astrological calculations during those few days and the same reflects on the faces of the couple. The ancient architectural science of Vaastu Shastrahelps to make this sacred institution even more happier, positive and strong; this is done by simply incorporating a few simple elements within the house where the newlyweds are about to reside.


Vaastu Shastra for a house of the newlyweds:


Just as marriage astrologers calculate the auspicious time to conduct wedding rituals like time for the fire ceremonies, time for the seven sacred rounds, time for the bride’s departure from her home and entry into the groom’s place etc, similarly there Vaastu provides guidelines to lead a blissful married life. The couple that follows these guidelines has a deeper understanding and better connectivity than the rest. The first guideline directs a couple to select the right direction for the bedroom, bathroom and mirrors or dressing tables.

Direction of a newlywed couple’s bedroom:


North of North West (NNW) direction is the perfect location for the bedroom of newlywed couple. This is because the ancient texts of Vaastu describe this direction as the ideal location for Rati. Maha-Vaastu or the contemporary version of this ancient doctrine suggests that NNW is the best place for conjugation, magnetism and sensual enjoyment as the couple senses completefulfilment. The direction itself holds an energy that strengthens the bond of a couple and takes the relationship to new levels of merger wherein the husband-wife duo enjoys Ananda.


But Maha-Vaastu being a contemporary version of Vaastu has a solution for couples who cannot build a house from scratch and have to move into pre-built houses after marriage. The rule suggests that alternatively the same effects can be obtained by ensuring the following rules are in place.


Bedrooms in eastern corners must avoid white colour on bed sheets, walls and curtains.Bedrooms in the northern quarters must avoid red and pink shades.The bedroom must not be in ESE, SSW and WNW directions as the negative energies inthese sectors lead to poor health of the relationship as well as the duo’s lives. Just by changing colours these effects can be shielded.


Direction of a newlywed couple’s bathroom&dressing table:


The bathroom must not be it the south western zone for it affects a relationship badly. The couple might start to avoid living with each other by indulging into extra marital affairs and other unwanted problems.


A mirror or dressing table must be located in the south western zone for mirror amplifies the properties of a place. A mirror in the SW zone of the bedroom amplifies the positive effects of a married life.


Just like the Dharma Shastra is a set of rules that act as a guideline for a happy married life for it is a key to build healthy relationships, Vaastu Shastra is a set of rules that acts as a key to build buildings with positive energies. So if these simple Vaastu Shastra rules are followed, a couple can reside happily together with a lifelong commitment and responsibility to love and for each other.