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What ‘Portable Music’ Means in 2013

What ‘Portable Music’ Means in 2013 | Music Business |

"A couple of weeks ago, I gave a half-hour presentation on the state of music apps at Berlin Music Week, before interviewing some prominent app developers on stage. You can view the slides below."

Bianca Brown's insight:

I simply love the article from beginning to end. The author gave the reader his own new thought of the new defintion of "portable music ". After reading this article, portable music is just a understatment. We can access music anywhere , anytime, or any day for our lives. BUt what really caught my attention was the the statement: "But,” you say, “why would Pandora want people to bring their artist stations to iHeartRadio? Why would Rdio want people to be able to grab their collections and go to Rhapsody? And why would iTunes or Amazon want people to be able to grab all purchases in a flash and put them in whatever cloud locker they want?"

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Copyright wars are damaging the health of the internet

Copyright wars are damaging the health of the internet | Music Business |
Cory Doctorow: Those pushing for 'solutions' to piracy risk eroding the net's integrity and freedom from surveillance, censorship and control

Via Catherine Hol
Bianca Brown's insight:

Some pros I have for this article is the explanation of the internet becoming more of a helping help hand.  Also giving the reader the knowledge of the copyright law and the some dangers of putting up your ideal work. Some cons were the fact of him not really staying on the subject of the copyright wars.


I enjoy the article's detail of the internet being helpful in many ways with each citizen. Yes, is it hard to own your act work with copyright but, some people are dealing with this problem. The aurthor wants us realized that there is a network situation that can affect artists.  This can put anyone in a difficult problem with censorship,control and ownership.

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How The YouTube Music Awards Could Change Everything

How The YouTube Music Awards Could Change Everything | Music Business |
Googles video platform is uniquely positioned to put every awards show in TV history to shame and the implications for the rest of the media could be...
Bianca Brown's insight:

Youtube Music Awards sounds very interesting. This is different from any type of award show and the celebrities are still participating in the web event. The article gave great ideas for artists not actually know on tv but , network wise to set up their music to be feature during the award. Reading this article, I know that this will not replace the original award show but, continunig on the tradition. Youtube is basically trying to the user that there is a chance for you and your talent can become known.

Jonathan Smith's curator insight, October 11, 2013 7:46 PM

I personally think that as we age farther and farther in technowledgy, older ones are going to be pushed away. With YouTube hosting music awards, this could be a start of big changes on actually television with a decrease of people wating to watch music awards on tv and now online, in which now cable and satillite tv could have a bigger competitor than each other than

travis eskridge's curator insight, October 13, 2013 8:31 PM

This article explains the success youtube could have if they had a music awards.

pros: this can get instant credibility because you have such famous artist who have build there career through the internet which means they'll be more than happy to perform at the awards.

Cons:The only thing is youtube discovers alot of underated artist and you cant force new music on someone.

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How Spotify Engineered the New Music Economy

How Spotify Engineered the New Music Economy | Music Business |
In a post-Napster music industry, Spotify seems to have concocted a winning monetization formula, but not all its participants are happy with the numbers.
Bianca Brown's insight:

Spotify is good for letting the music industry for selling and listening numbers , instead of looking for social media webistes like facebook and/or twitter. Some artists do not have any knowledge about selling their music and knowing if it is good are not the billboard. Spotify can make you or break you for sells but sometimes this website maybe for availablity.

Alessandro Marquez's curator insight, October 12, 2013 2:43 PM
The matter of the fact is, online music streaming services, such as Spotify and many others, doesn’t pay artist as fairly. Though, it may be a harsh reality, on the bright side, their music is being heard, and on the other side of things, artist are gaining new fans and new opportunities because of these new online music streaming services, because their music is simply but a click away, and anyone with internet access has the ability to listen to it. There’s still a grey area in all of this, but most importantly, their music is being heard, and there’s plenty of other sources for artist to make profit off of. But, artist should appreciate the fact that there music is being heard, because your fans are priceless.
travis eskridge's curator insight, October 13, 2013 8:37 PM

the article talks about how succesful downloadable sites have become and how they play an important roll in the industry sites like napster and spotify.

Pros:you could receive revenue from this as artist everytime your music is downloaded.

Cons: if your and indie artist you wouldnt be able to live off of downloads and it would make it hard to have a stable career.

Herman Vernon's curator insight, September 14, 2016 7:45 PM

Is every big label in the game going to start launching and investing in already existing online streaming companies? Or have the big names in online music streaming already made to big of an impact for there to be space for the big record labels to get in.


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Is Bolder Better? How An Artist’s Persona Affects Sales, Airplay and Streaming

Is Bolder Better? How An Artist’s Persona Affects Sales, Airplay and Streaming | Music Business |

"For most music artists, “reinvention” is a way to reach new fans, create buzz, and experiment with new sounds. No matter how they create it, an artist’s persona is everything—and they convey it in everything they do."

Bianca Brown's insight:

Taking on a new persona is hard to pull off but, can be worth it. The article used Miley Cyrus as a great example and also the aurthor realizes that she is not the only artist turning a new leaf. Britteny Spears and Madonna were moving to a different  light for their sells.It is the well organized and I understood his message since the beginning of the paragraph. I enjoyed the many other examples of the many artists.

eric Medina's curator insight, October 13, 2013 4:56 PM

This article explains some of the benefits of an artist's crazy actions. Although most people look at Miley as some type of slut trying to prove herself as a grown woman, the way she acts has had a positive impact on her income from music.

travis eskridge's curator insight, October 13, 2013 8:23 PM

the article explains how music reinvention  is a good way to reach fans.

Pros: this move could definitly work and create a buzz for your fan base.

Cons: depending on your fanbase this could fail miserabley and maybe end your career.

Kyron McGruder's curator insight, November 10, 2013 2:53 AM

this article outlines the importance of "reinvention" of yourself to the world; After you are doing well in the industry. 

pros of this is that you have a chance to reach out to new audiences gaining more exposure and ultimately more more sales.

cons of this are that your fans may not like the new you, and turn their backs on you and favor another artist