If The Planet Really Did Revolve Around Your City: Isidro Blasco's 3D Urban Panoramas | Navigate | Scoop.it
When you’re in a big city humming with activity, it’s not unusual to feel like the world revolves around you. On each trip to a new place, artist Isidro Blasco climbs up to the tallest buildings and documents what exactly “the world” looks like through the city’s eyes.

The result: the “Planet” series, which takes us to the bubbles of places like New York, São Paulo, Sydney, and Madrid.

The artist assembles photographs into meticulously circular panoramas. Reminding us that Photoshop techniques have origins in the physical world, each series is painstakingly incised and trimmed by hand. The three-dimensional works challenge perceptions of our everyday "orbits" through their creative use of representation.


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Via Lauren Moss