"The pilot will focus on making better judgments on agricultural lands, increasing accessibility to clean water, and fostering natural habitats along with protecting and restoring important forests."


The pilot site (Santa Vitória Açúcar e Álcool Ltda. - SVAA) "is developing the largest integrated plant ever for producing biopolymers from renewable sugar cane, which will be powered to some extent by using waste biomass. The pilot will enable Dow and TNC to study how Dow’s operations affect and are affected by natural surroundings and finally devise ways for implementing sustainable solutions that can be applied both locally and globally."


Q: What's the motivation here? Guessing this biopolymer plan needs access to water, which may be in competition with local agriculture - ?? Forest protection - b/c it will increase water quality - so water quality is an important input? Or is this all just community goodwill?