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Fancy having a print of your DNA hanging in the living room? Well it's entirely possible thanks to DNA11 who create personalized genetic art.


All you have to do is send them a cheek swab and they will send you back a beautiful print of coloured bands. But what does this actually mean?


With the tools common to any biology lab, DNA11 will extract your DNA from the cheek cell samples you provide and digest it with enzymes that cut DNA at specific sites. This process produces a unique DNA footprint for everyone because we all have subtle differences in our genetic makeup. These unique fragments are then amplified and separated by size in a porous gel by applying an electric field. DNA has a slightly negative charge so it will migrate towards the positively charged anode. The smaller fragments will move more quickly through the gel pores, resulting in a clear separation of DNA bands by size. The aesthetics of these prints is achieved by using colourful DNA-binding dyes.


DNA11 can offer you a unique piece that truly represents the essence of who your are on a molecular level. It doesn't get much more personal than this!

Via Nikki Kapp