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Unmanned Aircraft Systems' Remote Sensing Technology Used Against Bark Beetles in National Forests.


Remote telemetry is used for the finding of the beetles (the first step to defeating them) is mainly ground work, and therefore the paper will then propose a few new methods using unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) as a way to find the bugs. Finally, the paper will briefly cover other methods to help eradicate the bark beetles that are possible using UAS in a more direct approach than just finding the affected areas. It will also cover implementation and logistics of the operation from a Forest Service’s stand point. It will also point out the advantages and disadvantages of the UAS method over more traditional means.


Remote sensing from UAS can help in finding attacked trees. There are 600 types of bark beetles in the continental United States and Canada. Two hundred of these species are in California alone. At least 10 new species have been found since 2002 in California. Most species attack conifer trees, though some of them, such as the shorthole borer, attack broadleaf trees.

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