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This article shares with you the information about 6 natural remedies for rosacea that can help you get rid of rosacea effectively


Over 16 million people in the United State have rosacea but most of them do not know it. In fact, rosacea is a common chronic facial skin condition  which can affect all ages. If it is not treated, rosacea can worsen over time. Treatment for rosacea varies depending on subtypes and severity, and one of the best ways to help you alleviate the symptoms of rosacea is using natural remedies for rosacea. With natural ingredients, you can get rid of your rosacea without harmful side effect like using drugs. Keep reading and discover 6 effective natural remedies for rosacea in this article!

Natural Remedies For Rosacea

1. Gotu Kola

The extract from Gotu Kola is used in several ayurvedic and Chinese medicinal preparations. It is also an effective herb among natural remedies for rosacea. Gotu Kola can help you prevent bacterial, parasitic and viral infection. Gotu Kola also helps you reduce scars on your skin as well as boost wound healing. The extract from Gotu Kola has the chemicals which can help you reduce inflammation and blood pressure. Moreover, Gotu Kola can increase the production of collagen in your skin. All of these benefits of Gotu Kola help in reducing rosacea symptoms. You can reduce the inflammation and promote healing by taking approximately 100 milligrams of this herb 3 times per day.

2. Horse Chest Nut

The extract from horse chest nut is effective to treat vascular problems . Additionally, it can also help you reduce inflammations in your body. A new research has found that the extract from this one of natural remedies for rosacea can help you reduce the enlargement of your blood vessels so that it is helpful to treat the inflammation caused by rosacea. To get the benefits of this remedy, you can use the topical creams with horse chest nut by applying the cream on your affected skin for at least thirty minutes. After that, rinse off the cream with water. To get faster results, you can use horse chest nut 2 times a day.

3. Cat’s Claw

Cat’s Claw is also one of the natural remedies for rosacea. That is because this herb can help you reduce food sensitivities  and reestablish healthier intestinal environment. More than that, Cat’s Claw can help you reduce the flare up of your rosacea which is caused by certain medicines or food. To treat rosacea with Cat’s Claw, you should use at least 500mg of the extract from Cat’s Claw 3 times per day. If you are an organ transplant patient, breast feeding or pregnant, you need to avoid using this natural remedy.

4. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is well known as a great vitamin for health and skin. It is also helpful for you as one of the natural remedies for rosacea. Vitamin C can help you improve the immunity of your body which can help to reduce the infection of rosacea. In addition, vitamin C can promote healing and help you strengthen the connective tissue. To make this natural remedy more effective, you should use vitamin C along with bioflacanoids which are anti inflammatory and helps to strengthen your blood vessels. The combined action of bioflavonoids and vitamin C can help you prevent infection and reduce the inflammation of your skin. Every day you should take 500 mg of bioflavanoids along with vitamin C at least 3 times a day to get rid of rosacea.

5. Vitamin B–Complex

Another vitamin which is helpful for rosacea treatment is vitamin B. Especially, riboflavin or vitamin B2 plays a vital role in nails, hair and skin health. By consuming vitamin B complex supplements or tablets every day, you can get about 100mg of B vitamins which can help you relief rosacea flare ups.


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