Natural Poultice of Hernias
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Natural Poultice of Hernias
Natural Poultice (Patch) For All Types of Hernias. The fear that most people have when dealing with a hernia is that of surgery. Statistics have proven that 20% of all recipients of implanted mesh, which is used in hernia surgery, will develop an allergic response to the mesh. In other word, their body will reject the mesh because it's a foreign substance. Then there is another 30% that will need a second surgery to correct the first surgery. Then there are those who cannot do another surgery because of the scar tissues from previous surgeries. Please check more regarding to inguinal hernia or umbilical hernia. We have over 30 years experience in Natural healing using comfrey poultice for hernias. The success rate is approximately 98%. That's better than any other method in existence. If you have other questions and need to speak with a natural health practitioner regarding our poultices please call us at 410-466-2558 or visit our website at
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