The “far right” Dalai Lama visits the UK | Race & Crime UK |

The Dalai Lama started a tour of Britain last weekend (17th / 18th June) meeting various movers and shakers who support the Tibetan cause.

This man is a disgrace by the standards set my by our very own liberal establishment.

He says he wants to maintain “unique Tibetan identity and cultural values”. Well, that’s pretty much what those disgraceful British “far right” political parties want!

In fact, the BNP’s monthly magazine until recently was called “Identity”.

Even more hilarious, the Dalai Lama refers here to the “richness and breadth of the religion and culture of Tibet…”. Hang on! How can a culture possibly be “rich” unless it has recently been “enriched” by hoards of uneducated illiterates from culturally “unrich” countries?

Obviously, this man is an idiot (again by the standards that prevail within our very own liberal establishment.)

Or are the real idiots those PC pro-multicuturalism bores who keep wittering on about “enrichment”?

I think I know the answer to that one!

When I used the word “unrich” above, I was referring to the fact that we in Britain have been immeasurably enriched (ho ho!) by the arrival on these shores of hoards of Muslims, etc. And you can gauge how culturally rich Muslims are from a few facts and figures such as the following.

The number of books translated in the Muslim Arab world in the last THOUSAND YEARS is the same as the number translated in Spain on JUST ONE year. And half of Arab women cannot read or write. That information comes from an article in the Observer newspaper(p. 25: published 4.2.07) by the Muslim physicist Pervez Hoodbhoy.

The irony here will of course be a mile above the heads of the clots who laud multiculturalism. Although on second thoughts the word “irony” doesn’t quite do the situation justice.

Returning to the Dalai Lama, in another speech, he says here: “What I am seeking is a meaningful autonomy for the Tibetan people that would ensure the long-term survival of our Buddhist culture, our language and our distinct identity as a people. The rich Tibetan Buddhist culture….”

There he goes again: trying to maintain a culture and referring to it as “rich”. Obviously, this 'neo-Nazi' should be arrested (again judging by the standards of our very own liberal establishment!)

Of course, there are differences between Tibet’s situation and Britain’s. No two countries, nor their histories, are identical. For example, it might seem that Tibet’s culture is being degraded via brute force – not quite what is happening to British culture, you might think. But think again: some immigrants “force” their way into Britain – they are not called' illegal immigrants' for nothing!

Also, force is a common Muslim tactic. If threatening to kill cartoonists and various authors one does not like is not “force”, then I don’t know what the word force means.

Moreover, even if no force was being used at all to degrade or alter British culture, the fact would still remain that the Dalai Lama’s objectives (preserving a culture and identity) and the British “far right’s” objectives are much the same.