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Black Crime: Birmingham riots gang jailed for up to 30 years

Black Crime: Birmingham riots gang jailed for up to 30 years | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Six members of a gang who shot at police officers during riots in Birmingham last August were jailed today for up to 30 years.


Birmingham Crown Court had heard how the men lured police to a blaze at a pub before opening fire, with West Midlands Police's helicopter also targeted.
Among the offences the five men and one teenager were convicted of were rioting, reckless arson and firearms possession.
Nicholas Francis, 26, was jailed for 30 years; Jermaine Lewis, 27, received a 23-year sentence, as did 20-year-old Tyrone Laidley; while Renardo Farrell, 20, and Wayne Collins, 25, were both handed jail terms of 18 years.
The 17-year-old also convicted, who can now be named as Amirul Rehman, was jailed for 12 years.

During a six-week trial jurors had been shown CCTV footage of a group of more than 40 people rioting outside the Bartons Arms in Aston on August 9.
Judge William Davis described their offences as a 'concerted attack on the police'.
'Members of the group attacked the building. They smashed windows, they went inside and ransacked the premises. They threw chairs and tables out on to the pavement,' he said.
'Other members of the group stayed on the pavement outside the building. Some threw missiles, bottles and the like, at a passing police car.
'Others lit petrol bombs that had been brought to the scene.
'The purpose of all this was not to loot or to steal. Nor was it mindless vandalism.
'The purpose, the common purpose, was to behave in such a way that the police would come to the scene and then to attack the police.'

The judge, who said 12 shots were fired at police and four handguns recovered, added: 'The intention was to endanger life. Although no physical injury was suffered, that was wholly a matter of luck.
'Had the police helicopter been struck, the consequences could have been catastrophic.
'There may have been no physical injury to a police officer, but the damage to the well-being of the city of Birmingham caused by an armed gang prepared to act in this way was grave.
'It is very difficult to conceive a case of this type more serious than this one.'

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Three shot in Belfast rioting

Three shot in Belfast rioting | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
Three people were shot as a new wave of sectarian rioting erupted in east Belfast.


Last night, houses were set on fire by petrol bombs and families moved out of a loyalist district after they came under attack from nationalists across a peaceline in the Short Strand.
Police said a 39-year-old man and two 15-year-old youths were shot and injured as gunfire was directed at Cluan Place in the Protestant Albertbridge Road area.
Progressive Unionist Party leader David Ervine, who was at the scene when the violence flared, said the man was taken to hospital after being hit in the back and lower leg.
The East Belfast MLA said he had been told the man’s condition was “ill but comfortable”.
Mr Ervine added that the two youths had suffered bullet wounds to their lower legs.
As blast bombs continued to rain down, Mr Ervine said: “These people have gone through a weekend of terror.”
Residents forced to flee their homes, including several pensioners, were taken to other houses and church halls.
Police said trouble erupted when stones and missiles were thrown into Cluan Place from the Short Strand, a Catholic enclave in Protestant east Belfast.
Later petrol bombs were lobbed at loyalist homes. Two houses were set alight, with fire crews being called to extinguish the blaze.
The disorder followed several nights of fighting between rival mobs in east Belfast which resulted in 10 police officers being injured.
Mr Ervine said the area was extremely volatile and called for more police to be drafted into the Short Strand.
“There are no police resources being put into the nationalist side; if they were they couldn’t do what they are doing,” he claimed.
Earlier, rival mobs clashed during sectarian fighting in the Whitewell Road area of north Belfast.
Police and soldiers came under attack from rival loyalist and nationalist factions.
Up to 100 people who gathered on each side in the Arthur Bridge area hurled stones, bottles, paint and petrol bombs at security forces trying to separate them.
The disorder continued in the nearby Gunnell Hill and Serpentine Road areas, with gangs fighting running battles.
Two people arrested and charged with riotous behaviour were due in court this morning. No injuries to security forces were reported.
Joe O’Donnell, a Belfast Sinn Fein councillor for the Short Strand area, insisted that loyalists had put Catholic homes under siege from gun and blast bomb attack.
“I understand there have been shots fired from here tonight, but there was gunfire into here first,” he said last night.
“We stood and watched 40 or 50 semi-uniformed loyalist paramilitaries march down and line up on the Albertbridge Road.
“I’m now standing with 150 people who have been evicted from their homes.”
Mr O’Donnell said houses in the Short Strand had been decimated.
“This area is completely surrounded by a wall and 70,000 unionists and yet we are the ones targeting them.
“I’m standing here and it looks like Beirut.”

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BELGIUM: Muslim riots break out

BELGIUM: Muslim riots break out | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Two policemen were injured and eight people arrested in the riots recorded last night following the arrest of a woman who refused to remove the niqab during a control of identification in a suburb of Brussels, the French-speaking RTBF television reported. Burqas and niqabs (full face veils) have been banned in Belgium since 2011. But, as usual, Muslims think they are above the law.

In Moelenbeek, Brussels, police stopped a Muslim woman in a full-face covering veil for an ID check. She refused to show her face, so they escorted her to the police station, where she again refused to comply with their demand that she show her face. The woman, described as a 25-year-old convert to Islam who had already been booked many times for similar offences, was extremely aggressive. She struck several of the police officers, breaking the nose and knocking out 2 teeth of one policewoman, and injuring another, both of whom required hospital treatment.


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