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The Pro-Nazi Muslims

The Pro-Nazi Muslims | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

During World War II, hundreds of thousands of foreign peoples joined with Hitler's legions to bring theirs people into special status in Hitler's New Order. Tens of thousands among them were Muslims, where the majority of them came from Soviet Union. Under the banner of the crescent and the swastika, these Soviet Muslims believe to become holy warriors to liberated theirs land. But the end of this unholy alliance was a disaster for them.

The Pro-Nazi Soviet Muslims

When the German Army invaded Soviet Russia on June 22, 1941 they saw many of their opponent inhabitants welcomed them as liberators. One of the group of Soviet citizens that felt had reason to rejoiced the coming of the Teutonic legion invaders were Soviet Muslims.

Many of Soviet Muslims hates domination of Russians upon them. They still remembered theirs golden age under the Muslim khans, emirs, and sultans before they fall into Russian Czardom between 17th and 19th centuries. Actually, when the Czardom liquidated during Bolshevik Revolution, the Muslim Soviet got a chances to liberated themselves from theirs Russian masters and formed some independent states with help from theirs Turkish brothers and her German allied. Even for a while they thought to build a Greater Turkey Sultanate like Pan-Turanian longing.

In Caucasus, an all-Islam army, composed of Azeris, Ajars, and other Caucasian Muslims, assist the Turkish army under Nuri Pasha, who was known for his Pan-Turanian ideas. They besieged many non-Muslims towns in Caucasus that refused surrender to them and starved it into submissions. Some of them implicated with the massacres of Armenians.

The same thing developed in Central Asia. In Kokand, a free government of Turkestan was proclaimed, while the emirs of Khiva and Bukhara asserted their independence. The Turkish-Tartar peoples in Crimea and Volga also arise against the Russians.

Unfortunately, after succeeded consolidated their power in Russia, the Bolshevist penetrated these areas. One by one centers of Muslim resistance to communism fell. The attempt to free these Muslim areas from Russian rule had failed, and the Soviet government succeeded in reestablishing its authority over the whole Caucasus and Turkestan. But the native peoples rejected this Russian-Communist authority. Some of them rise against the Moscow rule when the communist forced collectivized farms and atheistic attitudes upon them. One of the uprisings erupted in Chechnya, where the Cechens under an ex-communist named Hasan Israilov rise against the Soviet regime.

The unrest of these Muslim peoples didn't escape from Hitler intention. When many of Muslim Soviet POWs enthusiastic wished to join with the victorious Wehrmacht against theirs ruler, theirs aspirations get a green light from the German dictator. On December, 1941 a top secret memorandum ordered that the OKW was to create two Muslim units: the Turkestanisch Legion, consisted Muslim volunteers from Central Asia, like Turkomans, Uzbeks, Kazakhs, Kirghizs, Karakalpaks, and Tadjiks; and Kaukasisch-Mohammedan Legion from Caucasian Muslims volunteers, like Azeris, Daghestans, Chechens, Ingushes, and Lezghins. Beside a separated unit consisted Muslim Tartars, Wolgatatarische Legion, was formed in Poland on January 1942.


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Muslim Farzan Ahmed - Calderdale council Nazi & EDL News

Muslim Farzan Ahmed - Calderdale council Nazi & EDL News | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

EDL News is on a server that belongs to a Muslim called Sohail Iqbal (also known as Sohail Choudhry) who is linked to several personalities including the nasty weasel Robin Tuddenham from Calderdale council.


The actual website EDL News belongs to a certain "Gary Moon" who also goes by the alias of Gary Fiennes Hastings, and Alan Moon. Gary Moon of Hill Road, Reading, in Berkshire is A true Jew hating and anti-Semitic scumbag who spends his time attacking and harassing people online on FB. His family owns a business called Blissett


Bookbinders - details below:
FJ Blissett and Co. Ltd

Trading as:
Blissett Bookbinders

Registrant type:
UK Limited Company, (Company number: 350921)


Registrant's address:
Roslin Road
W3 8DH
United Kingdom


The website for EDL News is registered by UK Cheapest Limited - one of the companies of Sohail Iqbal (Also called Sohail Choudhury)


Name & Registered Office:
Company No. 07501945

This office is a service office.


The Chair of the local BME (Black, Minority, Ethnic) Network in Calderdale - who also sits on the police race hate scrutiny panels and the Equality Forum in Calderdale (which Forum is administered by officers of the Council under Robin Tuddenham) - is a Muslim called Farzan Ahmed.

Mr Ahmed has an interesting profile which may be viewed at http://uk.linkedin.com/pub/farzan-ahmed/18/69b/973. You will see that he makes repeated issue of his having assisted the authorities in dealing with the "far right, extremist" EDL demo in Halifax.
Of course he is incapable of dealing with the EDL, but he still likes to make such comments to big himself up.

If you check his Facebook out - https://www.facebook.com/xcelgroup - you will see many activities and interests listed - not least amongst which are 'British Muslims Against Zionism' - 'Muslim Defence League' - 'Palestine Defence League' - 'Stop Killing Children of Palestine' and 'Free Palestine'. These are truly hate-mongering Facebook pages.

Now ...if you check 'Free Palestine' out on Facebook you will see not just the usual anti-Israeli and anti-Zionist crap expressed, but also blatantly anti-Jewish sentiment and if you click on the advertised web-site in the information section of 'Free Palestine' - http://www.palestine-info.co.uk/ this takes you to a hard-core rabidly anti-Jewish, openly Islamist and Hamas supporting web-site.

Mr Ahmed is a terrorist supporter and is a colleague of Sail Suleman's (Another terrorist supporter) on the Race/Faith Hate Scrutiny Panels and has other agencies networking links with him.

So there we have it:

Farzan Ahmed, the Racist, Jew hating Chair of the BME Network, sits on a policy Forum administered by Robin Tuddenham, has close links with Sail Suleman and Calderdale Muslim councillors and publicly expresses his like of anti-Zionist Facebook pages - at least one of which directly links to a hard-core Islamist and anti-Jewish Hamas supporting website.

He also runs quite a few web-sites himself including a religious web-site - http://www.dawah.org.uk/

As I see it, Calderdale Council and its agencies have become thoroughly infiltrated by anti-Zionist and Islamist elements and this is why anti-semitic films, child exploitation and fund-raising events of late have been allowed to be promoted and hosted using public monies.

Calderdale Council and other such local agencies are happy to facilitate anti-Zionist and anti-Jewish propaganda because it already engages with, respectabilises and allows itself to be advised by such people as openly flaunt - no doubt in mentoring to others - their interest in virulently Islamist and rabidly anti-Jewish websites.

These Muslim Nazis are linked to the EXPOSE group and Calderdale council and its employees have once again been exposed as the Jew hating vermin that they are.


And so that you know we are not making this up, here we have one of Farzan Ahmed's friends: Menhaj Afridi, a disgusting vermin and Jew hater who worships Anwar al Awlaki, the Al-Qaeda "spiritual leader".

Menhaj Afridi's profile name is 'Weapons of Mass Deception' - an interesting name for a man who, incidentally, also shares Mr Ahmed's interest in propagating religious 'dawah' websites. This proves that all "Dawah and anything to do with Religious Islam is in its core anti-Jew and anti-Zionist".

Mr Afridi is a man who clearly and publicly posts vile Jew-hatred on his Facebook profile - according to him Queen Elizabeth II is no more than a German Jewish bitch and he refers to supporters of Israel as "rats". See enclosed screen-shot attachments in this regard.
Now this is interesting - not only because of his vile anti-Jewish sentiments and not only because such vile comments are expressed in the context of a post denigrating the EDL for supporting Israel - but primarily because of the name of the poster himself - Menhaj Afridi.
A Menhaj Afridi has been lately exposed as a public "fan" of the notorious and now dead Yemeni-American al-Qaeda terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki on the JIDF website - please see http--www.thejidf.org-2010-05-who-will-be-the-next-times-square-bomber and the enclosed screen shot attachments. Menhaj Afridi is about half way down the JIDL list. As you know Awlaki was viewed by US government officials to be a senior talent recruiter, motivator and operational planner for al-Qaeda.
If this is indeed the same guy - Menhaj Afridi, a self-confessed Jew-hater exposed on Jewish websites as having had recent links with a senior al-Qaeda terrorist - then he's also linked as a FB friend, and has been for some time, with the Chair of Calderdale BME, Farzan Ahmed.


Below is a link to further information on Farzan Ahmed, who is a director of several companies - all information is public and was obtained from the public domain.



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Green Party Nazi

Green Party Nazi | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Fascist Chic: Pippa Bartolotti moves into the world of Reality TV

Our old acquaintance Pippa Bartolotti (best known perhaps for her fight last year with a pair of sliding doors at Ben Gurion airport) appears to have made a career move from agitprop to reality TV.

For those unfamiliar with the British Channel 4 show ‘Come Dine With Me’, the format involves a group of people holding dinner parties for each other which are then graded by the participants, with the winner receiving a cash prize. This week Ms. Bartolotti – described in the blurb as a ‘peace activist’ (which appears to have become an occupation; other contestants are described as a radio journalist and a housewife) hosted the meal.

Although it is not possible to view the show from outside the UK, the comments on the program’s Facebook account appear to suggest that Pippa did not make much of an impression on some of the viewers with her locally sourced spicy lettuce soup and egg curry.

Commenters’ remarks included “If i had that at my indian i would have sent it back”, “No offence but looked totally minging”, “Sounds disgusting”, “she mad as a box of frogs”, “That was a truly awful menu!!” and “Pippa’s food was slightly odd”.

The trick with important dinner parties is, of course, to stick to tried and trusted recipes one has used frequently in the past. Here then, is a suggestion for Pippa’s next soiree.


Sliding Door Soup with Suitcase Croutons

Fascist Flag Fricassee served with a side dish of Steamy Islamist Rhetoric

Greens Salad

Flambe a la Flynn with Dual-Loyalty Sauce

Ethically-sourced Free Trade Organic Caffeine-free Coffee substitute (produced in Merthyr Tydfil to reduce food-miles) with ‘Not the kind, loving British Jews I have known all my life‘ thin mints

And for entertainment, rather than fortune-telling with witch-doctor bones, perhaps Ms Bartolotti could go for something more conventional and show her guests some holiday snaps.


See more pics here: 


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