Boycott 'Ma Kellys' - Pub ban on hero soldiers | Race & Crime UK |

THREE hero soldiers were turned away from a pub when a bouncer told them: “No Army in here.”

The teenage squaddies were with 15 members of a group called Army Mums and Dads.

The soldiers — all aged 18 — were barred when they produced military IDs at Ma Kellys pub in Blackpool, Lancs.

The mum of one soldier said: “A bouncer said ‘Army! No Army in here’ and wouldn’t let them in.

“We tried to reason but the bouncers would only accept a driving licence or passport. They were quite aggressive.”

The mum — whose son was on weekend leave from the Royal Corps of Signals — added: “It’s disgusting. The boys should be bought a pint, not barred from having one.

“My son and his friends showed their military IDs at other pubs and staff said they were proud to have soldiers in the pub.”

Ma Kelly’s Facebook page has since been swamped with furious comments — with some people calling for a boycott.

Bill McDowall wrote: “As a former soldier I find this deeply offensive and insulting.”

Ell Mackay posted: “I am outraged.”

Ma Kellys defended its actions, saying it does not recognise forces ID as proof of age.