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Latest Nationalist News: White Tigers Group Launched

Latest Nationalist News: White Tigers Group Launched | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Shropshire BNP will no longer tolerate the Establishment’s failure to properly protect our people from racist hate crime - so as well as our ongoing campaign regarding this issue, we have also decided to set up a self defence group (named by local YBNP members) called the White Tigers.

The White Tigers will not only help to educate local young Britons about the dangers of racist 'grooming' and 'pack attack' gangs, we will also train them how to physically defend themselves too.

Grooming gangs have been operating in Shropshire for years and reports of racist attacks on white youths are increasing in the area.

These crimes go unrecognised simply because the Establishment ignores hate crimes when the victim is white. Many young white people never report these attacks for fear of being branded racist themselves.

We doubt that certain sections of the Establishment will receive this news gladly; well that's just too bad.

Time and again our young folk have been let down and ignored by teachers, the police, the news broadcasters (especially the BBC), and social services.

Perhaps if they had taken anti-white racist hate crime more seriously then we would not have had to resort to setting up our own self defence group.

We stress that the White Tigers will have no political role.

The self-defence aspect for youngsters is just that, and nothing more.

Betrayal by the authorities and the aggressive racism of certain minorities makes this a sad necessity, but the campaign for political change is, and will remain, an entirely separate and totally constitutional one.

As our Shropshire streets are no longer safe, and with 'political correctness' putting the mental and physical wellbeing of young white people at risk, Shropshire BNP have decided to take direct action and provide our youngsters with the means to survive an increasingly hostile environment.

Qualified and experienced instructors have offered their time for free and ex-military professionals will offer advice on physical training. Look out for future reports, including details of a planned 'extreme winter training camp' which will be held mid winter in a rural environment. We hope to make a film of some of our over 18's during their training.

Remember: Self-defence is no offence !

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BNP JUSTICE DEPARTMENT | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
The British National Party is pleased to announce its Justice Department.

For far too long Government Ministers, Judges, elected Councillors and other Government Officials have made decisions that are not in the best interest of the British people or national security.



We've seen Judges grant Taliban members, foreign paedophiles, foreign rapists, Islamic terrorists and foreign murderers permission to stay in Britain.

We've seen Councillors grant planning permission for Mosques to be built or established in buildings in their wards against the explicit wishes of the local non Muslim population.

The British National Party believes that public servants should not only be accountable to the people but have a duty to try and keep this country as relatively safe as humanely possible, this is non negotiable; to compromise our personal and national security is tantamount to treason. Unfortunately, they do need reminding of this now and again, and this is where the British National Party Justice Department comes in.

We need you to be our eyes and ears and if you read or hear about something that puts us in potential danger, we at the Justice Department want to hear about it, with the name of the person and as much information on them as possible, then we will assess the situation, and if possible we will mobilise a team of BNP activists to demonstrate outside their home address and enlighten their neighbours to their anti British behaviour with some very informative leaflets, all in keeping with the law as usual.

Please make a note of this email address and keep it for future reference.




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Freedom And Reality - Merchandise Store

Freedom And Reality -  Merchandise Store | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Merchandise store created by and for the Nationalist Media Network and its Patriots

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Nationalist Media Network



Website: http://thenmnetwork.wordpress.com/
Forum: http://w11.zetaboards.com/TheBNF/
Email: NationalistMediaNetwork@gmail.com

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Sorry you are not allowed at the Olympics, you are BNP!

Sorry you are not allowed at the Olympics, you are BNP! | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

By Alwyn Deacon

I am a member of the Territorial Army, I am in the 4th Mercian regimental band. This year, on 11th August, the Regimental Band is due to play at the Olympics in London; this would have been one of the many highlights of my career.

All members of the band had to go though an accreditation process which involved the Home Office doing background checks; the following is from the Home Office website.
London 2012 accreditation Main Content

Many of the people attending the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games venues for official or work purposes will need to be accredited.

What is accreditation?
Accreditation is the process of identifying and issuing a pass to those individuals who will need access to Olympic and Paralympic venues in an official capacity during the Games.

This process includes background checking applicants to help ensure the safety and security of the Games.

Accreditation passes are used to identify people and their roles at the Games and to allow access to relevant sites, which may include areas where spectators do not have access.
People to be accredited include athletes, coaches, officials and selected media (collectively known as 'Games Family Members'), as well as workers and volunteers.

If you need to be accredited you will be told by the organisation you are working or volunteering for.

If you are an athlete or official, your National Olympic / Paralympic Committee will inform you.
Who is responsible for accreditation?

A person is successfully accredited at the sole discretion of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

The London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) is responsible for deciding who needs to be accredited and issuing the passes.
The Home Office is carrying out the background checks on their behalf and will advise them whether an applicant is suitable for accreditation.

If you apply for accreditation your completed application form will be passed, via your employer (or responsible organisation), to LOCOG, who will then send it on to the Home Office.
Proportionate but stringent checks are being undertaken on everyone applying for accreditation to the Games.

The checks include immigration, criminal record and security checks, to determine each applicant's suitability for accreditation.
Once checks have been carried out the Home Office will recommend that accreditation be refused to any individual it believes may present a safety and security risk.

This rigorous process has been designed to ensure those working at the Games are fit to do so.

On Saturday 21st July, I along with the band turned up at the Ricoh (city of Coventry stadium) to have our photo's taken for our passes for the games, the others got their passes no problem, but I was told that mine was put on hold so the Home Office could do further checks on me, I wonder why.

They gave me a number to ring to find out when I could get my accreditation done, so I went home and felt angry at this, I have tried to phone this number non stop all week but its always engaged, So on Thursday 26th July I went up to the Ricoh to find out what was happening, I got there, parked up and crossed the road walked straight passed the security staff and a couple of policeman, I never got challenged once, and went straight into the building for accreditation, once in there I asked the staff what was happening with my pass, they checked on the computer and replied "sorry you have been denied," when I asked why they said it was an Home Office decision and they could not give me a reason, so I looked on the Home Office website to find what the grounds for refusing accreditation was, and this is what it said.

Grounds for refusing accreditation

As a guide, individuals will not be recommended for accreditation if they have not been free of the sentence restrictions for a conviction for at least 12 months and up to five years in more serious cases.

A sentence restriction is defined as the period from the end of the sentence.
If you are due in court on a charge for an offence that would not be considered as grounds for not recommending accreditation, then the Home Office will not take into account the charge you are facing.

If the charge is for an offence that, should it result in a conviction, would be considered grounds for not recommending accreditation, then the Home Office will reach a decision based on the outcome of the court hearing.

Accreditation will also not be recommended where an individual’s presence at the Games (or in the UK) would not be conducive to the public good.

So from this I can say, I have not got any convictions, so I can only presume because I am a member and employed by the British National Party my presence at the games would not be conducive to the public good.

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Stockport BNP draws a red line against Islamic colonisation from South Manchester

Stockport BNP draws a red line against Islamic colonisation from South Manchester | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
Report from Sheila Spink, Stockport Branch Organiser. The Metropolitan Borough of Stockport is a much maligned yet dignified suburb of Greater Manchester. We are the butt of many a joke which we take with good humour.


We have one of the oldest market places in the North West of England, on the old A6 route from Scotland, and our town played an important part in the English Civil War.

What most people don't realise is that we represent one of the last remaining indigenous strongholds in the North West and the LibLabCon Council are determined to rectify this disgrace to their diversity agenda.
They have already waived through the conversion of an industrial unit in Heaton Mersey into a mosque, despite opposition from local traders due to its inappropriate location and contravention of the Council's own planning laws, and now they planned to give the same treatment to a de-licenced pub, The Bull's Head, on Gorton Road, Reddish, which is right on the boundary with Marxist Manchester.

Fortunately, the residents of Reddish have more 'bottle' than their neighbours and swiftly swung into action.

At the beginning of the week, they heard about the planning application. Within hours, a few local women printed off multiple copies of a protest petition and collected 300 signatures. We got to hear of this and went over to help.

We talked to the owner of the building who was already backing off and looking at other possible tenants.

On Wednesday evening, the local Labour councillors held a surgery in the library. One tried to have me banned from this public event on the grounds that I do not live in this precise ward.

He is so ignorant of Council procedure that he does not realise that the decision on this application will be made by the whole area team for Heatons and Reddish, which includes both my home and the ward in which I stand as a candidate and that any resident of the whole borough can oppose any planning application.

The leader of the Labour group was backed up into a corner and can only parrot, "I am here to listen to what the people say" to any question put to him. Eventually, the librarian hit the fire alarm to clear the building as the hostility to this plan reaches danger level.

The scene was repeated in a nearby pub the next evening with shouts of "liar" to all the excuses put by the Labour councillors who now claim to oppose the application themselves.

Next day we heard that the application has been withdrawn, but we set up our stall anyway and collected signatures to oppose any mosque application in the future.

The owner, a genial family man, came out to tell us that he has refused this use of his building. He is a decent bloke who does not need this kind of aggro.

The pizza house next door gave us a piping hot pizza to sustain us. The support is overwhelming.

On Saturday, we went over with the Greater Manchester team to do some leafleting, and set up the stall again. The support is still positive.

On both occasions, the police dropped by but did not harass us, other than to warn against obstruction and public disorder. We don't allow any shouting on our stall, particularly from our own members.

Our efforts are rewarded by a visit from the Chairman who responded to our call for help given the importance of this location.
All is calm for now, but we have no doubt that a new application will be lodged in the future, probably when the current owner has retired and moved on. We will be there for as long as it takes.

We signed up new members and lots of supporters which we aim to turn into voters. The deceit and hypocrisy of Labour was all too clear to the local residents.

The lesson we learned is that we can protest and win, the enemy are afraid of us and we should never be afraid of them.

This is our country and we will maintain the dominant voice in the social and political agenda.

We are right, and they are wrong.

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Nick Griffin blackmailer jailed

Nick Griffin blackmailer jailed | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
A printer who attempted to blackmail BNP leader Nick Griffin and threatened his family has been jailed. David Sloan, 33, threatened Nick Griffin’s parents and daughter in an attempt to try and re-coup a so called debt of £44,000.


Sloan’s firm, Romac Press, who were asked to produce election leaflets for the party, failed miserably and Mr Griffin refused to pay, saying there were too many errors.

The judge at Carlisle Crown Court sentenced Sloan, of Newtonards, County Down, to two-and-a-half years in jail.

He had refused to admit to the charges, but was convicted of two counts of blackmail.

Judge Peter Hughes, said Sloan was a man of previous good character, and under stress, but he had set about trying to enforce the debt using improper means.

He said: "Blackmail is a despicable offence, it is rightly regarded with loathing and contempt.

"You went to considerable lengths, travelling to England to target Mr Griffin's daughter.

"You tailgated her in your car from the BNP office in Wigton to Carlisle, it must have been terrifying.

"Your purpose was to scare.

"This has nothing to do with politics, or Mr Griffin's views, it is about the use of blackmail."

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BNP Submission of Party Accounts Update

BNP Submission of Party Accounts Update | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Today was the last day for submission to the Electoral Commission of the 2011 audited accounts for main parties (with a turn over of over £250,000 per year). We can tell you that the British National Party 2011 audited accounts were not submitted today ...

We have great pleasure in informing our members, supporters and our political opponents that our accounts did not go in today as they have already been submitted and accepted by the Electoral Commission.


The full set of audited accounts will be published on the Electoral Commission website on 2nd August 2012 but we thought you may like to read an advanced publication of the National Treasurer, Clive Jefferson's 2011 report.

This set of accounts, delivered on time, with our first ever full audit pass and recording our first operating surplus since 2004, shows the incredible turnaround of the British National Party’s financial situation from the troubled years of 2009 – 2010.

From an annual operating loss of £401,962 in 2010, these accounts show the result for the year as a very healthy £214,473 operating profit at the end of 2011.

This is a tremendous achievement which would not have been possible without the solid work of our Chartered Accountant, our Regional Treasurer, James Mole and Geof Dickens, head of the party’s Scrutiny Committee.

As well as the Treasury team our Chairman Nick Griffin and every member of staff have worked harder and longer and with more commitment and dedication than any group of individuals I have ever had the honour of working with.

In short, the task I was given in late 2010, to relocate and reorganise the full operating practices of the British National Party, in order to save the party from impending financial collapse, has been done, done well and the credit for the success of the necessary yet ambitious project must go to the full team as opposed any individual.

The challenges facing the party during 2011 were almost overwhelming, the large historic debts from 09/10 had to be managed and reduced at the same time as we were dramatically reducing our staffing levels and outgoings.

All this after a perceived poor General Election result in 2010 and in the teeth of ongoing ‘internal’ political issues that ran right through to the middle of 2011, combined with various external attacks in the shape of court actions.

Many observers thought we faced an impossible task and opponents wrote as off as ‘finished’. I am very pleased that, together, we have been able to prove our various doubters WRONG.

The party’s income dropped during 2011. The drop in membership and subscription fees was significant but was the natural consequence of the internal political friction caused during the leadership challenge of 2011 and in particular the highly exaggerated, and clearly false, tales of our imminent demise propagated by the media, our political opponents and without doubt by hostile infiltrators of the kind whose existence in our party was so spectacularly confirmed during the controversy over Metropolitan police officer Mark Kennedy in January 2011.

As part of the Treasury department’s long term plans for the British National Party, the first membership fee increase in six years was proposed, debated at both the Advisory Council and the AGM and voted through unanimously by our Voting Members.

This increase came into effect on 1st December 2011 for new members and the end of December 2011 for existing members. The increase was approximately 60% and the result of this membership increase is that the party can operate more efficiently and the financial model can cope with the drop in membership numbers that is usual in the years between the European and General elections.

It is also notable that general donation income dropped significantly during 2011, down £391,894 from 2010. This was expected as we totally changed the framework of the party, moving from a model based on huge and very expensive postal fundraiser mails shots to the monthly servicing of the membership with the British Nationalist, our members bulletin.

The operating profit of £214,473 at the end of 2011 is proof positive that the new model, although bringing in less money, saves so much money that it is a profitable, financially viable model, one that we will continue, refine and improve.


Read more:


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Armed Forces Day events in your area - Support Our Troops !

Armed Forces Day events in your area - Support Our Troops ! | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

On Armed Forces Day (and a week either side), as well as the national event, hundreds of smaller civic and community events will take place across the country. Check out the map or listings to find out about events planned in your area.


A total of 223 events have been submitted for Armed Forces Day 2012.

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Margaret Walkers' reception after her hearing

For those that do not know, Mrs Margaret Walker is a 73 year old disabled lady, in Fareham, Hampshire. Margaret has been following the Charlene Downes case very closely and she has been writing letters to councillors and MP's to draw their attention to the circumstances of what has happened to Charlene.

Recently the police visited Margaret's home and told her that she MUST attend Fareham Magistrates Court at 9.30am, on Friday 22nd of June, to face a charge of Anti-Social Behaviour.

Mrs Margaret Walker's crime was to draft, publish and send this leaflet to numerous councils and Members of Parliament across the country. For this act she was summoned to appear in Fareham Magistrate's Court in Hampshire on June 22nd 2012 to determine whether she should be the recipient of the all important ASBO award.


Gavin Miller, Hampshire Sub Region Organiser provides us further details.

73 year old Mrs Walker took it upon herself to create and distribute a campaign leaflet which highlighted the horrendous and tragic events surrounding the Charlene Downes case.

She hand made hundreds of these leaflets and sent them to Councillors and MPs covering almost all of the country.

I’ve read the leaflet and take my hat off to her for her use of imagery, metaphor and quoted statements, which resulted in her leaflet being probably the most hard hitting, no nonsense piece of campaign literature that I have ever had the experience of reading.





The time and effort Mrs Walker must have put into singlehandedly producing the amount of leaflets she did, would leave most activists blushing with embarrassment, but for all the time and effort she has put in to the Justice for Charlene Campaign, now it is time for us to put in some time and effort for her.

As a result of her personal effort to seek Justice for Charlene; some of those to whom she sent her leaflet have decided to take exception to her message, and rather than do what I imagine almost any normal person would do, which is to become most justifiably outraged at every despicable issue surrounding the Charlene Downes case.

They decided instead to shoot the disabled 73 year old messenger, by making official statements to the police.
I for one am sickened when I turn on the news, to learn that yet another British soldier will be returning from the Middle East in a box.

When I read the local newspaper and see that yet another venerable pensioner, has become the victim of some black hearted con man; I’m both appalled and saddened.

When I look in the TV listings and see that yet another brain corroding reality TV show will be pouring its celebrity loaded drivel into the minds of impressionable youth, I could cry a flooding river.

As much as the news of these events disturbs me though, it’s not the messenger I’d want taken to court. It’s those responsible for the crimes.
What happened to Charlene was truly despicable, and any one learning of the crime would rightly feel sickened and disgusted by it.

Shooting the messenger just because one doesn’t like the message, is certainly not the way to deal with such messages.
The way to stop hearing of such inhuman occurrences, is to stop the occurrences, and to do that, those who initiate them must be brought to justice, and made an example of so that others know that paedophilia and murder will not be tolerated in this country.


A clear text rendition of the leaflet is found at: 



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Stoke-on-Trent's International Council House Allocation Programme

Stoke-on-Trent's International Council House Allocation Programme | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

By Michael Coleman-Please study the table of Stoke-on-Trent City Council house lets displayed.


The data seems to confirm that around 16% of the council houses in the city are being allocated to persons describing themselves as 'black African' or 'Asian' or some other non-British description!

It's important to remember that although the figures in the table may seem modest, each one of the lettings will actually refer to a family - and, as I have observed, the foreigners coming into my city have very large families!

Of course the Red Socialists down at the council love giving the prized assets of the British People away to foreigners....to do so is in keeping with their Marxist philosophy that dictates that 'property is theft' and that 'we are all equal, all the same' (that the people of the world are all equal - have equal entitlement to any of the property of the British People)!

We see this insidious programme in every facet of the controlled state - Britain famously has it's (international) National Health Service that gives free health care to hundreds of thousands of foreign 'health tourists' each year - pushing needy Britons to the back of the queue.

Also, our much abused Social Security Service (perhaps the most abused and corrupting organisation in the history of the world) now costs £90billion per year - vast sums of which is lavished upon foreigners who have barged their way into my country, who in turn send very large amounts of the British People's money to Africa, the Indian sub-continent and Poland!

This Marxist philosophy and its capitalist bed partner 'Globalism' are the anti-pole of Nationalism and patriotism and have led Britain (and every other nation that has fallen into its hands) into a spiral of decline, cultural destruction, racial destruction, and destruction of Independence and sovereignty.

The data provided here does not give an accurate indication of the 'inflow' of foreigners into my city as this data only refers to council properties, each year there are thousands of properties going to foreigners through the private rented sector - also of note is the way that housing associations are allocating properties to foreigners under the same 'shared protocols' as Stoke-on-Trent City Council uses.
And so, if we calculate the movement of population within the City of Stoke-on-Trent then clearly, horribly, the truths of future developments are becoming clear.

The headlong rush by the old Stokies to get out of this city and to find a better, more palatable future in other towns and cities will play an even greater role in our cruel new masters 'Stoke-on-Trent population replacement programme' than even the influx of foreigners will play.

You see, Stoke-on-Trent will become a Muslim city - within 60 years! The Stokies are aware of this and, as we have seen from every English, city population that have been confronted with a similar circumstance (from Cockneys to Brummies) since the 1950's, they are upping sticks and moving away from the dark invaders!

Each year 1500 Stokies leave this city, they are being replaced by foreigners, this process will inevitably (forcibly, by design, by the enemies of Stoke-on-Trent) convert this city from being a proud, English, industrial city - to being a Muslim city where the Muslim religion reigns, Muslim values reign and where, I predict, Muslim law (Sharia) will reign!

And there ladies and gentlemen is the political battleground that I and my fellow members of the British National Party will be fighting. Our principle opponents will be the foreign, inserted regime that sits in all key positions of power and control in our country, our secondary opponents will be the quisling traitor class (Lab/Con/Lib) that has lent itself to the ' British Holocaust Programmes' of our enemy masters.

There are other opponents that we must fight against to preserve our future, a future for our children, they are many and varied. To all Stokies reading this, I would appeal to you to put aside any thoughts of running (away to the hills) away from this city in search of a better life - better to stay here and fight on this ground (our ground) against those responsible for your betrayal and suffering - to all Stokies I say "join the BNP and fight for the future of your children and grandchildren"!

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UAF - Demo in Glasgow 16/06/12

UAF - Demo in Glasgow 16/06/12 | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

There will be a demo in Glasgow this Saturday by the Reds to stop Illegal immigrants getting deported from the UK !

The Reds would have an open planet, they would have it so you could go anywhere in the world at any given time, this is as we know in today's world is NOT possible.

How about we could do a transfer system, every time they don't want an illegal to go they go in their place?

The NHS amongst all our other industries cannot handle the saturation that we are already experiencing in this country, but the UAF would have you believe all you need to do is NOT wash and NOT work and study until your 54 years old and the tax payer will cover this!

Well we say NO, if you are here illegally then I'm sorry you face deportation, just like all civilised countries all over the world this is common practice.

I don't know what the Reds are worried about they will probably be back in the country within the week.....then the whole process starts again, more expense and hassle.

The demo will be held at Clydewalk Way, situated at the junction of the Broomielaw and Washington Street, please arrive early for a 1pm start.

Please contact David Orr on 07828231082

RV Point to be announced

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Britain’s youngest teenage terrorist: ‘a wake-up call for parents’

Britain’s youngest teenage terrorist: ‘a wake-up call for parents’ | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

A senior Muslim MP has warned parents they need to do more to protect their children against Islamic extremism.

Hammad Munshi: Britain’s youngest terrorist
Speaking after the sentencing of Britain’s youngest terrorist, Shahid Malik, the minister for International Development, said parents had to be vigilant against the threat of radicalisation.

He also called on mosques to do more to combat fundamentalism.
The MP spoke out after the sentencing of Hammad Munshi who was just 15 when he was recruited by a terror cell believed to have been plotting against the Royal Family.
The teenager, from Dewsbury in West Yorkshire, had downloaded information about bomb-making material from the internet and hidden notes about martyrdom under his bed.
The judge at the Old Bailey said the schoolboy’s head had been filled with “pernicious and warped ideas” which led to his involvement in a plan to kill kuffars or non-believers.


Read more:


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Human Rights Victory for BNP Worker - Third Way

Human Rights Victory for BNP Worker - Third Way | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Arthur Redfearn was dismissed in 2004 from his job as a bus driver for Serco after winning a seat on Bradford Council for the British National Party. Mr Redfearn drove people with disabilities around Bradford. He fought a long campaign for Justice with numerous set-backs. This week, however, his perseverance paid off. The European Court of Human Rights has ruled in Mr Redfearn’s favour.

He had been working for West Yorkshire Transport Service for seven months, driving vulnerable adults and children to schools and day centres.

He was sacked by his employer Serco on the grounds that his views presented a health and safety risk as many of his passengers were Asian. To their shame the GMB and Unison Trade Unions joined in calls for his dismissal.

But after a long-running legal battle, the Strasbourg court said last Tuesday that dismissing Mr Redfearn from his job breached his right to freedom of association under Article 11 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Disabled Mr Redfearn, who was 56 at the time of his dismissal and has an artificial leg, initially claimed race discrimination, but an employment tribunal dismissed this finding instead saying that it was on health and safety grounds as his “continued employment could cause considerable anxiety among Serco’s passengers and their carers and there was a risk that Serco’s vehicles could come under attack from opponents of the BNP”. This ridiculous ‘blame the victim’ ruling was later overruled by an appeals panel in 2005.

The following year the Court of Appeal allowed Serco’s appeal finding that Mr Redfearn’s complaint was of discrimination on political grounds and not racial grounds, which fell outside current anti-discrimination laws.

Mr Redfearn could not claim unfair dismissal as he had not completed one year’s service with the company said the Court. He was also refused leave to appeal to the House of Lords, but vowed to take his case to the European courts, with an appeal on the BNP website helping to fund his legal bills.

In its judgment the European Court states: “The court was struck by the fact that he had been summarily dismissed following complaints about problems which had never actually occurred, without any apparent consideration being given to the possibility of transferring him to a non-customer facing role.
“In fact, prior to his political affiliation becoming public knowledge, neither service users nor colleagues had complained about Mr Redfearn, who was considered a ‘first-class employee’.”

It added: “In a healthy democratic and pluralistic society, the right to freedom of association under Article 11 must apply not only to people or associations whose views are favourably received or regarded as inoffensive, but also to those whose views offend, shock or disturb.”
“It was therefore the United Kingdom’s responsibility to take reasonable and appropriate measures to protect employees, including those with less than one year’s service, from dismissal on grounds of political opinion or affiliation.”

A spokesman for Serco said: “We are aware of the initial ruling that has been made by the European Court of Human Rights concerning the case of Arthur Redfearn and we will now review and digest the findings.”

Patrick Harrington, General Secretary of Solidarity, commented:


“Mr Redfearn has fought a long, hard battle not only for his rights but for the rights of all those who might be discriminated against on political grounds. Serco behaved disgracefully as did two Unions. Both the GMB and Unison sadly campaigned for his dismissal putting their hatred of the BNP above principles of democracy and human rights.

Our Union is unequivocal on this subject – everyone is entitled to have their human rights upheld. We are a libertarian Union. Mr Redfearn is to be congratulated for his determination and resolve. Like him, we will not rest in fighting politically inspired discrimination against workers.

The Court is not an institution of the European Union and Nationalists should reflect on the fact that Redfearn didn’t get Justice in the courts of our country. In fact he was denied leave to even appeal at the later stage.”

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Circulation of anti-Nationalist newspapers declined again in July

Circulation of anti-Nationalist newspapers declined again in July | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Good news for Nationalists as our campaign aimed to bankrupt The Guardian, The Observer, The Independent and the Independent on Sunday is starting to yield some results. 


The Guardian was one the worst performing title on paid-for sales, which dropped 15.9 per cent to 209,354.

The Independent instead had a sharp 52.3 per cent year on year circulation decline and this was partly the result of i, the 20p newspaper, taking over The Independent’s bulk distribution copies.

Excluding i and The Independent, the average rate of circulation decline among the national dailies was around 11 per cent.

This suggests that the rate of print circulation decline for the national press is accelerating.

Below there are the figures of national daily newspaper print sales for July 2012 (source ABC)


See the figures here:


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Glasgow Sheriff Court Update

Glasgow Sheriff Court Update | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
Fourteen people attended Glasgow Sheriff Court today to answer breach of peace and racially aggravated breach of the peace charges.

After many hours of waiting, the charges relating to a British National Party demonstration held on 16th June 2012 were postponed to a later date.

The demonstration had been allowed by Strathclyde Police and they were heavily criticised for it.

The matter was raised in the Scottish Parliament and the police were instructed to investigate both their own conduct and whether the patriots could be charged with any criminal offences.

Today however, court officials said that the prosecution were not ready top proceed and citations would be mailed to the nationalists setting a new court date.

This was great news to one of the defendants, Joe Finnie, who was booked on a holiday flight for this evening and if he had not been able to make it to the airport by 5pm then he and his girlfriend would have been unable to catch the flight and they would have lost their holiday at a cost of £1100.

Joe said “I am overjoyed by the fact that I will be able to catch the flight, today we stood united and defiant, we uphold the right of freedom of expression.”

This website will keep you updated on the political prostitution and misuse of the Strathclyde Police as the case develops.

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The Police State

The Police State | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
11 nationalists were arrested in raids around Scotland this Friday.   They were taken to Stewart Street Police Station in Glasgow. All were released by midnight last night but were due to appear at Court tomorrow charged with breach of the peace.

A further two people who police had been seeking, voluntarily attended Stewart Street Station today.
The charges appear to relate to a British National Party demonstration in Glasgow on June 16. Reports indicate that the charges relate to critical chanting against terrorist bombers and paedophiles!

The background to the raids and arrests is interesting. Following a demonstration in Glasgow on 16th June, reported on this site Strathclyde Police came under heavy political fire for allowing it to take place. Their reaction was to panic and order an investigation which was divided into two - one investigating potential criminality on the day and the other their own handling of it. Detective Superintendent Louise Raphael was put in charge.

She decided to arrest patriots and attack their freedom of assembly and expression. She decided to mount dawn raids and arrest people in front of workmates, customers and employers. She decided that Nationalists should be hand-cuffed and, if early reports are true, must bear responsibility for the fact that whilst in custody some were denied legal representation and were only given medical attention after long delays.

Louise Raphael also decided to co-operate with the 'Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees' in what appears to many to be a politically motivated prosecution. The timing also supports the view that the arrests were politically driven. The British National Party supported by the Scottish Defence League and others were due to demonstrate in Glasgow the day after and it seems clear that this was a coordinated attempt by the politically correct Police to disrupt these plans.

It must also be said that the Chairman of the British National Party, Nick Griffin MEP was led into a supposed "safe area" by the police at Saturdays protest in Scotland, while other patriots were either in custody or prevented from entering the protest area for up to an hour, leaving our Chairman with only his small personal security team and National Treasurer, Clive Jefferson.
We find it beyond coincidence that five left wing agitators were the only other people allowed into the protest area were they instantly made a serious attempt to physically attack our Chairman. Only the quick and professional intervention of our volunteer security team prevented a serious assault on the Chairman. This incident in the very centre of hundreds of Scottish riot police and with the other related arrests and disruption of our lawful right to protest is deeply suspicious.

Tomorrow at Glasgow Sheriff Court people with principle will hold their heads high as they are brought before the court for expressing their beliefs and concerns.

Shame on the Strathclyde Police.

Shame on Louise Raphael.


You can register a polite protest with Louise Raphael and tell her not to involve herself in attacks on freedom of expression by calling 0141 533 3093 / 01389822051 or emailing contactus@strathclyde.pnn.police.uk


You can also show solidarity with our brothers by attending Glasgow Sheriff Court on Monday at 1230.

This site will carry updates on the case as it progresses and keep the public informed on the political prostitution of Strathclyde Police.

What is now very clear is that the wave of state persecution of patriots and this attack on our very freedoms of speech, of political expression and right every British citizens right to protest is not isolated to Mersyside and Strathclide Police forces and is indeed a national trend.

We will not be silenced, we will stand firm in the face of this disgraceful abuse of police powers and we will fully support our fellow patriots. We are in urgent need of a fighting fund to allow us to hire the best legal defence for our friends so please make a donation right now to this urgent appeal and together as nationalists we will defend the basic democratic rights of our comrades and the British people.


Yet again the political puppet masters have underestimated the tenacity of our people and of our cause.


Please make your most generous donation NOW by clicking on the link below or by calling 0844 809 4581 between 9.30 am and 6pm.


Donate here:


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World at 8 Friday 27 July 2012

Nick Griffin MEP tells us of the Alliance of European National Movement Conference held in the Wirral this past Tuesday. He also warns of the British Freedom Party and EDL links to the International Civil Liberties Alliance. He entreats those able to join him Dalkeith on Saturday in show of support for the 11 British patriots arrested by Alex Salmond's third rate tartan Soviet.
Lynne's view on "90 Primary pupils sent home each day for attacks in class". She says "There is no discipline . . . Parents are not allowed to discipline their own children . . . The last of our cultural mores . . . were negated and stifled in favour of multiculturism, globalism and a massive dose of want-isms. . . . We have Police who cannot police, we have teachers who cannot teach and we have medics who cannot speak English . . ."


Highlights of the news today Friday 27th July

Illegal Immigrants in Money Exchange fraud
Anti Fascist groups raise the banner for the IRA in Liverpool
It has started -- the first Olympic athlete has asked for asylum!
Euro News today with Nick Griffin MEP
Syrian Air Force trying to quell rebels to end killing
Wife of Chinese official accused of murder of European businessman
Thought for the Day -- How our schools have changed
Finally -- Suicide Bombers in the wild, It's an Ants life!

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UAF and RSPCA, plus so called animal welfare groups humiliated in Sunderland

UAF and RSPCA, plus so called animal welfare groups humiliated in Sunderland | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

By Chris Thornton South Tyneside Organiser - After our huge success in reversing the decision by Subway in South Shields selling halal meat, myself and South Tyneside fund holder Martin Vaughan decided to organise a similar demo outside the Subway in Sunderland.


We informed the Sunderland Echo, who then wrote an article covering four pages.

Although they quoted Martin Vaughan's statement correctly, that we are demonstrating about the unnecessary pain and suffering of animals that are killed barbarically in halal ritual slaughter and that it was not an attack on Muslims, but to bring awareness to the public what halal is about.

It was also to shame the RSPCA and so called animal welfare groups who will not act because of fear of upsetting the Muslims.

However, they still tried to put their on twist on the matter suggesting it was a racist attack on Muslims but judging by the support we received from the public they saw through it and the article helped our cause no end.

We would have been more than happy to have around 20 activists but we were both pleasantly overjoyed by the massive turnout of over a hundred people who were very vocal, especially when the Truth Truck went past continuously throughout the demo.

The huge support we had was made up of local members, David Orr and fellow Scottish members, ex-members, the general public, and members of the farming community shocked at what they had read in the Sunderland Echo.

One Northumberland farmer Mr Henderson voiced his concerns that the RSPCA bombarded farmers, and rightly so with legislation rules and regulations on animal welfare from when the live stock is born until it is taken to auction.

His concern is that he and the farming community have seen a massive increase in Asian buyers at these auctions and through our Stop Halal Campaign he is disgusted with the RSPCA and government for then abandoning these animals and letting them endure and painful, frightening death.

I then repeated Mr Henderson's concerns in an interview with Sky News but the chance of any positive interviews by the British National Party being shown on National TV is very remote.

I understand why the Muslims want to support the selling of ritually slaughtered halal meat, however misguided I believe they are, but what I fail to understand is the two dozen UAF who turned up on a counter-demo and came to support ritual slaughter, they have travelled miles to support Muslim paedophiles in the past.

I put it to the UAF and the Muslim’s to please explain why they think animals should be slaughtered barbarically in this way and although many of them had travelled far and wide to be there, none would or could answer my question.
I would like to thank everyone who came and those that went on to help us with a table top paper sale in Jarrow later that day. We always receive a warm welcome in Jarrow and yesterday was no exception.

The day was rounded off with around 60 members attending The South Tyneside BNP meeting in Hebburn with the main guest speaker our Chairman Nick Griffin and the introduction of our new Regional Organiser Peter Molloy.

Peter has agreed to take over my old role, and I am looking forward to working alongside him to continue to help the North East British National Party grow.

This is not the end of the matter.

We will continue to protest at this shop until Subway change its policies on this sickening practice.

Martin Vaughan then continues; where do I start?
The media spin and lies never cease to amaze.I will start with what I think the vital points are.


1. We knew our leader and MEP Nick Griffin, which the Sunderland Echo failed to print, was not attending this demo, but that was for us to know and them to find out.


2. The 200 people The Echo stated were on the street was about right, but it failed to say that at least 150 of those were on our side.


3. None of the left wing comments in the paper even attempted to address the issue of Halal meat.


4. The Echo stated the day before the protest, that no one from Subway was available for comment, well at the protest I myself invited them to address the crowd, but still no comment.


Dare I say this was because, what can they say, you cannot justify this barbaric practice.
I have today called The Echo to tell them that it does not matter how much spin they put on it, the public can see right through it.

I also told them the BNP will not stop until this shop withdraws the sale of Halal meat, I went on to say that this protest was the tip of the iceberg, and there will be many more protests.

The day could not have started better. We turned up at our RV point to be met by at least 5 police vans, taxpayer’s money no object.
We handed out hundreds of leaflets and we had 100% support from the public.

No one went into the shop when we were there, but Greggs next door was packed out.
We spent about an hour there and then as a climax to our day, our Truth Truck turned up all sounds blaring, it was a proud moment for all of us.

We should warn the local rag (Echo) that it won’t win the public over on this one and that it should never underestimate its buyers.

We should also warn Subway that this problem will never go away until all Halal outlets stop serving the terrible food.

Today I am writing to Subway CEO to get his response to this, I will keep you posted. I also warned him we will be having lots more flash protests at this store, and when we are done there we will move to the next store.

I would especially like to thank David Orr and his team from Scotland for travelling down to support us. We will return the favour by supporting his team in Glasgow very soon.

We still have car space if anyone wishes to travel to Glasgow with us they can contact myself on 07944841659.

After the protest we all moved on to Jarrow shopping centre and held a table top, the public response was tremendous, they were so glad to see us back.
The evening function went very well, we were very organised throughout the whole day, we had members out doing the business and members in doing the catering for the evening buffet.

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Church of England to ban British National Party

Church of England to ban British National Party | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Written by Green Arrow -  

Well this article is kind of topical I guess, considering all the flak that Jim Dowson and Britain First are getting lately. Landlords are lucky, they just ban all talk of religion and politics in their pubs, this site, unfortunately, does not have that option and is currently caught between a rock and a hard place or rather the Corsham Crusader, who has to moderate the comments is. I do not give a flying fid about religion either way, so feel free to rip each other to bits if that's what turns you on.

The Church of England's national assembly, the General Synod (that is packed with enrichers and perverts) is at it again and once more demanding that political parties and organisations that THEY deem incompatible with Christian teachings be banned from becoming clergymen/perverts in the Church of England. One imagines, that this will also apply to the diminishing members of the C of E also eventually.

And look who is behind this latest attempt to dictate to the Church of England's shrinking congregations. Our old enemy, the Indian immigrant Vasanatha Gnanadoss, a Metropolitan Police civilian worker and Synod member who first tried this on, back in 2009, which I reported in this article here. My doesn't time fly. I had hoped she would have dropped dead by now but sadly not and so she is still at it.

Now I really do recommend that you read that article I wrote way back then (God only knows how many thousands I have written since I started in 2007), as it links to the perverts in the General Synod and also contains a rather interesting example of just how the BBC misrepresents the news when reporting on statements made by the British National Party and other patriotic parties, that this immigrant and her homosexual cronies want out of the C of E so they can practise their pink perversions.

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The BNP help protect our children

The BNP help protect our children | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Dear friend,

I’m sure that you like me are delighted to see justice finally being done as more and more Muslim paedophiles are brought to court to account for their vile crimes.

Isn’t it great to see the Powers That Be at long last taking action to protect vulnerable girls?

Of course, the shame of the police, courts, old party politicians and the media is that they didn’t take action years ago.

After all, we’ve been highlighting the problem for a full decade. In particular, if the BBC, West Yorkshire Police and the BBC had gone after the grooming gangs in 2004, instead of spending a fortune and vast amounts of time trying twice to send me to prison for speaking out about it, thousands of children and their families would have been spared their sex abuse nightmare.

Together, we can take pride in the fact that this appalling scandal is finally being addressed thanks to our efforts, including your loyal and generous support. That’s not supposition or vanity, it’s a straightforward fact!

We MADE them take action for justice!

It was confirmed earlier this month by Andrew Norfolk writing in The Times, where he made it very clear that a key reason why something is finally being done is because the lack of action was leading voters “to turn to far-right parties”.

You and I both know, of course, that the only “far-right party” that has campaigned and been elected on this issue has been, and remains, the British National Party. That little lie about “parties” is just another sign of how the Establishment is still refusing to deal with this issue honestly.

That’s why, although it’s good to see some action, the Powers That Be are still in complete denial about the scale and the true nature of the problem. They have arrested a few dozen groomers from a handful of gangs, spoken of them giving young girls cigarettes and vodka, and referred to them as ‘Asians’.

They should have arrested thousands of these perverts from the gangs operating in scores of our towns and cities. They should be highlighting the link to the heroin epidemic. And they should be pointing out that theirs is not an ‘Asian’ crime – Sikh and Hindu girls are targets too – it is a MUSLIM one. Only when these things are done can the problem really be dealt with for good.

Unfortunately, we know from bitter experience that this will not happen – unless we make it happen. The Powers That Be believe they can make a token effort and put a few groomers behind bars, and that the white majority will be lulled back to sleep and potential groomers will be frightened off.

We’re not fooled, we’re here for action!

Well, their trick may well fool some of the ‘sheeple’ some of the time, but it doesn’t fool us! And nor will it deter many Muslim men from preying on young girls from the community, because paedophilic sexual predation against Unbelievers is part and parcel of Islam. Only real, sustained British National Party action can end the scandal and the suffering!

Yes, of course men from other backgrounds commit such heinous crimes too, but when they do so, they do them despite the traditional religious beliefs of their communities, rather than because of them.

That’s why on-street grooming by paedophile gangs is so utterly dominated by Muslims.

Sadly, the Muslim block vote is now so big and powerful that all the other parties – from Labour right through the ConDems to UKIP – are too scared to mention this huge elephant in the living room. Which is why the only way the Powers That Be will carry on taking action to protect those poor young girls is if we keep up the pressure that has made them do something in the first place.

Imagine how you’d feel if a lack of further action led to your daughter, granddaughter, niece or sister being among the next victims. Lured at the age of eleven or twelve into a ‘relationship’ with a man in his twenties who, having plied her with alcohol and life-destroying drugs, dragged her into a squalid flat to be repeatedly gang-raped by dozens of his older uncles and cousins.

It’s a horrible, painful image, but it’s been reality for thousands of our girls, and it will be for more unless we step up our campaign for action and justice.

Which is why I’m writing this to ask, once again, for your help. Our recent demonstration in Blackpool drew in new activists from several patriotic street campaigning groups as well as our own people.

This welcome new unity of purpose has given us the capacity to take our warnings about the groomers and pressure for more police action into places we haven’t been able to reach before.

Because of this we are now in a position to launch a major, two-prong campaign this summer. We’re going to be campaigning for a Public Inquiry into the thirty-year failure of the Powers That Be to protect our young girls.

Properly-funded, this will bring hundreds of thousands of new people into contact with us, spread the word and help to recruit more new people.


Read more on how you can help:


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British National Party activists force MPs to examine Child Grooming

British National Party activists force MPs to examine Child Grooming | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

An prominent group of MPs have set in motion a new inquiry to scrutinise the full extent of localised grooming of children for sexual exploitation – and determine ways to stop it.

The House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee said it would examine the demands of bringing successful pursuits– and whether existent arrangements set up to prevent and detect grooming are fit for purpose.

The committee indicated that its analysis would inspect the numbers of victims in local authority care – and whether the current measures for activating involvement by social services takes sufficient account of the signs of localised grooming.

The inquiry will also investigate the help provided to victims and witnesses by a range of institutions such as the Crown Prosecution Service, police and voluntary departments and whether they are able to step in at an early stage.

It will also explore whether Local Safeguarding Children Boards have enforced vital aspects of national guidance on child sexual exploitation and the standard of data collection, sharing and research relating to child victims of localised grooming.

Committee members heard verification on this subject earlier in the month from organisations including Greater Manchester Police and the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre as well as the Deputy Children’s Commissioner for England.

Committee Chairman Keith Vaz said: “The committee were shocked to hear that the number of victims of child sexual exploitation runs into the thousands. Child grooming is a national issue that requires thorough investigation.

“We have decided to launch an inquiry so that we can deal with the causes and find solutions to prevent this kind of outrage from happening and bring the perpetrators to justice.”

British National Party activists can hold their heads up high, without them this sordid practice would still be hushed up and ignored by the Powers that Be.

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Jack Renshaw speaks at Blackpool rally

Jack Renshaw speaks at Blackpool rally | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

One of many speakers at a recent demonstration in Blackpool was 17 year old Jack Renshaw who delivers a very well wrote out speech regarding society and the family unit.


*No doubt this fine young man will now recieve threats against his person from the cowardly left including the anti-white, anti-christian, pathetic Pakistani paedophile supporters of the UAF, SWP, and Unite the union.

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Nick Griffin speaks at Blackpool rally

The 'Justice 4 Charlene' demonstration in Blackpool ended with a rally at a local venue where several speakers addressed a packed out room. Nick Griffin, Chairman and Northwest MEP features in this first video.

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Burnley Crown Court – Demo Update Monday 11th June

Burnley Crown Court – Demo Update Monday 11th June | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
The British National Party held another demo outside Burnley Crown Court where yet another Muslim group of alleged paedophiles are on trial. Today, Monday, was the first day of the trial, and it was centred around choosing the jury.

It is worth noting that Nick Griffin, MEP for the North West, put in an official request that Muslims not be allowed on this jury.

His objection was disallowed.
With our demo outside, some of our Sheffield and Barnsley members went into the public gallery of the court in order to observe.

Demo leader Mike Whitby also went inside for a period of time, he reported back to us about what happened.

At one point, Mike told BNP News, the female judge stated that the potential members of the jury must come back in and “assure us that they do not know any of those people over there” – pointing to Mike and our members in the public gallery.

Further to this, she also said that she would need assurances from each of them that no one in their family is connected in any way to the BNP.

Further to our members, there were two young local lads – in their twenties - who were also in the public gallery.

These local lads, angry at what is happening in their town, had earlier been chatting to our members outside of the court, but were not connected to the demo.

Mike reports that these two lads however, were removed from the gallery by police at the request of the judge, who said that she did not want them in “her court”.

It looks like the trial will last for about 4 weeks. There are 7 alleged paedophiles in this group currently in Court; 2 of the defendants were already remanded in custody, while the other 5 were all very cocky in their appearance and manner.

Our Truth Truck's cousin, the Truth Van, spent the day after Court driving around Burnley.

It was greeted with many cheers and countless thumbs up by the locals.

A BNPTV video of the day is online here: 


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