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Rotherham machete 'rampage' murderer jailed for life

Rotherham machete 'rampage' murderer jailed for life | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

A man who admitted stabbing his boss 51 times before going on a "rampage" with a machete has been jailed for life.

Father-of-three Parvaiz Iqbal, 40, was killed at his shop on Grosvenor Road in Eastwood, Rotherham, on 15 October.

At Sheffield Crown Court Naeem Mehmood, who admitted murder, was ordered to serve a minimum jail term of 27 years.

The 27-year-old ran through Rotherham smashing car windows and threatening people with a machete after the attack, before being stopped by police.

Mehmood, of Herringthorpe Valley Road, Rotherham, also admitted causing grievous bodily harm with intent to his co-worker Saeed Hussain, who was stabbed in the stomach when he tried to help his boss.

Sheffield Crown Court heard Mr Iqbal was found at Bismillah Food Store with a 7in (18cm) knife stuck almost up to the hilt in his chest.

Mehmood came to Britain from Pakistan in May 2011 and got a job at the shop in June 2013, the court heard.

He went on sick leave in August after part of his finger was chopped off in a machine, and returned to work the day before the attack.

Sentencing Mehmood, judge Mr Justice Males said: "This was a brutal, sustained and unprovoked attack, beginning with a cowardly stab in the back by a lethal weapon.

"The aftermath, as you left the store and rampaged down the road in broad daylight for about 10 minutes, leaving a trail of destruction behind you, caused real and understandable fear to many members of the public."

He was eventually arrested after he was confronted by an unarmed police officer who persuaded him to put down the 10in (25cm) machete he had picked up in the shop.

Dozens of people in Rotherham posted on Twitter as Mehmood was seen running through the town.

Richard Cattley  tweeted "A man has just ran past me in Rotherham town centre wielding a machete covered in blood shouting move!! Police everywhere!"

Ben Shepherd tweeted "Lunatic running through Tesco, Rotherham brandishing a huge knife, frightened the life out of our secretary. Taken out by 10 police & taser."

South Yorkshire Police said the force began receiving a "large number of calls" at about 14:00 BST on 15 October.

Mehmood was arrested in the car park of Tesco supermarket 12 minutes after the first call, police said.

Det Supt Dave Barraclough said after sentencing: "As the case has not gone to trial, the exact reasons why Mehmood chose to attack his boss and colleague in such a violent way remain unclear.

"He had only recently returned to work and the innocent victims in the case were simply going about their daily business when Mehmood launched his unprovoked attack."

Mahroof Hussain, a relative of Mr Iqbal, told BBC Look North his death had had a big impact on people in the area, particularly as it happened on Eid.

"On that day a lot of people mourned, I don't think anybody in Rotherham that day celebrated Eid at all.

"If you went to Parvaiz's shop he made you feel like you were part of the shop, a member of his community and his family.

"He treated everybody with such respect."

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Appeal After Woman Sexually Assaulted In Station Toilet

Appeal After Woman Sexually Assaulted In Station Toilet | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Police have released a picture of a man they want to speak to in connection with a sexual assault that took place in a toilet at Finsbury Park station.

The incident took place at the station in north London around 11am on Thursday, October 9th.

A woman in her 30’s was on a platform at the station when a man approached her and started making lewd comments towards her. She made it clear she was not interested in speaking to him and walked away.

She entered the women’s toilet on platform 7 of the station, but the man followed her in. It was here that he blocked the exit and exposed himself to her before starting to masturbate.

Fortunately a member of staff at the station saw the man follow her in and went to intervene, hammering on the toilet door. At this point the man ran off and fled the station.

Detective Constable Gerald Hughes of the British Transport Police (BTP) said: “This was an extremely disturbing incident, which, unsurprisingly, caused considerable distress to the victim.

“BTP is constantly working to ensure the rail network remains a safe place, free of all forms of unwanted sexual behaviour and violence.

“We need to find the person responsible for this crime. I believe the man in the picture we are issuing today has information which will help with our investigation.

“Do you recognise him? Please contact BTP.”

If you were a witness or have any information about this incident, you can call the BTP on 0800 40 50 40, quoting reference ESUB/B5 of 10/11/2014. Alternatively you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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Police hunt 'Asian' after sexual assault of 11-year-old girl.

Police hunt 'Asian' after sexual assault of 11-year-old girl. | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Detectives have launched an investigation after an 11-year-old girl was sexually assaulted on a South Manchester Street.

At 5:45pm on Tuesday 28 October 2014 police received reports that an 11-year-old girl was outside a shop on Northmoor Road in Longsight, when a man walked past her and then approached from behind, he then sexually assaulted her before running away along Northmoor Road towards Crowcroft Park.

The man is described as Asian, about 30-years-old, between 5ft 6in and 5ft 7in tall, of skinny build and has dark hair and short stubble. He was wearing a black fleece and black trousers.

Detective Inspector Adrian Gallagher of South Manchester division said: “Thankfully, the child was not hurt, but she is understandably distressed and we have specially trained officers supporting her.

“This incident will obviously raise concerns in the community and I want to reassure people that we are taking this very seriously and we are doing all we can to find whoever did this.

“We have extra patrols in the area to provide a visible reassurance on the ground for residents in Longsight.

“I would encourage parents to talk to their children about not talking to strangers and I want to stress to kids that if they approached in this manner to walk away and tell an adult.”

“I would also urge anyone who saw a man matching the description in the area at the time of the incident to contact police.”

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101, or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

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The son of a deaf fraudster who masterminded a £900,000 scam to fund his family's lavish lifestyle slammed his father for using his vulnerability 'maliciously'.

Shahab Reza, 52, and his wife Shehnaz Reza, 53, headed a massive four-year benefit swindle on the Department of Work and Pensions using false invoices for sign language interpreters, it is claimed.

They recruited their son Abbas Reza, now a 26-year-old doctor, and daughter Zainab Reza, now 22, to help with the scam, jurors were told.

The family splurged the proceeds on a luxury home, a £600,000 penthouse, gold jewellery and an £8,000 'flawless' diamond, it is said.

Mastermind Shahab Reza has admitted his role in the con and is facing years behind bars.

His wife and children, who claim they were 'doing what they were told', are now on trial for assisting him by signing off documents, Southwark Crown Court heard.

Abbas insisted he knew nothing about the scam run by his crooked accountant father.

In a single day in August 2010 Shahab funnelled £110,000 through his children's bank accounts.

Abbas went to the bank with his dad and signed the transfer forms for £50,000, jurors heard.

On the same day, Zainab transferred £60,000 to her father, it is said.

'He [Shahab] said something about tax savings, he said it would be helpful if I transferred money as well,' Abbas told jurors.

'He has looked me in the eye many times and he has lied to me.'

The transfer was made with the note 'loan for Abbas'.

'That is part of the tax savings that my dad said it was for... it is certainly not a loan from me,' said Shahab.

'This is part of my dad's way of saving money on his £50,000 that he had in savings. I didn't suspect anything because I am not the financial person - my dad is.'

Prosecutor Rosina Cottage QC asked: 'What was really going through your head?'

'Nothing was really going on in my head because I trusted my dad and he said this is the way to save tax for his savings.

'I didn't think it was dishonest, I didn't think he was basically tax dodging,' he replied.

'By no means did I think he is a fraudulent accountant - he is quite a skilled accountant.'

But he said Abbas 'used his vulnerability maliciously' when he took thousands of pounds in government support money for his disability.

Abbas had been dreaming of owning a £600,000 property at the time but his son pressed he knew nothing about the family's mortgage plans.

Shahab also denied any knowledge of the fraud, despite being presented with a stack of HMRC documents he signed.

One form showed he provided support services to his parents for £54.20 an hour.

'It's not true, it's all a big lie.

'Basically it's all a big fraud but at the time of signing this I wouldn't have read it at all,' he said.

Jurors heard the Shahab and Zainab were 'drawn into the fraud very early'.

A search of the family home revealed an employment contract signed by both siblings when Zainab would have been just 16 and her brother 20.

Abbas is a full trained doctor and Zainab is a graduate and were 'not stupid' to their father's scam, jurors were told.

Both children and their mother were adept in signing off expense claims through one of the family's six sham companies, the court heard.

Shahab orchestrated the four-year con by submitting fake invoices for sign language interpreters to the Department of Work and Pensions through the Access to Work scheme.

He recruited Saifur Rahman, 31, Ahsan Naseer, 29, Natela Babina, 30, and Daiva Alisauskaite, 43, from the Muslim community into the conspiracy, it is claimed.

Shahab also lied about his family's financial circumstances to Harrow Council, netting nearly £100,000 in benefits and tax exemptions between June 2002 and August 2010.

The Reza family is also accused of conning the NHS and the Student Loans Company, with Abbas allegedly receiving a fraudulent bursary.

Shehnaz and her children admit that the scam took place but claim they were 'doing what they were told' and did not realise that the documents they signed were important, the court heard.

Abbas, Shehnaz, and Zainab Reza, of (92) Merion Avenue, Stanmore, each deny conspiracy to defraud.

Shehnaz Reza further denies a single count each of fraud by false representation, obtaining money transfer by deception, and dishonestly obtaining exemption from liability.

Zainab denies a further count of fraud by false representation, while Abbas denies two counts of fraud by false representation.

Naseer, of (237) Percy Road, Birmingham, Babina, of (Flat 13, Linear View, 71) Forty Lane, Middlesex, Alisauskaite of (1) Tyler Close, Hows Street, Hackney, east London, and Rahman of (82) Maiden Lane, Camden Town, northwest London each deny conspiracy to defraud the Department of Work and Pensions.

Shahab Reza, of (1) George V Way, Perivale, west London, admitted conspiracy to defraud, two counts of obtaining money transfer by deception, two counts of dishonestly obtaining exemption from liability, and three counts of fraud by false representation.

The trial continues.


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Omar Hussain raided pregnant friend's house and stuffed her kittens in an oven

Omar Hussain raided pregnant friend's house and stuffed her kittens in an oven | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

A cruel burglar stuffed three kittens in an oven while ransacking their owner’s home.

Omar Hussain had befriended his pregnant victim, visiting her Handsworth home before breaking-in while she was at the doctor’s.

And the devious 20-year-old even tried to cover his tracks by offering distraught Marian Ahmed a shoulder to cry on. When his fingerprints were discovered at the scene, he lied they were left when he popped round to show support AFTER the raid.

At Birmingham Crown Court, Hussain was jailed for two-and-a-half years after being found guilty of the burglary, last November. Mr Recorder Kelly told the warehouse worker: “This is a gross breach of trust and friendship.”

The court heard Hussain stashed the kittens in the oven after smashing a window at the Farnham Road address to get them out of the way. He then ransacked the property.

Hussain, of Alum Rock Road, Birmingham, had not only planned the raid, but also his own defence, returning to the crime-scene in the guise of a concerned friend.

Prosecuting, Kate Plummer said: “There was an untidy search and high value items were taken.

“Her three kittens were put in the oven. He knew the victim, it was pre-planned.

“He knew she would be out at the time and even went back afterwards to help and give himself a defence in court.”

Trevor Meegan, defending, said Hussain is still a young man, trying to improve himself.

He added: “He is Somalian and been here for 10 years and has had jobs as a warehouse worker.

“He lives with his parents and has taken a college course at Birmingham College.

“He doesn’t accept his guilt but accepts the conviction against him.”

Mr Recorder Kelly added: “You became friends with Miss Ahmed and were a regular visitor to her home.

“This was a terrible thing to do to someone who showed you nothing but friendship and hospitality.

“It looks at the moment as if you are embarking on a life where you are in and out of courts and prison.

“I urge you to reflect on what you are going to do with your life while you are in prison.”

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Birmingham man wanted for failing to appear at court

Birmingham man wanted for failing to appear at court | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
Police have released details of a man wanted for failing to appear at court after he was charged with fraud and theft offences.
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Rapist jailed for eight years

Rapist jailed for eight years | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
A man has today, been sentenced to eight years imprisonment after raping a woman in Ipswich.

Ali Shaboot, aged 40 from Freehold Road, Ipswich appeared at Norwich Crown Court on trial charged with two counts of rape relating to an incident in Ipswich at around 2.25am on Sunday 20 April and was found guilty of both offences on Wednesday 15 October.

A woman had reported to police that after spending an evening out in town she had been approached by a man in Dogs Head Street who offered her a cigarette and spoke to her before she started to make her way home.

Shaboot followed the woman, pushed her against a wall and attempted to kiss her. The woman tried to push him off but he grabbed her by the arm and pulled her into an alleyway off a car park in Lower Brook Street.

The woman was raped twice by Shaboot before he left the scene.

The victim sought help from a person nearby who in turn alerted the incident to Town Pastors who had been working in the area.

Police attended and cordoned an area off in Lower Brook Street in order for Crime Scene Investigators to gather forensic material and officers to carry out an investigation.

As part of their enquiries police viewed CCTV footage from the surrounding area and were able to identify an image of a man matching the victim’s description who had been in the area at the time.

Further enquiries led police to arrest and later charge Ali Shaboot.

At Norwich Crown Court today, Friday 17 October Shaboot was sentenced to two eight year jail terms to run concurrently.

Detective Constable Andy Dibbs who investigated the case said: “Ali Shaboot preyed on the vulnerability of a young woman who was on her own after a night out with friends. He overpowered her with his strength and abused her when she wasn’t in a position to fight him off.

“Reliving an experience such as this is never easy for a victim of sexual assault and she has shown great strength to be able to give her account of what happened that night.

“Shaboot denied any wrong doing and the jury found that he was guilty. I hope the verdict at court today will help the victim to come to terms with what she has been through and that with support can further her recovery from this horrendous ordeal.”

Detective Sergeant Darren Bruce who overseas rape and serious sexual assault investigations said: “Suffolk Police take all allegations of rape seriously and will carry out full and thorough investigations to ensure those responsible are brought to justice. We, together with our partners will also ensure that victims who come forward will receive the necessary help and support they need.”

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New scandal over child sex exploitation

New scandal over child sex exploitation | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
A SHOCKING new child sex exploitation scandal has emerged in Britain’s second largest city.


Dozens of girls, some as young as 11, have fallen victim to predatory gangs.

Three out of four of the men who groom youngsters for sex in Birmingham are Asian.

Yet their victims are 82 per cent white, say confidential police statistics leaked this week.

A Birmingham Safeguarding Children Board study in September 2013, never released to the media, found 111 youngsters were at risk of sexual exploitation in the city, some as young as 11 and almost half under 15.

The failure to prosecute known offenders was “startling” and “unacceptable” it added.

West Midlands Police said last month that it was currently dealing with 57 live child sexual exploitation cases and 130 suspected cases.

Assistant Chief Constable Carl Foulkes said yesterday: “Child sexual exploitation remains at the top of our agenda. This issue is very much a hidden crime.” 

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Former Birmingham police officer jailed after major role in £1m London brothels and drug racket

Former Birmingham police officer jailed after major role in £1m London brothels and drug racket | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
Crime gang supplied cocaine and £300-an-hour prostitutes to clients in the West End

A shamed former West Midlands Police officer has been jailed for his part in a £1 million-plus sex and drugs racket.

Osman Iqbal played a “leading role” in an organised crime group which controlled £300-an-hour call girls working in London’s West End.

The 36-year-old and three cousins took charge of two “high class” brothels where cocaine was supplied to customers, a judge said.

Iqbal, whose address cannot be revealed, was also involved in laundering dirty money from the ventures, which made a total far in excess of £1 million.

He was jailed for seven years and two months – one of six men and women sent to prison at Warwick Crown Court.

Passing sentence, Judge Sylvia de Bertodano told Iqbal: “It is very sad to see a man like you in this position.

“You are not only a man of previous good character, you were a police officer who played a significant role in the community and your record as an officer was an extremely good one.

“You have lost a great deal as a result of this offending.”

Iqbal and his cousins, Birmingham brothers Talib, Atif and Asri Hussain, all admitted conspiring to act or assist in the management of a brothel.

The quartet also pleaded guilty to possessing cocaine with intent to supply it at the two brothels they ran.

And Iqbal, Talib and Atif Hussain admitted being involved in the conspiracy to launder the proceeds.

Talib, 34, of Douglas Avenue, Hodge Hill, was said to have been in charge of the operation.

He was jailed for eight years and four months.

Atif, 27, of Silver Birch Close, Saltley, was jailed for four years and two months.

Asri, 25, of the same address, was jailed for three years – consecutive to a ten-year sentence he received last month for conspiracy to commit robberies.

Iqbal’s sister Raheela Ali, 44, and her husband Nassar Ali, 50, both of Buxton Road, Ilford, Essex, were also sent to prison.

Raheela was jailed for a year after earlier being found guilty of conspiring to assist in the management of brothels and to launder the proceeds.

Her husband, who changed his pleas to guilty part-way through the trial, received 21 months.

Prostitute Jennifer Williams, 31, of Furlong Lane, Cradley Heath, admitted being involved in the brothel and cocaine conspiracies and will be sentenced at a later date.

The court heard clients were found by taxi drivers outside West End nightclubs.

Some clocked up bills running into thousands of pounds.

Clients were also supplied with cocaine at £100 a gram.

Jailing the six, Judge Sylvia de Bertodano told them: “The purpose of the business was to make large sums of money running high-class brothels in London’s West End.

“It was an added attraction that customers could purchase not only sex, but also class A drugs.”

West Midlands Police said Iqbal was sacked in July.

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Shelton man, 31, jailed after raping and filming assault on unconscious girl, 16, at house party

Shelton man, 31, jailed after raping and filming assault on unconscious girl, 16, at house party | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
MARRIED father-of-two Mazafer Maroof was today starting a seven-year prison sentence after raping a 16-year-old girl in her own bed before filming a second assault. The 31-year-old plied the...
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#Bolton : ANOTHER MUSLIM PAEDOPHILE grooming underage teenage girls for sex.

#Bolton : ANOTHER MUSLIM PAEDOPHILE grooming underage teenage girls for sex. | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

A PAEDOPHILE had sex with underage teenage girls after meeting them in a Bolton park and luring them back to his home.

Sulman Dar, who enticed the girls into his home with offers of alcohol last summer, had no remorse for what he had done, Bolton Crown Court heard.

He was yesterday jailed for six-and-a-half years after pleading guilty to sexual activity with two 15-year-old girls.

Judge Peter Davies told Dar the girls were vulnerable and the offences had a profound effect on them.

The judge said: “They were crying out for help — they were not crying out for sexual exploitation.

“I do take note that you lack remorse and contrition for what you have done.”

Sarah Johnston, prosecuting, told the court Dar had previously received an official warning from police under the Child Abduction Act after they discovered a 14-year-old girl who was visiting his  house in 2010.

But Miss Johnston told how last year Dar, hiding beind the pseudonym Mohamed Ali, met the first of his 15-year-old victims and her friend in Bobby Heywood Park, Great Lever.

They later accepted an invitation to visit his home in Auburn Street, Daubhill, but he ordered the girls to enter the property through a back gate and stay away from windows.

“The prosecution says that was an attempt by the defendant to conceal there were young girls visiting his home,” said Miss Johnston.

Two days later the victim visited the house again with two friends, where Dar gave them alcohol and then had sex with her in his upstairs bedroom.

Dar’s second victim also met him in the same park and was invited back to his home with her friends, girls aged 12 and 14.

They were given so much drink that they were physically sick and Dar had sex with the 15-year-old in his bedroom.

When police arrested Dar in January this year they found photographs of teenage girls on his phone, WhatsApp messages to teenagers and sexually explicit texts to a third girl.

In statements the two 15-year-old girls told the court how the crimes had a significant impact on them emotionally and on their schoolwork.

Kathryn Johnson, defending, said Dar had been isolated in Bolton, without family support, but stressed that he had not set out to get the girls drunk in order to have sex with them.

Sentencing 25-year-old Dar, Judge Davies said his victims were vulnerable and lacked judgement or wisdom.

He said: “You took a gamble that they would not be believed. You believed you could behave with impunity.”

Judge Davies also gave Dar a sexual offences prevention order for 10 years and he will be on the sex offenders register indefinitely.

Speaking after the sentencing, Det Sgt Pete Astbury, from Bolton’s child exploitation unit, praised the bravery of the girls in coming forward.

He added: “Dar displayed all the classic hallmarks of a sexual predator and perpetrator of child sexual exploitation.”

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Edmonton beheading: First picture of man arrested after grandmother decapitated with machete.

Edmonton beheading: First picture of man arrested after grandmother decapitated with machete. | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

This is the first picture of the man arrested after a pensioner was beheaded in her back garden.

Palmira Silva, 82, was hacked to death in Edmonton, north London, yesterday afternoon.

Police later arrested a 25-year-old Nicholas Salvadore - also known as "Fat Nick" - on suspicion of murder after using a taser gun during a violent confrontation.

He is still being held by police today.

Police were initially called yesterday afternoon to reports of a man attacking an animal.

Commander Simon Letchford: " A male had been seen carrying a knife and attacking a cat. 

"When officers arrived they found woman slumped in the garden. She was pronounced dead at the scene."

"At this stage there's nothing to suggest that they did or did not know each other.

"A man is currently in hospital being treated for injuries, including cuts.

"At least one firearms officer sustained injuries, a broken wrist I believe.

"We would like to offer deepest condolences to the family.

"This was a fast moving and difficult situation that was presented to them.

"Officers put their lives on the line to prevent other people being harmed.

"The Independent Police Complaints Commission [IPCC] has been notified."



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Amjid Hussain admitted inciting a child to engage in sexual activity, abduction and sexual activity with a child.

Amjid Hussain admitted inciting a child to engage in sexual activity, abduction and sexual activity with a child. | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

A 31-YEAR-OLD man was spotted kissing and cuddling a 15-year-old girl on a bus by a special constable.

Amjid Hussain, who had sent the teenager sex texts, had been served with two Child Abduction Notices in March 2012, relating to different girls the same age, Burnley Crown Court was told.

Hussain had been arrested after the officer, who had other duties to attend to, called 999 and police arrived and stopped the bus.

The defendant, described by a judge as “very, very immature”, was given a three year community order with supervision and a six month conditional discharge.

Hussain, of Ebony Street, Blackburn, had admitted inciting a child to engage in sexual activity, abduction and sexual activity with a child. The defendant, who is employed, was ordered to sign the sex offenders register.

Prosecutor Jeremy Lasker told the court last August 30, the special constable was on an Accrington to Rochdale bus when he saw the pair at the back of the bus kissing and cuddling.

After Hussain was detained, he told police the girl was 17 and he had known her for a week. Police seized mobile telephones and CCTV footage.

The defendant maintained in interview he had met the girl in a pub about a month before, she had been dressed up, wearing makeup and false eyelashes and had told him she was 18.

He said she had given him her phone number, he did nothing with it and she had contacted him out of the blue. Mr Lasker said the defendant was asked if he had ever contacted the girl on Facebook and said he didn't think so. He accepted when on the bus she told him she was at sixth form college.

The prosecutor said: “On two previous occasions, the defendant has been warned about his conduct with 15-year-old girls.”

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Scots student is now jihadi wife

Scots student is now jihadi wife | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
A SCOTS student has abandoned a promising career to fight with IS forces in Syria.

Aqsa Mahmood, 20, who went to the £11,500-a-year Craigholme School in Glasgow, was planning to work in radiography. But she is now a jihadi bride calling herself Umm Layth and uses social media to urge fellow Muslims to carry out terror attacks.

One Tweet called on followers to emulate the murder of soldier Lee Rigby last year. She said: “If you cannot make it to the battlefield, then bring the battlefield to yourself.”

Last night, Mahmood’s devastated family and former school friends were stunned.

Her father, Muzaffar Mahmood, 51, was unavailable for comment at the family’s home in leafy Dumbreck, Glasgow.

However, in a statement  issued through Police Scotland the family said: “We had no knowledge of our daughter’s plans and reported her as a missing person.

“Aqsa is a studious  girl and we cannot understand why she has travelled to Syria.

“We are struggling to come to terms with the situation.”

A former classroom acquaintance added: “Aqsa had a lot of friends. She was a really confident person, she could talk to anyone she wanted, clever as well. Just the usual Asian Muslim girl.

Mahmood was said by friends at Craigholme School, in  Pollokshields, to be a teenager who wore make-up and was to all appearances westernised.

One added: “As soon as she decided to do something she would never change her mind. That was something amazing about her, but also one of her downfalls.” After Craigholme, Mahmood went to Shawlands Academy, and then on to Glasgow Caledonian University to study for a degree in diagnostic radiography. But she gave that up in November to join IS.

Mahmood has  married an IS fighter and her Twitter profile  carries a picture of the IS black flag alongside hate messages.

A Police Scotland spokesman said: “A 19-year-old female from Scotland was reported missing to us by her family in November 2013.

“Inquiries are ongoing in relation to her whereabouts.”

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Police Believe Missing Muslim Sex Offender May Be In Blackburn Or Manchester.

Police Believe  Missing Muslim Sex Offender May Be In Blackburn Or Manchester. | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Be on your guard should you happen to encounter Tahir Shah. The Muslim is a convicted rapist who has disappeared off the radar and is wanted by police.

Police believe a missing sex offender may be in Blackburn or Manchester.

Tahir Shah, 43, was convicted of rape at Carlisle Crown Court in January 2004 and sentenced to five years imprisonment.

He was also made subject to a Sexual Offences Prevention Order.

Shah was released from prison in September this year after being convicted of possession of an offensive weapon and is wanted for a breach of his licence by failing to notify police of his current address.

Shah is described as Asian, 5ft 8ins tall and of a stocky build.

He has tattoo dots on the knuckles of his left hand, a cannabis leaf tattoo on his left hand and the word ‘TAZ’ tattooed on his right forearm.

Officers believe he has links to both Blackburn and Longsight in Manchester.

“Shah is a registered sex offender who has failed to notify police of his whereabouts.

“I would appeal to anyone who has seen Shah or who knows where he might be to contact us.”



Anyone with information should contact police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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Hunt for Tube sex attacker who assaulted woman on crowded Central Line train

Hunt for Tube sex attacker who assaulted woman on crowded Central Line train | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
A 20-year-old woman from Romford was subjected to a prolonged sexual assault on a crowded Tube carriage after she took a Central Line train from Liverpool Street to Holborn.

British Transport Police have released an image of a man they want to speak to in connection with the incident, which took place on a westbound service at 8.30am on Wednesday, October 15.

Detective Sergeant Thanh Ly, leading the investigation, said: “The train was very busy, and the woman was stood against the double-doors.

“As the train was travelling between stations, a man standing next to her began to touch her inappropriately.

“The woman was so shocked by what was happening she felt unable to react. The assault lasted several minutes, until they arrived at Holborn, when the man got off the train and left the station. “

The victim told officers about the assault when she got off the train at Oxford Circus.

The transport police appeal is part of Project Guardian, a multi-agency initiative to reduce sexual assault and unwanted sexual behaviour on public transport in London, increase awareness and give victims the confidence to report offences.

DS Ly added: “This was an incredibly-distressing experience for the victim and left her having to take time off work to recover.

“Everybody has the right to travel on the rail network without the fear of any type of sexual assault, and I am determined to catch the man responsible.”

• Anyone with information is asked to contact British Transport Police on 0800 40 50 40, or text 61016, quoting reference TSUB/B19 of 22/10/2014, or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111

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Man who raped student at knifepoint jailed for 21 years

Man who raped student at knifepoint jailed for 21 years | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
Vaidotas Niedvaras, 22, of no fixed address, was convicted at Woolwich Crown Court of rape, digital penetration, false imprisonment and assault occasioning actual bodily harm
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Police release further CCTV images in connection with large scale disorder, during which one man died

Police release further CCTV images in connection with large scale disorder, during which one man died | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

The disorder broke out on the evening of Wednesday 2 July in Grantham Road and Farm Road, Sparkbrook.

 Ikram Ullah Khan, aged 28, died of a stab wound to the neck during the fight and two other men were injured and taken to hospital. The police investigation remains ongoing. DS Angela Baggott from Force CID Homicide said: "We need to trace the two men shown in these CCTV images as they may have valuable information to assist the investigation team. We urge them or anyone who recognises them to call CID on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111." Several men have been charged with murder and are currently awaiting trial.
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Police investigating a stranger rape in Rochdale have released an E-Fit of the offender

Police investigating a stranger rape in Rochdale have released an E-Fit of the offender | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
Police investigating a stranger rape in Rochdale have released an E-Fit of the offender.
Shortly after 4.30am on Saturday, 11 October 2014, police were called after a 24 year old woman was raped in an alleyway in the Bamford area of Rochdale.

Since the attack the victim has been supported by specially trained officers and detectives have been carrying out a number of inquiries.

The victim has now managed to give a detailed description of the offender and officers have today released an E-Fit.

Detective Inspector James Faulkner, based at Rochdale, said: “The victim has been through a terrible ordeal but I can reassure both her and the community that we are determined to catch the man responsible.

“The victim has managed to provide enough details for us to put together an E-Fit so I would now like people to have a look and tell us if they recognise the man.

“I would ask anyone who witnessed the attack to please get in touch. Were you driving or walking near to where the incident took place and see anything suspicious? We believe a man may have been walking near to where the incident took place and I would appeal for him to come forward to let us know if he saw anything.”

Anyone with information should phone police on 101 or the independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 55 111.

Greater Manchester is nationally recognised as a model of good practice in terms of support services available to victims.

If you or someone you know has been raped or sexually assaulted, we encourage you not to suffer in silence and report it to the police or a support agency so you can get the help and support available.

– You can call Greater Manchester Police on 101, or alternatively people can refer themselves to St Mary’s Sexual Assault Referral Centre on 0161 276 6515.

– St Mary’s Sexual Assault Referral Centre in Manchester provides a comprehensive and coordinated forensic, counselling and medical aftercare service to anyone in Greater Manchester who has experienced rape or sexual assault. Services are available on a 24-hour basis and people can access them either as a self-referral or via Greater Manchester Police.

– Manchester Rape Crisis is a confidential support service run by women for women and girls who have been raped or sexually abused. Confidential helpline: 0161 273 4500. Black and Minority Ethnic helpline: 0161 273 4514.

– Survivors Manchester offers support and counselling for adult male survivors of sexual abuse and rape, regardless of when the event happened. Contact07919 246 267.

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DNA found on gun triggers jail term

DNA found on gun triggers jail term | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

A man has been jailed after officers found two guns and ammunition in the glove compartment of his car.

A second man is also serving a jail term after forensic specialists found his DNA on the same guns following a lab examination.

Yaser Kelleher, 26, of Hatch Lane, Harmondsworth, Middlesex was jailed for eight years for possession of firearm. He also received a further three months for assault by beating to run concurrently.

Mohamed Amine Darik, 22, of Beames Road, NW10 was jailed for five years for possession of a firearm. He pleaded not guilty alongside Kelleher in September and the jury failed to reach a verdict. Following a retrial at Isleworth Crown court on Wednesday, 15 October the jury took just over one hour to convict him of possession of a handgun.

The men were both sentenced at Isleworth Crown Court on Thursday, 16 October.

The court heard how on Tuesday, 4 March at approximately 23:30hrs officers were called to an address in Hatch Lane, West Drayton, Middlesex to report an assault.

Kelleher initially gave a false name, however following police checks his true identity was established and he was arrested for the assault. A search of his car was carried out where officers found two handguns and ammunition in the glove compartment.

Both of the handguns were manufactured as replicas but subsequently converted to fire live ammunition. The ammunition recovered was suitable for use in one of the handguns. Kelleher was further arrested for possession of firearms.

Forensic examination of the handguns revealed Darik’s DNA. On Friday, 2 May, Darik was arrested at his home address. He denied the offence, but was later charged with possession of a firearm.

Detective Sergeant Beverley Kofi, from Hillingdon CID said: ““Darik truly believed he was innocent and did not have any involvement with the handguns. What he failed to understand is that the police will use every tool we have to catch those involved in gun crime.

“I hope that these sentences serve as another reminder to anybody involved in the possession, supply and use of firearms; that officers will continue to pursue and place them before the courts. These are serious offences and will result in lengthy custodial sentences.”


Anyone with information about those involved in the use or possession of firearms can call police on 101 or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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Knifeman yelled 'Allahu Akbar' before stabbing policeman

Knifeman yelled 'Allahu Akbar' before stabbing policeman | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
PC Adnan Ali, 28, was attacked by Dawan Ismail after the cop had attended a routine call following reports a neighbour had been assaulted
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Gang caught with £5.5m of drugs jailed for more than 60 years

Gang caught with £5.5m of drugs jailed for more than 60 years | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
SIX members of a gang involved in heroin, crack cocaine and cocaine with a street value of more than £5.5 million have been jailed for a total of more than 60 years for conspiracy to supply class A drugs.


A flat in Lister Court, Cunliffe Road, Manningham, was raided by police on February 12 last year where a haul of 29.8 kilograms of heroin, at varying levels of purity, was found, alongside 78 grams of cocaine and £116,000 of crack cocaine.

Mohammed Dawood Aslam, 35, of Knightsbridge Walk, Holme Wood, described as the "directing hand in this conspiracy" was jailed for 17 years at Bradford Crown Court yesterday.

Mohammed Azam Yaqoob, 45, of North Road, Ravensthorpe, Dewsbury, and Hamayan Nawaz, 25, of Carrington Street, Bradford Moor, were each jailed for nine years and four months.

Jamal Mahroof, 23, of Karam Close,Barkerend, Bradford, was jailed for nine years.

Samir Ali, 23, of Daleside Avenue, Pudsey, Leeds, was sentenced to seven years and three months.

Mohammed Khan, 41, of Glendevon Place, Whitefield, Manchester was sentenced to eight years and seven months.

All six defendants who were sentenced yesterday had previously pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply class A drugs, apart from Mahroof who was convicted after a trial at Bradford Crown Court in June this year.

Mohammed Masood Aslam, 26, of Ederoyd Mount,Stanningley, had his sentencing adjourned at Bradford Crown Court until November 7, as he is due to stand trial for a separate case of possession of class A drugs with intent to supply in Manchester next month.

He was remanded in custody until that date.

The eight defendant in this case, Naveed Ahmed, 31, of Byron Street, Barkerend, who was found guilty by the jury in June this year, did not appear in court for yesterday's verdict of the other six defendants. Instead, he is due to be sentenced at Bradford Crown Court this Tuesday.

Police used camera surveillance at the flat rented by Nawaz and also tracked the gang using mobile phone activity, which began on January 29 last year.

The gang were traced around a host of locations including Bradford, Harrogate, Barnsley and Manchester.

They also uncovered visits by the gang members to the Lister Road flat on several occasions and recorded shopping trips to buy food mixers and a large blue plastic container.

The operation continued until around 11pm on February 12 last year when Aslam, Ahmed, Nawaz and Ali were arrested by officers at the flat.

Earlier that night, two members of the group, Ali and Nawaz, had driven from Bradford to Manchester to pick up five kilograms of "high purity" heroin to add to their operation.

They picked this consignment up from Khan, who was described as the "courier" in the operation.

Aside from the drugs, the police raid on the flat uncovered a list of drug dealers.

The other members of the group were arrested at later dates.

Jailing the gang, Judge Peter Benson said: "In my view, this was the most substantial quantity of drugs to unleash on the streets of West Yorkshire, including a very, very substantial amount of heroin.

"Most of the defendants were arrested at the same time as the flat was raided."

An order was also made for the destruction of all drugs and equipment seized in the operation.

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Four guilty of killing Dean Mayley in Greenford mugging

Four guilty of killing Dean Mayley in Greenford mugging | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Four teenagers have been convicted at the Old Bailey of killing a man with a mental age of nine who was stabbed during a mugging in west London.

Dean Mayley, 24, was stabbed in the heart while walking alone in Ruislip Road in Greenford in February.

Jamal Jones, 17, from Acton, who wielded the knife, has been convicted of murder.

Michael Mensah, 18, Ryan Beresford, 19, and Miguel Leiba, also 17, were convicted of manslaughter.

Mensah, of Greenford, and Beresford, of Acton, along with Leiba, from Hanwell, were also found guilty of the attempted robbery of Mr Mayley.

Jones, who was found guilty of murder, had earlier pleaded guilty to a charge of attempted robbery.

All four will be sentenced on 2 October.

Hunted victims

Lifting an order banning the naming of the 17-year-olds, judge Martyn Zeidman QC said: "Yet another example of a kind and innocent person losing their life because of somebody else using a knife.

"I just wish there was some way - obviously there isn't - in which I could turn the clock back."

After the verdicts the victim's mother Donna Mayley said: "It's never going to bring Dean back.

"Dean was a lovely lovely boy. Everyone that knew him loved him.

"I can't believe it happened - and for nothing. He was my youngest son and it's affected the whole family. It's unbearable."

During the trial prosecutor Simon Denison QC said: "These four were a team of knife-point robbers driving up and down the Ruislip Road looking for a victim or victims."

A CCTV camera captured the fatal attack in which three shadowy hooded figures are seen approaching and confronting the victim before one of them lashes out with a knife.

Mr Mayley, who had learning difficulties due to a brain condition called Microcephaly, collapsed in the road and later died in hospital.

Following the verdict, Baljit Ubhey, London's Chief Crown Prosecutor, said: "This was a cruel and callous attack on a vulnerable victim.

"Dean was a vulnerable young man and it is likely that he did not understand what was happening to him in this terrifying situation."

Meat cleaver

Mensah was also found guilty of an earlier robbery which took place in the same area on 28 January.

At that instance he was involved in the mugging of a 15-year-old boy who was forced to hand over his North Face bodywarmer and mobile phone in the same area, the court heard.

While they were awaiting trial Mensah wrote a letter to Jones to persuade him not to implicate him in the murder, and further asked him not to say it was Mensah who had given him the murder weapon or told him to carry out the attempted robbery.

A search of Jones's bedroom uncovered a kitchen knife stashed under his mattress and a meat cleaver on top of his wardrobe.


Letter from Michael Mensah to Jamal Jones

In the letter Michael Mensah wrote to Jamal Jones in May while he was being held at HMP Feltham, Mensah ordered him not to say he had given Jones the murder weapon and advised Jones on his defence.

Mensah wrote: "Why do they think I gave you the nank (knife) and persuaded you? They can't say that without proof.

"I don't know why I came (to Greenford), I should have never come, it's only coz I was bored.

"Never in your life, say out loud I told you to rob anyone..."

Regarding Jones's defence, Mensah wrote: "Why are you saying self defence?

"If you want manslaughter you have to say you was off a drug. Say you take Molly (ecstasy)..."

Mensah went on to write that he cannot be convicted under joint enterprise as there was "never a enterprise to join" and he was not involved in the robbery, "so I'm not liable".

"You did the robbery but you wasn't in control, your mental state wasn't correct so doing it wasn't your fault so it's manslaughter."

Writing in capital letters, Mensah asked Jones to stop acting like a kid and "come correct big man ting".



Mensah also had previous convictions over the possession of knives, the court heard, with police discovering a five-inch jagged blade in his trainer and a samurai sword in the boot of his Fiat Punto in September last year.

This January he was stopped in his car again and a lock knife was found underneath the driver's seat.

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Woman, 18, sexually assaulted in Banbury park

Woman, 18, sexually assaulted in Banbury park | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

A TEENAGER was sexually assaulted on a park bench by a man who offered to walk her home.

The 18-year-old was attacked in People’s Park in Banbury at about 10.30pm on Sunday after a night out with friends.

Police described the suspect as white with a Polish accent. They said he was about 27, 6ft, slim, with brown eyes and a scar above his right eyebrow.

He was wearing a brown leather jacket and jeans and was carrying a rucksack.

The victim suffered bruising but did not require hospital treatment.

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Suhail Azam gets life sentence for murdering estranged wife in Wolverhampton

Suhail Azam gets life sentence for murdering estranged wife in Wolverhampton | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Life sentence for man who murdered estranged wife in Wolverhampton home

A man who stabbed his estranged wife to death in Wolverhampton is today (3 September) beginning his life sentence for her murder.

Suhail Azam, from Newhampton Road East in Whitmore Reans, was told yesterday at Stoke Crown Court he must serve at least 17 years behind bars for killing his 35-year-old wife, Kanwal Azam, on 29 March.

The 54-year-old had pleaded guilty last month Stafford Crown Court to murdering Kanwal, whose body was found in her home in Ingelby Gardens.

Officers went to the address following a call from a concerned friend of Kanwal’s, who had received a phone call from her, during which Suhail could be heard in the background. The friend then heard Kanwal screaming before the phone disconnected, at which point he called the police.

“We responded to the call immediately but unfortunately, when we arrived at Kanwal’s home address, she had been stabbed numerous times and was already dead,” said Detective Inspector Justin Spanner from the force’s homicide department.

He added: “Due to the phone call made shortly before she died, Suhail became our number one suspect and we immediately went to find him. He was located in the back garden of his home address and was arrested on suspicion of murder.”

An investigation was launched where it was discovered that Kanwal had recently begun divorce proceedings against Suhail, who had gone to see her on the day of her death to talk about access to their three children – aged between three and ten.

Suhail arrived at the property and arranged for the two youngest children to go to a family member’s house, while the eldest child was out playing with friends. There was then an argument between the former couple, during which Suhail stabbed Kanwal to death.

Det Insp Spanner said: “It is our belief that Suhail went to the address with the express intention to kill his estranged wife after receiving a solicitor’s letter from her outlining access to the children.

“Thankfully, he had the sense to make sure that his children were not present during the attack, but they have understandably been left devastated by what has happened.

“It will be a long road to recovery for them and we hope that journey can now begin for them, safe in the knowledge that their father will be locked up for a very long time.

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28 men arrested in Keighley grooming gang probe

28 men arrested in Keighley grooming gang probe | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

NEARLY 30 men have been arrested as police in Keighley investigate claims of child sexual exploitation by an alleged grooming gang.

It is one of three major investigations West Yorkshire Police is carrying out into alleged multiple offences of child sexual exploitation, the others being in Leeds and Calderdale.

The inquiry in Keighley has led to 28 men being arrested for alleged offences against four girls.

The issue’s profile has been raised by the scandal in Rotherham, where at least 1,400 children were sexually exploited between 1997 and 2013.

Granville Ward, safeguarding delivery manager for West Yorkshire Police, said: “Extensive work has been ongoing between West Yorkshire Police and partners in recent years to investigate and prevent child sexual exploitation, with the emphasis firmly on experts from agencies working together to put the victim first.

“Police officers meet and work regularly with partners in health and social services in conjunction with safeguarding boards, often from the same offices.

“Bradford has a single referral process and a child-sexual-exploitation hub. This has, in the past, been inspected independently by Ofsted and was one of only three areas in the country to be graded outstanding for partnership working. Both were recorded nationally as systems of best practice.”

Mr Ward said live investigations into alleged offences were ongoing, with 12 men charged in Leeds and those cases going through the courts. In Calderdale, 31 men are on bail for alleged offences against two girls.

There are 65 live CSE investigations in West Yorkshire.

Bradford councillor Ralph Berry, who is in charge of children’s and young people’s services, said an additional £250,000 had been invested into tackling the issue in the city this year.

Cllr Berry said: “Prosecutions and convictions have to happen, but we have to do prevention as well as enforcement. We have commissioned additional services to do work in schools to make pupils aware.

“I do not want to be seen to be complacent. It is the number-one priority for me, for the local authority and for the safeguarding board.”

West Yorkshire Police’s Know The Signs campaign, aimed at raising awareness of the offence, is focusing on online grooming. See westyorkshire. police.uk/cse for details.

If you have information about child sexual exploitation or are a victim, call police on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

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