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Hitting back at the rotten Establishment

Hitting back at the rotten Establishment | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Establishment paedophile scandal is our greatest opportunity ever and is fast undermining what little credibility the old parties and their media allies still have.

The BBC Savile story was probably first rolled out to draw attention away from the issue of Muslim grooming gangs, which was dominating the news until then. It was meant as a propaganda red herring.

But, if so, it is turning out to have been a terrible mistake. Because what started out as the long-overdue exposure of one particularly nasty 'celebrity' first evolved into a scandal within the BBC's pop music section, then mutated into a disease of the entire BBC, then – like a deadly virus out of some African jungle swamp – jumped species and infected the Tory party, before spreading to the LibDems and Labour as well.

You only need spend a few minutes on the Internet to know how much more there is to come out.

With Savile's proven links with Yorkshire ripper Peter Sutcliffe, the case is looking more like the Dutroux paedophile murder scandal that brought down the Belgian government in 1996.

It so besmirched the entire Belgian Establishment that it opened up the way for twenty years of electoral advances by our friends in the Flemish nationalist movement.

There is now a really serious possibility that the same could happen here in Britain. So far, the controlled media have kept people focused on the relatively minor issue of Savile and his friends' liking for not quite legal teenage girls.

But more and more is filtering out about the former charity supremo's liking for little boys and corpses – and Savile's role as a pimp for a network of Establishment paedophiles stretching all the way to 10 Downing Street itself. Under several different Prime Ministers!

The large number of child molesters in the lower levels of Lib/Lab/Con is a fact already established by dozens of court cases.

The facts about the political household names with the same disgusting perversion are all swirling around the Internet too, but the British law on libel is a rich pervert's dream, so the Guilty Men are just about managing to keep the lid on it all.

If they fail, then what is at present still a problem for isolated individuals could engulf the entire Establishment. It could bring down the whole rotten lot!

Lib/Lab/Con perverts – and those who helped them – are all in the frame. Harman, Hodge and many others!

It's not just about the perverts themselves; it's also going to devastate the reputations of everyone who must have known for everyone who helped cover for them and thereby aided and abetted their revolting crimes against so many vulnerable children.

Senior Labour politicians such as Harriet Harman and Patricia Hewitt whose National Council for Civil Liberties was officially affiliated to the Paedophile Information Exchange and its twisted campaign to decriminalise incest and legalise sex with children.

Creatures such as Margaret Hodge and Tony Blair, who sat on Labour councils in East London when AIDS-infested Labour campaigners were raping little boys – and helped with the cover-up.

The Cameron thing, who only the other week made his warped priorities crystal clear on Morning TV when he showed far more concern about the possibility of 'homophobia' that for the need to protect children.

The other top Tory, Labour and LibDem politicians who have winked and turned away, leaving the perverts in their midst free to sate their warped desires on the bodies of terrified children.

The ones who killed Operation Ore by giving advance notice of police action so that the guilty could wipe incriminating photos from their taxpayer-funded computers.

The ones who ignored the clear links between Westminster and hell-hole children's homes from North Wales to Jersey.


A real chance that Justice will be done!

The suffering of so many children at the hands of the wicked men and women of the so-called 'elite' cries to Heaven for Justice. And, God willing, there is now a real chance that the guilty will be exposed and justice will be done.

The unravelling of the long and criminal cover-up would also bring the hope that the closely related financial corruption of the same self-centred, greedy 'elite' would also be exposed.

They are, in truth, not so much a Government and Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition, as a crime syndicate.

Together, they have allowed their friends and backers in some of the greediest corporations on the Planet to loot the common wealth of Great Britain.

Railways, gas, electricity, water, defence research, prisons, schools, hospitals, council housing, roads – everything sold off at firesale prices to their corrupt friends.

One of the currencies of this corruption, one of the ways the Establishment crime syndicate secures the aid of politicians, is of course money. Another is career preferment. And the third is the bruised and torn bodies of children.

If only half of this truth comes out, what little remains of those parties' reputations will be shattered for a generation. They have condemned as 'extremists' and 'political lepers' for all these years, but nothing could be as extreme as - and nothing would repel the public more than – their collective paedophile guilt. It really could happen. British politics really could be about to be transformed forever.

Another cover-up is still possible - unless we strike now to stop it!

But it is not a done deal. In 1999, Operation Ore caught members of Tony Blair's war criminal Cabinet - together with opposition MPs, judges, celebrities and senior police officers - in a web of child pornography.

According to one shocked investigating officer, quoted in the Scottish Sunday Herald in January 2003,"the list of rich and famous Operation Ore suspects would fill newspaper front pages for an entire year.

Yet, the Powers That Be managed to warn the guilty and to kill off the investigation.

It was a close run thing, but the criminal Establishment closed ranks to protect their own. They've done it before - and now they are tying to do it again.

Will they get away with it? Well, that could well depend on you. That's why I am taking time out to write this letter for you from working with our Publicity Department and research staff to create a brutally honest, devastating campaign to expose the criminal Establishment's most guilty secrets.

The facts are already out there online, but they are scattered over dozens of websites with tiny audiences, many of which mix real evidence with wild allegations which – while they may just be true – are unsupported by a shred of evidence and therefore discredit even the definite facts.

Our compilation will deal in facts. The facts are enough. Enough to disgrace our opponents beyond any hope of recovery.

At this point, I'd like to draw your attention to our latest general recruitment leaflet, just so you can see the top quality you can expect from this great new initiative.

Time to hit back. Because our campaign is ready to rock and roll! And, with your help, it's going to be big!

Because our website has a reach a thousand times longer than all those little sites put together.

Because we will be advertising the special section we are creating on it in the hardest hitting mass circulation leaflet we have EVER produced. And because we will be putting them out by the hundreds of thousands.

For years, those lying, thieving, corrupt, child-molesting swine have smeared us, persecuted us and licensed mobs to attack us.

And for years we've put up with it. We've taken the punishment, but apart from taking a few council seats off them, we've never hit back. I don't know about you, but sometimes I've felt more like a punchbag than a human being.

Well, from here on - all that changes! We're going on the attack! And we're going for their jugular!

Only one question remains: Will we have the money to do it properly?

As you know, we have got our finances back on track. That's largely thanks to careful budgetting and the Treasury Department's insistence that we live within our means.

So, exciting though it all is, we won't run this campaign on credit, and we won't dip into money put aside for other things. If the money doesn't come in, nothing will happen. That's the frank truth.

That's why I'm asking you to help. You can do so in one of two ways. If you really can't afford to help financially, then please get in touch with your local organiser or –if you haven't got one or if he's got lazy – with Head Office.

We need new volunteers to speed the rebuilding of our activist base. The best leaflets in the world are no use without people like you helping to get them into the hands of the public.

Or, if for some reason you can't be active, please pick up the reply form and pre-addressed envelope enclosed with this letter and use them - right now - to send the biggest donation you can afford to help finance this vital and potentially historic campaign.

I say 'historic' because every leaflet and website section will have on it a call for the past victims of Establishment child abuse and witnesses to privatisation corruption to get in touch with us and tell us what they know.

Just imagine; it could be a leaflet that you put out or you pay for that produces the extra piece of evidence that produces the successful prosecution that provides a missing piece of the jigsaw that suddenly all slots into place and gives the British people the true picture of what has been going on.

And imagine how good it will feel in any case to have those leaflets in your hand and know that we are going out together to hit back at last against those who have scorned and abused us, while all along their titles and positions have concealed the most foul corruption possible.


Are you with me? Then prove it, right now, and let's go get 'em!


Nick Griffin
Chairman, British National Party


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What's with the Left's conspiracy of silence over the ANC's brutal massacre of miners in Marikana?

What's with the Left's conspiracy of silence over the ANC's brutal massacre of miners in Marikana? | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
Try to imagine the global outrage there would be if the police in Russia or China shot and killed 34 protesting workers.


Try to imagine the global outrage there would be if the police in Russia or China shot and killed 34 protesting workers. And just think what follow-up fury there would be if those Russian or Chinese police then arrested and charged the workers lucky enough to survive the massacre with the "murder" of their fallen colleagues. World leaders would hold press conferences so that they could be photographed solemnly shaking their heads and wringing their hands over those nasty, brutal coppers Over There. Amnesty International would have to hire extra part-time staff just to have enough people to stand sad-faced outside every Tube station in London while wearing t-shirts saying "Protect the Human" and pressing anti-Chinese or anti-Russian leaflets into commuters' hands. Twitter would go mental.
And yet when those very things happened in South Africa – first the massacre of 34 miners in Marikana on 16 August and then the arrest of the surviving miners under a warped Orwellian law of the apartheid era that allows protesters to be charged with murder if the state kills some of their fellow protesters – the global gatekeepers of the human-rights culture said barely a peep. Amnesty issued a feeble statement, hidden deep on its website, about the need for the ANC government to institute a judge-led inquiry into the killings. And then it went straight back to organising global protests to have Pussy Riot released from their Russian jail. For Amnesty, three pretty white chicks are clearly way more important than 34 dead black blokes. Britain’s liberal broadsheets, which pride themselves on speaking truth to power, have published no thundering editorials about the massacre, no stinging critiques of the ANC. World leaders are also keeping schtum.
Of course, the West’s self-styled defenders of human rights are infamous for their double standards. They are always far more agitated by Chinese police brutality than by any other nation’s police brutality, for example, because they think the Chinese are especially evil. They always describe wars fought in Africa – whisper it: by black people – as “genocides”, whereas the wars fought by Washington or London are always just “wars”. And they lose far more sleep over Russia’s imprisonment of Pussy Riot for two years on trumped-up charges of blasphemy than they do over Britain’s imprisonment of a tweeter for two months, or our imprisonment for four years of two blokes who wrote nonsense about rioting on their Facebook pages, because they think Eastern rulers are, unlike us, naturally mafia-esque and inherently authoritarian. So it isn’t a massive shock to find them downplaying one major massacre in favour of focusing on other, less pressing human-rights problems.
But there is more to the conspiracy of silence over the Marikana massacre than double standards. More fundamentally, the reason there is so little fuss about this act of state terror is because Western leaders and their mates in the human-rights lobby have for years been telling us that the New South Africa, this post-apartheid “Rainbow Nation”, is a living, breathing testament to the values of truth and reconciliation over political conflict and to the elevation of respect for cultural diversity and human rights to the top of the political agenda. And this massacre shoots that myth down. It calls into question, in the most dramatic fashion imaginable, the idea that the New South Africa is a paragon of virtue and an advert for making “human rights” the lingua franca of political life, as the ANC has done. What this massacre reveals is that, in truth, there are deep, seriously unresolved divisions in South Africa, continuing and profound inequality, and rising disgruntlement among black workers with their black rulers. None of that reality is palatable to politicians or commentators over here, who for years have been behaving as if every problem in South Africa was fixed by the reforms that followed the unbanning of the ANC and the institutionalisation of a new kind of PC politics, and so they just ignore it – they ignore the massacre and they ignore the divisions that nurtured it.
Anti-apartheid activists used to argue that those Western leaders who refused to condemn the apartheid regime were cynically putting their own interests, usually their business interests in South Africa, above the lives and liberties of black South Africans. By the same token, the human-rights lobby that has said barely a word about the Marikana massacre is now promoting its own interests, its investment of so much overblown hope and hype in the New South Africa, above the lives and liberties of the black workers who live there.

By Brendan O'Neill


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UAF and RSPCA, plus so called animal welfare groups humiliated in Sunderland

UAF and RSPCA, plus so called animal welfare groups humiliated in Sunderland | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

By Chris Thornton South Tyneside Organiser - After our huge success in reversing the decision by Subway in South Shields selling halal meat, myself and South Tyneside fund holder Martin Vaughan decided to organise a similar demo outside the Subway in Sunderland.


We informed the Sunderland Echo, who then wrote an article covering four pages.

Although they quoted Martin Vaughan's statement correctly, that we are demonstrating about the unnecessary pain and suffering of animals that are killed barbarically in halal ritual slaughter and that it was not an attack on Muslims, but to bring awareness to the public what halal is about.

It was also to shame the RSPCA and so called animal welfare groups who will not act because of fear of upsetting the Muslims.

However, they still tried to put their on twist on the matter suggesting it was a racist attack on Muslims but judging by the support we received from the public they saw through it and the article helped our cause no end.

We would have been more than happy to have around 20 activists but we were both pleasantly overjoyed by the massive turnout of over a hundred people who were very vocal, especially when the Truth Truck went past continuously throughout the demo.

The huge support we had was made up of local members, David Orr and fellow Scottish members, ex-members, the general public, and members of the farming community shocked at what they had read in the Sunderland Echo.

One Northumberland farmer Mr Henderson voiced his concerns that the RSPCA bombarded farmers, and rightly so with legislation rules and regulations on animal welfare from when the live stock is born until it is taken to auction.

His concern is that he and the farming community have seen a massive increase in Asian buyers at these auctions and through our Stop Halal Campaign he is disgusted with the RSPCA and government for then abandoning these animals and letting them endure and painful, frightening death.

I then repeated Mr Henderson's concerns in an interview with Sky News but the chance of any positive interviews by the British National Party being shown on National TV is very remote.

I understand why the Muslims want to support the selling of ritually slaughtered halal meat, however misguided I believe they are, but what I fail to understand is the two dozen UAF who turned up on a counter-demo and came to support ritual slaughter, they have travelled miles to support Muslim paedophiles in the past.

I put it to the UAF and the Muslim’s to please explain why they think animals should be slaughtered barbarically in this way and although many of them had travelled far and wide to be there, none would or could answer my question.
I would like to thank everyone who came and those that went on to help us with a table top paper sale in Jarrow later that day. We always receive a warm welcome in Jarrow and yesterday was no exception.

The day was rounded off with around 60 members attending The South Tyneside BNP meeting in Hebburn with the main guest speaker our Chairman Nick Griffin and the introduction of our new Regional Organiser Peter Molloy.

Peter has agreed to take over my old role, and I am looking forward to working alongside him to continue to help the North East British National Party grow.

This is not the end of the matter.

We will continue to protest at this shop until Subway change its policies on this sickening practice.

Martin Vaughan then continues; where do I start?
The media spin and lies never cease to amaze.I will start with what I think the vital points are.


1. We knew our leader and MEP Nick Griffin, which the Sunderland Echo failed to print, was not attending this demo, but that was for us to know and them to find out.


2. The 200 people The Echo stated were on the street was about right, but it failed to say that at least 150 of those were on our side.


3. None of the left wing comments in the paper even attempted to address the issue of Halal meat.


4. The Echo stated the day before the protest, that no one from Subway was available for comment, well at the protest I myself invited them to address the crowd, but still no comment.


Dare I say this was because, what can they say, you cannot justify this barbaric practice.
I have today called The Echo to tell them that it does not matter how much spin they put on it, the public can see right through it.

I also told them the BNP will not stop until this shop withdraws the sale of Halal meat, I went on to say that this protest was the tip of the iceberg, and there will be many more protests.

The day could not have started better. We turned up at our RV point to be met by at least 5 police vans, taxpayer’s money no object.
We handed out hundreds of leaflets and we had 100% support from the public.

No one went into the shop when we were there, but Greggs next door was packed out.
We spent about an hour there and then as a climax to our day, our Truth Truck turned up all sounds blaring, it was a proud moment for all of us.

We should warn the local rag (Echo) that it won’t win the public over on this one and that it should never underestimate its buyers.

We should also warn Subway that this problem will never go away until all Halal outlets stop serving the terrible food.

Today I am writing to Subway CEO to get his response to this, I will keep you posted. I also warned him we will be having lots more flash protests at this store, and when we are done there we will move to the next store.

I would especially like to thank David Orr and his team from Scotland for travelling down to support us. We will return the favour by supporting his team in Glasgow very soon.

We still have car space if anyone wishes to travel to Glasgow with us they can contact myself on 07944841659.

After the protest we all moved on to Jarrow shopping centre and held a table top, the public response was tremendous, they were so glad to see us back.
The evening function went very well, we were very organised throughout the whole day, we had members out doing the business and members in doing the catering for the evening buffet.

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Jack Renshaw speaks at Blackpool rally

Jack Renshaw speaks at Blackpool rally | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

One of many speakers at a recent demonstration in Blackpool was 17 year old Jack Renshaw who delivers a very well wrote out speech regarding society and the family unit.


*No doubt this fine young man will now recieve threats against his person from the cowardly left including the anti-white, anti-christian, pathetic Pakistani paedophile supporters of the UAF, SWP, and Unite the union.

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Anti-fascist march is re-routed

Anti-fascist march is re-routed | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
Anti-fascist protesters marching in Brighton are stopped from entering an area where right-wing supporters had gathered.


The march was re-routed in North Street and St James street was also closed.

Sussex Police had warned of disruption in the city after nationalist-affiliated groups indicated their intention to meet up and socialise.

A separate street party-style gathering has also been held in Churchill Square by about 75 UK Uncut supporters.

More than 10 people have been arrested on suspicion of possessing drugs and public order offences.

Mounted police have been on the streets as part of Sussex Police's strategy to cope with an "exceptionally busy" four days in the city.

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‘No major incidents’ as SDL and fascist UAF campaigners march in capital

‘No major incidents’ as SDL and fascist UAF campaigners march in capital | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Two opposing marches passed without incident in Edinburgh, police said.

The Scottish Defence League (SDL) and United Against Fascism (UAF) both held marches in the city on Saturday.

Both organisations marched towards St Andrews House, where they held rallies.

An “extensive” police operation was put in place around the event, involving officers from Lothian and Borders Police with support from British Transport Police, Strathclyde Police, Fife Constabulary, and Tayside Police.

No arrests were made, police said, and the event passed off without major incident.

Superintendent David Carradice, from Lothian and Borders Police, said: “Today’s police operation centred around minimising the risk of disorder and maintaining public safety, and I am pleased that both marches and rallies passed off without major incident.

“At this time I would like to thank those police forces who provided support to the operation, as well as City of Edinburgh Council and our other key partners who provided assistance, both in the planning stages and today.

“Lastly, I would also like to thank members of the public for their patience and co-operation, particularly with regard to the temporary traffic restrictions that were put in place as a result of today’s activity.”

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DENIAL IS A DIRTY WORD | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
By turning a blind eye to Muslim grooming gangs goodness knows how many more girls have been abused and have had their lives destroyed unnecessarily. All this could have been prevented but god forbid the authorities be labeled racist!


Denial (also called abnegation) is a defense mechanism postulated by Sigmund Freud, in which a person is faced with a fact that is too uncomfortable to accept and rejects it instead, insisting that it is not true despite what may be overwhelming evidence. Remind you of anything? Muslim Grooming Gangs perhaps?

Paralysis of the mind is on display in the reaction to the atrocious and horrifying disclosures of the Paedophile Grooming Gangs. The word Muslim is simply absent from much of the coverage. The men are described as Asian or Pakistani. But this cowardly euphemism wrongly implicates communities that have nothing whatever to do with such terrible crimes. They don't involve Pakistani Christians or Pakistani Hindus; they don't involve Chinese or Malaysians, Sri Lankans or Thais.

While it is the case that in general the overwhelming majority of sex crimes against girls are committed by white men, this particular phenomenon of street gangs in Northern towns targeting white girls and passing them around for sex is disproportionately committed by Muslims.


Read more: 


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Pro-Muslim, Anti-Fascist, Leftists got the crap beaten out of them by Muslims

Pro-Muslim, Anti-Fascist, Leftists got the crap beaten out of them by Muslims | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

What we didn’t know about the Muslim protests against the right wing Pro-NRW party anti-Islam cartoon contest the other day.

Islam vs Europe Ah, a chance to use that excellent German word Schadenfreude.


On 1 May in Solingen, the German anti-Islam movement PRO NRW (Pro North Rhine Westphalia) held a demonstration. Hundreds of assorted Muslims and far-left extremists turned up to harass and intimidate them. Two of these “antifascists” found themselves in the midst of a horde of Salafist Muslims, who promptly started beating them up with bits of wood. Even after they were lying helpless and passive on the ground, the Muslims kept laying into them. One was badly hurt in the head; the other in the arm. Both required hospital treatment.


Apparently it wasn’t a failure of recognition either.


The Muslims knew that these were leftist anti-fascists who had come to protest against the “islamophobes”. They beat them up anyway.

On Indymedia, the Antifa activists are whining about what happened, wondering whether they should organise a protest against the Salafists, but say they’re worried they may not get permission.


Permission ? Who’s running these people ?

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UAF attacked the English Democrats North West chairman Mr Morris - British Patriots Society

UAF attacked the English Democrats North West chairman Mr Morris - British Patriots Society | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it


I've just found out from a good friend who is an English Democrat himself that earlier on today in Whitefield near Bury, 5 members of the UAF attacked the English Democrats North West chairman Mr Morris, he was out delivering leaflets alone for the elections tomorrow.

He and his wife are 2 of the nicest people you would want to meet , their details were passed like many others to the UAF and Hope not Hate by a man called Johnathan Snelling who lives in Doncaster and is a failed Lib Dem councillor - by doing this he has put them and their children at risk and all the others he has given info on.

Standing up for yourself is dangerous nowadays.
This is disgusting, the UAF use violence and intimidation to advance their political, religious, racial and ideological causes. Making them a terrorist organisation as stated in section 1 of the Terrorism Act 2000.


Everyone needs to report them!

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UAF The truth behind the logo

Anti-British, violence, intimidation, rioting, anti-Israel, anti-Jewish, racism, bigot, undemocratic, the real Unite Against Fascism (UAF) with their supporters of MP's, MEP's, journalists, musicians, Islamists and the of the establishment.


The UAF use violence and intimidation to advance their political, religious, racial and ideological causes. Making them a terrorist organisation as stated in section 1 of the Terrorism Act 2000.

Even thou the SWP do not support the student protests on fees and cuts the UAF and SWP uses the students cause to advance their own ideological agenda. They also hide the truth from hard working tax payers with the help of the union bosses and the Professional Football Association who claim to be against racism are also supporters of the UAF and their terrorist actions.


I have done this video to expose the unions, MP's and MEP's of the Uk to show the public how people who say they are representing them are in fact supporting an organisation that goes against the basic values of the British people especially our Prime Minister David Cameron and I hope that after watching this video you will start to ask your union bosses, MP's and MEP's about their questionable support for the UAF.


All the information can be found online via many sources including the media, workers liberty and the UAF's own website.

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Paul Birkin (@PaulBirkin1) on Twitter

Paul Birkin (@PaulBirkin1) on Twitter | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Another troll from 'Expose' who takes great delight at putting Patriots and their families in danger. Perpetual failed life student and unpublished terrible poet (just like @NemesisRepublic), from Halifax, joins us all on Twitter - meet Paul Burk in - http://ow.ly/aD1eV - a sample of his diarrhoea - http://www.writeoutloud.net/profiles/paulbirkin ;

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The British Resistance - Weyman Bennett of the UAF asks a good question

The British Resistance - Weyman Bennett of the UAF asks a good question | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
Bennett for some reason, equates the fashion that many blacks adopted of having huge Afro hairstyles - that he says were "really invented in periods of slavery".
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Human Rights Victory for BNP Worker - Third Way

Human Rights Victory for BNP Worker - Third Way | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Arthur Redfearn was dismissed in 2004 from his job as a bus driver for Serco after winning a seat on Bradford Council for the British National Party. Mr Redfearn drove people with disabilities around Bradford. He fought a long campaign for Justice with numerous set-backs. This week, however, his perseverance paid off. The European Court of Human Rights has ruled in Mr Redfearn’s favour.

He had been working for West Yorkshire Transport Service for seven months, driving vulnerable adults and children to schools and day centres.

He was sacked by his employer Serco on the grounds that his views presented a health and safety risk as many of his passengers were Asian. To their shame the GMB and Unison Trade Unions joined in calls for his dismissal.

But after a long-running legal battle, the Strasbourg court said last Tuesday that dismissing Mr Redfearn from his job breached his right to freedom of association under Article 11 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Disabled Mr Redfearn, who was 56 at the time of his dismissal and has an artificial leg, initially claimed race discrimination, but an employment tribunal dismissed this finding instead saying that it was on health and safety grounds as his “continued employment could cause considerable anxiety among Serco’s passengers and their carers and there was a risk that Serco’s vehicles could come under attack from opponents of the BNP”. This ridiculous ‘blame the victim’ ruling was later overruled by an appeals panel in 2005.

The following year the Court of Appeal allowed Serco’s appeal finding that Mr Redfearn’s complaint was of discrimination on political grounds and not racial grounds, which fell outside current anti-discrimination laws.

Mr Redfearn could not claim unfair dismissal as he had not completed one year’s service with the company said the Court. He was also refused leave to appeal to the House of Lords, but vowed to take his case to the European courts, with an appeal on the BNP website helping to fund his legal bills.

In its judgment the European Court states: “The court was struck by the fact that he had been summarily dismissed following complaints about problems which had never actually occurred, without any apparent consideration being given to the possibility of transferring him to a non-customer facing role.
“In fact, prior to his political affiliation becoming public knowledge, neither service users nor colleagues had complained about Mr Redfearn, who was considered a ‘first-class employee’.”

It added: “In a healthy democratic and pluralistic society, the right to freedom of association under Article 11 must apply not only to people or associations whose views are favourably received or regarded as inoffensive, but also to those whose views offend, shock or disturb.”
“It was therefore the United Kingdom’s responsibility to take reasonable and appropriate measures to protect employees, including those with less than one year’s service, from dismissal on grounds of political opinion or affiliation.”

A spokesman for Serco said: “We are aware of the initial ruling that has been made by the European Court of Human Rights concerning the case of Arthur Redfearn and we will now review and digest the findings.”

Patrick Harrington, General Secretary of Solidarity, commented:


“Mr Redfearn has fought a long, hard battle not only for his rights but for the rights of all those who might be discriminated against on political grounds. Serco behaved disgracefully as did two Unions. Both the GMB and Unison sadly campaigned for his dismissal putting their hatred of the BNP above principles of democracy and human rights.

Our Union is unequivocal on this subject – everyone is entitled to have their human rights upheld. We are a libertarian Union. Mr Redfearn is to be congratulated for his determination and resolve. Like him, we will not rest in fighting politically inspired discrimination against workers.

The Court is not an institution of the European Union and Nationalists should reflect on the fact that Redfearn didn’t get Justice in the courts of our country. In fact he was denied leave to even appeal at the later stage.”

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The Great Unwashed: Sunderland Reds

The Great Unwashed: Sunderland Reds | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Here are a few pics of the red commie scum at the recent NF demo in Sunderland. Please feel free to name and shame if you recognise anyone !


Lots more pics here:


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Nick Lowles - HopenotHate's Grass

Nick Lowles - HopenotHate's Grass | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it


By S Cartwright


Most Folk today when they think of Nick Lowles will think of the mouthpiece for the Anti White hatesheet "SEARCHLIGHT". They will think of an individual who like to portray himself as some great Anti- Fascist researcher. As someone who goes into the "belly of the beast" and reports from the perceived front line. Ever since Lowles became co-editor of "Searchlies" we have had many wildly exaggerated and down right falsified reports allegedly from him. This is well in keeping with the traditions of this vile rag, purporting to be journalism.

Dispatches from the BNP's "Red, White and Blue" festivals, the Anglo-French dinner or Nationalist Branch meetings and the occasional "White Power" gig are always grossly distorted. Unfailingly we have Lowles just scrapping past event security, where he is often able to record or report on the Jewbaiting and Hitler Worshipping that Lowles and all the other Searchlight liars would have us believe happens at such events.

Of course no one really believes that Lowles attends these events . He undoubtedly relies on movement touts, agent provocateurs and titbits from unsuspecting individuals who let their tongues waggle once the beer flows. If Lowles had ever attended such events he would have been heavily disguised. Searchlight and their ZOG puppetmasters would never contemplate Lowles being caught and unmasked and perhaps (in their fevered minds) ending up as fertiliser for that splendid farm at Sawley in Lancashire where the BNP regularly hold their "RWB" festivals.

Recently Nick Lowles has not been slow to offer his corrupted opinions to any newspaper , up and down the land, that has a "movement", and in particular an Anti- BNP smear story running. The Daily Record rag in Scotland regularly quotes Lowles, as if quoting from the oracle , and as usual the Lowles spin and distortion is clearly evident . Alastair Campbell is a rank amateur compared to this spinmeister.

This arrogant Race Traitor , (and I have to assume that he is in fact a White renegade as I have seen no evidence yet proving that he is of a certain nomadic tribe normally associated with Searchlight) is very much different from the Nick Lowles I met in London in 1998.

On that occasion I was introduced to Lowles by Darren Wells (then C18 2IC and erstwhile Searchlight mole and Race traitor) and Will Browning, C18 leader. The occasion of our meeting is rather complicated and lends much of its explanation to the time of the trial of Charlie Sargent and Martin Cross for the murder of Chris Castle. It was also shortly after the time of the C18 videotape bombing campaign in Scandinavia.

To simplify matters I will explain that I was in London to be filmed by the "World In Action" (WIA) TV programme. This programme was to explain that Charlie Sargent (C18 founder member) was in fact a traitor to the white cause who was working for the ZOG establishment. Sargent was informing on many White Racial Nationalists in the UK as well as grassing on the beleaguered Loyalists in Ulster to his Special Branch and MI5 handlers.


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UAF - Demo in Glasgow 16/06/12

UAF - Demo in Glasgow 16/06/12 | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

There will be a demo in Glasgow this Saturday by the Reds to stop Illegal immigrants getting deported from the UK !

The Reds would have an open planet, they would have it so you could go anywhere in the world at any given time, this is as we know in today's world is NOT possible.

How about we could do a transfer system, every time they don't want an illegal to go they go in their place?

The NHS amongst all our other industries cannot handle the saturation that we are already experiencing in this country, but the UAF would have you believe all you need to do is NOT wash and NOT work and study until your 54 years old and the tax payer will cover this!

Well we say NO, if you are here illegally then I'm sorry you face deportation, just like all civilised countries all over the world this is common practice.

I don't know what the Reds are worried about they will probably be back in the country within the week.....then the whole process starts again, more expense and hassle.

The demo will be held at Clydewalk Way, situated at the junction of the Broomielaw and Washington Street, please arrive early for a 1pm start.

Please contact David Orr on 07828231082

RV Point to be announced

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Muslim Farzan Ahmed - Calderdale council Nazi & EDL News

Muslim Farzan Ahmed - Calderdale council Nazi & EDL News | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

EDL News is on a server that belongs to a Muslim called Sohail Iqbal (also known as Sohail Choudhry) who is linked to several personalities including the nasty weasel Robin Tuddenham from Calderdale council.


The actual website EDL News belongs to a certain "Gary Moon" who also goes by the alias of Gary Fiennes Hastings, and Alan Moon. Gary Moon of Hill Road, Reading, in Berkshire is A true Jew hating and anti-Semitic scumbag who spends his time attacking and harassing people online on FB. His family owns a business called Blissett


Bookbinders - details below:
FJ Blissett and Co. Ltd

Trading as:
Blissett Bookbinders

Registrant type:
UK Limited Company, (Company number: 350921)


Registrant's address:
Roslin Road
W3 8DH
United Kingdom


The website for EDL News is registered by UK Cheapest Limited - one of the companies of Sohail Iqbal (Also called Sohail Choudhury)


Name & Registered Office:
Company No. 07501945

This office is a service office.


The Chair of the local BME (Black, Minority, Ethnic) Network in Calderdale - who also sits on the police race hate scrutiny panels and the Equality Forum in Calderdale (which Forum is administered by officers of the Council under Robin Tuddenham) - is a Muslim called Farzan Ahmed.

Mr Ahmed has an interesting profile which may be viewed at http://uk.linkedin.com/pub/farzan-ahmed/18/69b/973. You will see that he makes repeated issue of his having assisted the authorities in dealing with the "far right, extremist" EDL demo in Halifax.
Of course he is incapable of dealing with the EDL, but he still likes to make such comments to big himself up.

If you check his Facebook out - https://www.facebook.com/xcelgroup - you will see many activities and interests listed - not least amongst which are 'British Muslims Against Zionism' - 'Muslim Defence League' - 'Palestine Defence League' - 'Stop Killing Children of Palestine' and 'Free Palestine'. These are truly hate-mongering Facebook pages.

Now ...if you check 'Free Palestine' out on Facebook you will see not just the usual anti-Israeli and anti-Zionist crap expressed, but also blatantly anti-Jewish sentiment and if you click on the advertised web-site in the information section of 'Free Palestine' - http://www.palestine-info.co.uk/ this takes you to a hard-core rabidly anti-Jewish, openly Islamist and Hamas supporting web-site.

Mr Ahmed is a terrorist supporter and is a colleague of Sail Suleman's (Another terrorist supporter) on the Race/Faith Hate Scrutiny Panels and has other agencies networking links with him.

So there we have it:

Farzan Ahmed, the Racist, Jew hating Chair of the BME Network, sits on a policy Forum administered by Robin Tuddenham, has close links with Sail Suleman and Calderdale Muslim councillors and publicly expresses his like of anti-Zionist Facebook pages - at least one of which directly links to a hard-core Islamist and anti-Jewish Hamas supporting website.

He also runs quite a few web-sites himself including a religious web-site - http://www.dawah.org.uk/

As I see it, Calderdale Council and its agencies have become thoroughly infiltrated by anti-Zionist and Islamist elements and this is why anti-semitic films, child exploitation and fund-raising events of late have been allowed to be promoted and hosted using public monies.

Calderdale Council and other such local agencies are happy to facilitate anti-Zionist and anti-Jewish propaganda because it already engages with, respectabilises and allows itself to be advised by such people as openly flaunt - no doubt in mentoring to others - their interest in virulently Islamist and rabidly anti-Jewish websites.

These Muslim Nazis are linked to the EXPOSE group and Calderdale council and its employees have once again been exposed as the Jew hating vermin that they are.


And so that you know we are not making this up, here we have one of Farzan Ahmed's friends: Menhaj Afridi, a disgusting vermin and Jew hater who worships Anwar al Awlaki, the Al-Qaeda "spiritual leader".

Menhaj Afridi's profile name is 'Weapons of Mass Deception' - an interesting name for a man who, incidentally, also shares Mr Ahmed's interest in propagating religious 'dawah' websites. This proves that all "Dawah and anything to do with Religious Islam is in its core anti-Jew and anti-Zionist".

Mr Afridi is a man who clearly and publicly posts vile Jew-hatred on his Facebook profile - according to him Queen Elizabeth II is no more than a German Jewish bitch and he refers to supporters of Israel as "rats". See enclosed screen-shot attachments in this regard.
Now this is interesting - not only because of his vile anti-Jewish sentiments and not only because such vile comments are expressed in the context of a post denigrating the EDL for supporting Israel - but primarily because of the name of the poster himself - Menhaj Afridi.
A Menhaj Afridi has been lately exposed as a public "fan" of the notorious and now dead Yemeni-American al-Qaeda terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki on the JIDF website - please see http--www.thejidf.org-2010-05-who-will-be-the-next-times-square-bomber and the enclosed screen shot attachments. Menhaj Afridi is about half way down the JIDL list. As you know Awlaki was viewed by US government officials to be a senior talent recruiter, motivator and operational planner for al-Qaeda.
If this is indeed the same guy - Menhaj Afridi, a self-confessed Jew-hater exposed on Jewish websites as having had recent links with a senior al-Qaeda terrorist - then he's also linked as a FB friend, and has been for some time, with the Chair of Calderdale BME, Farzan Ahmed.


Below is a link to further information on Farzan Ahmed, who is a director of several companies - all information is public and was obtained from the public domain.



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Just how dumb is Unite Against Fascism ?

Just how dumb is Unite Against Fascism ? | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Just how dumb is Unite Against Fascism ? Having lobbied the government many times in recent months to ban marches by the English Defence League, it is now outraged that the Government has not only taken up this offer to squish the EDL but has pushed it further, by banning all public protests in five London boroughs for the next 30 days. That means both the Right-wing EDL and the lefties at UAF – and anyone else with a political gripe – are forbidden from marching in Tower Hamlets, Newham, Hackney, Islington and Waltham Forest any time in September. “This is a huge attack on everyone’s civil liberties”, bleats UAF, which is weird, considering that they’re the ones who invited the Government to undermine people’s civil liberties in the first place.
Theresa May’s blanket ban on all protests, following a request from the Metropolitan Police, is certainly outrageous, not to mention ironic, coming as it does just days after her boss David Cameron talked about his role in introducing political freedom to Libya. But UAF has no one but itself to blame for this extraordinary clampdown on the right to protest. For an apparently radical leftist campaign group, UAF is awfully fond of asking the Tory government to ban things – it has frequently demanded the outlawing of EDL marches, on the basis that they “spread fear” and might brainwash stupid working-class white people into turning racist. And when you cravenly invite the Government to play the role of in loco parentis in community life, to squish heated marches or protests on the basis that they might warp people’s minds and hearts, you really shouldn’t be surprised when it jumps at the opportunity. If you spend your every waking hour going cap-in-hand to the powers-that-be, demanding “No Platform!” for people you don’t like, you’re not in a very good position to complain when the authorities decide to deny you a platform too.
Now, UAF has issued what must rank as one of the silliest political statements of the year so far. “We the undersigned welcome the banning of the racist English Defence League’s march through Tower Hamlets,” it says. “But we are appalled to discover that the Metropolitan Police are applying for a blanket ban on ALL marches across five London boroughs… It is our human right to peacefully march in Tower Hamlets.” Wait – how come UAF has a “human right” to march, but the EDL does not? Are EDL members not human? Moreover, it really is spectacularly daft to talk about the importance of the right to march in the same breath as you welcome a government decision to ban a march. What UAF is effectively saying is: “We should have the freedom to march, but they shouldn’t.”
Which rather confirms that the anti-fascist Left doesn’t know the meaning of the word freedom. Freedom of speech only exists if everyone has it. The freedom to protest must mean that everyone, from worthy Left-wingers to cranky EDL types, should be at liberty to gather where and when they please and to demand whatever they want. What UAF is fighting for is not freedom but privilege. If a thing is denied to some people but granted to others, then it’s a privilege rather than a right – and UAF wants the “privilege to protest” in certain London boroughs where it expects other, less privileged, possibly non-human political activists to be silenced and curfewed on its behalf by the government. That is, UAF only really believes in Government-approved, Tory-approved, forms of public agitation. Maybe now, having fallen victim to its own boneheaded illiberalism and censorious stupidity, UAF will recognise that privileges can quite easily be taken away.

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What the left love to defend: Muslim woman beat girl, 10, with steel ladle

What the left love to defend: Muslim woman beat girl, 10, with steel ladle | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Muslim woman beat girl, 10, with steel ladle for not reading enough of Koran.

Doctors found 56 wounds the child's body.
Asia Parveen also forced the girl to stand arms outstretched for four hours.
Police found her after she escaped from the house in north London.


Asia Parveen, 31 brandished a knife at the child, in Stoke Newington, north London, after accusing her of lying about her prayers.

Parveen, who was five months pregnant at the time, also forced the girl to stand with her arms outstretched for four hours, Snaresbrook Crown Court heard.

The girl, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, escaped from the house in Stoke Newington, north London, and police found her alone at a bus stop in Waltham Forest, east London, almost four hours later in the early hours of the morning.
Doctors identified 56 injuries when she was examined at hospital,
Parveen, who is a mother-of-three, accepted causing some of the injuries with the ten inch cooking spoon but said others must have been caused when the girl 'fell over.'

Prosecutor Tom Nicholson told the court an argument started between Parveen and the girl on August 15 last year during Ramadan.
'The girl was praying from the Koran and Ms Parveen accused her of lying about how many of the verses she had read,' he said.
'She was 10 at the time. Ms Parveen took a metal spoon about 10 inches in size and the Crown's case is that she hit the child with it repeatedly over a half an hour period, causing extensive bruising over both arms, her legs and head.

'The Crown's case is that Ms Parveen said she was going to kill the girl and ran to get a knife from the kitchen.
'The girl had no alternative but to leave at around 10pm.
'She got a bus and a train and it was about 1.50am when the police found her at a bus stop in Broadway Parade, Waltham Forest.
'She was on her own and extremely cold. She was taken to hospital and an examination found she had suffered 56 injuries.'
Parveen admitted a single count of child cruelty but insisted that she only used the spoon once or twice on the girl's arms and bottom.
She claimed the other injuries had been the result of the girl falling over. Parveen also denied threatening to kill the 10-year-old or picking up a knife.
Judge Martyn Zeidman accepted Parveen's basis of plea, saying it would not be in the public interest for the child to give evidence.
'The defendant has accepted she behaved in the wrong way towards the girl and there is absolutely no doubt that she behaved disgracefully,' the judge said.
'Before the violence, she says had been asked to stretch her arms up in the air for a period of four hours.
'She says she was hit all over with a spoon on her arms, legs, head and back about 20 times.
'The basis of plea is that the defendant only admits causing injuries to the girl's arms and bottom.
'On the face of it, the defence assertion is incredible. But I don't regard it in the public interest to make the child give evidence.
'In any view, the defendant has behaved in an absolutely disgraceful way, and what an irony that the child was encouraged to behave in a godly fashion when this was far from godly.
'But I undertake to sentence the defendant on her version of events and avoid further distress to the child.'
Adjourning the case until June 15 for reports, Judge Zeidman told Parveen: 'I'm releasing you on bail but that gives no indication on what will be the eventual sentence.
'All options are open so you must not assume that because you got bail you will necessarily avoid an immediate prison sentence.'
Parveen, of Hackney, north London, will be sentenced on June 15.


Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2139623/Muslim-woman-beat-girl-10-steel-ladle-reading-Koran.html#ixzz1tzz9z8WU

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Commies Wasting Police time with Jackanory Plots Again !!

Commies Wasting Police time with Jackanory Plots Again !! | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Police have confirmed that they have received notification that Commies and UAF smelly brigade are once again attempting to incite a riot by circulating unfounded rumours.  The latest attempt see's unfounded rumours of EDL’s intention to march in Bury Park.


I can confirm without doubt that EDL or any other patriotic group including Casuals United have no intention of going anywhere near Bury Park and this is simply another attempt by the lefty dhimmiwits to throw a vermin ridden, flea infested smelly cat amongst the pigeons !!.. Must try harder !!

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Brighton riot suspect number one – throwing bottles at children

Brighton riot suspect number one – throwing bottles at children | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it






Click the link above to watch video of Commies violently attacking a family march in Brighton in which two children were hurt by flying bottles.


At 7:14 the geezer in the pic below throws his bottle into the crowd. Click on pic to enlarge.


Who is he?


More to come. If we can do this why cant the police?


Email campaign to Sussex police going out via Inner Circle to demand mass arrests.


Twitter: @sussex_police

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Brighton police investigate March for England complaints

Brighton police investigate March for England complaints | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
After attacking families and injuring children, UAF have the cheek to accuse police of being heavy handed...


Commies said the injured kids were made up and they have the bare faced CHEEK to complain police were heavy handed !

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This is the club where Communists planned their attack on women and kids in #Brighton ##mfe #edl

This is the club where Communists planned their attack on women and kids in #Brighton  ##mfe #edl | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
Click on pic to enlarge. They are having an “antifascist gig on Friday May 13th. Local patriots and London Casuals will peacefully counter this see Inner Circle for details. They want to inte...
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