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The BBC think they uncovered it, how wrong were they?

The BBC think they uncovered it, how wrong were they? | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
The Big Housing Discrimination Exposed !

Gary Tumulty, Salford British National Party organiser reported on the 7th September 2011, how housing from private landlords were being appointed on the basis of race.



Almost a year on and the same problem develops to another level.

The BBC have now jumped on the great housing discrimination bandwagon and claim it's their 'Breaking News', of how properties are now being let out in regards to not only race, but on religious, or even a selection of what sexual persuasion you belong to.

Take a look on some advertisement websites such as Gumtree, Muslim accommodation, some estate agents as pointed out previously, and the most common, the high street Asian shop keeper who is only too happy to advertise rooms 'to let' for his brothers and sisters.

Adverts such as, 'Asians, Indians, Polish, Muslim Lady's and Homosexuals Only' can be found, In today’s failed multicultural society, rooms, houses and other accommodation are being allocated on race and religion.
Look at Greater Manchester, places like Moss Side, Oldham, Hulme, Rochdale, Hyde and Levenshulme, you will find mass estates full of one particular culture and race, this is proof that housing discrimination happens, other parts of the country where whole towns have been affected, London, Birmingham and Bradford, it’s no lie, it happens on a mass scale, and it's done deliberately to destroy the British towns and more so the English ones.

The Equality and Diversity legislation state it is against the law to discriminate based on the characteristic factors such as race, religion, belief, sex and sexual orientation.

So to select tenants on the basis of race, (Calling all Asians) is against the law in the eyes of the Race Relations Act, action needs to be taken sooner rather than later.

Gary Tumulty, Salford Organiser, tells the site "The British National Party core policy on Housing is to appoint houses to British people so it is they who have express priority over housing, In Greater Manchester we stand firm and make the 'Local houses for the Local people' well known, we want the housing appointing fairly, not based on what colour skin you have or what religion you follow, its wrong and it has to stop.

"I think we must take direct action where possible and force councils and local authorities to take action on those who want to discriminate, remember it’s our country, and I for one am willing to stand up for our people.

"The first article I pointed out and exposed back in September last year, caused a bit of trouble for those landlords who selected Chinese students only, I went to the council and reported the landlord, and action was taken, it is noted to look on the landlords site today, the adverts don't mention race, but it is noted a quick search of the relevant registers, and a quick visit to the property in question that Chinese dominate that property, so much for integration for communities" Gary concluded

Do you know where these adverts are displayed, or any landlords who like to discriminate are based, or do you have problems with housing in the Greater Manchester area ?


Contact Gary Tumulty with your details to investigate.

Email salford@bnp.org.uk or write to PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT

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Stoke-on-Trent's International Council House Allocation Programme

Stoke-on-Trent's International Council House Allocation Programme | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

By Michael Coleman-Please study the table of Stoke-on-Trent City Council house lets displayed.


The data seems to confirm that around 16% of the council houses in the city are being allocated to persons describing themselves as 'black African' or 'Asian' or some other non-British description!

It's important to remember that although the figures in the table may seem modest, each one of the lettings will actually refer to a family - and, as I have observed, the foreigners coming into my city have very large families!

Of course the Red Socialists down at the council love giving the prized assets of the British People away to foreigners....to do so is in keeping with their Marxist philosophy that dictates that 'property is theft' and that 'we are all equal, all the same' (that the people of the world are all equal - have equal entitlement to any of the property of the British People)!

We see this insidious programme in every facet of the controlled state - Britain famously has it's (international) National Health Service that gives free health care to hundreds of thousands of foreign 'health tourists' each year - pushing needy Britons to the back of the queue.

Also, our much abused Social Security Service (perhaps the most abused and corrupting organisation in the history of the world) now costs £90billion per year - vast sums of which is lavished upon foreigners who have barged their way into my country, who in turn send very large amounts of the British People's money to Africa, the Indian sub-continent and Poland!

This Marxist philosophy and its capitalist bed partner 'Globalism' are the anti-pole of Nationalism and patriotism and have led Britain (and every other nation that has fallen into its hands) into a spiral of decline, cultural destruction, racial destruction, and destruction of Independence and sovereignty.

The data provided here does not give an accurate indication of the 'inflow' of foreigners into my city as this data only refers to council properties, each year there are thousands of properties going to foreigners through the private rented sector - also of note is the way that housing associations are allocating properties to foreigners under the same 'shared protocols' as Stoke-on-Trent City Council uses.
And so, if we calculate the movement of population within the City of Stoke-on-Trent then clearly, horribly, the truths of future developments are becoming clear.

The headlong rush by the old Stokies to get out of this city and to find a better, more palatable future in other towns and cities will play an even greater role in our cruel new masters 'Stoke-on-Trent population replacement programme' than even the influx of foreigners will play.

You see, Stoke-on-Trent will become a Muslim city - within 60 years! The Stokies are aware of this and, as we have seen from every English, city population that have been confronted with a similar circumstance (from Cockneys to Brummies) since the 1950's, they are upping sticks and moving away from the dark invaders!

Each year 1500 Stokies leave this city, they are being replaced by foreigners, this process will inevitably (forcibly, by design, by the enemies of Stoke-on-Trent) convert this city from being a proud, English, industrial city - to being a Muslim city where the Muslim religion reigns, Muslim values reign and where, I predict, Muslim law (Sharia) will reign!

And there ladies and gentlemen is the political battleground that I and my fellow members of the British National Party will be fighting. Our principle opponents will be the foreign, inserted regime that sits in all key positions of power and control in our country, our secondary opponents will be the quisling traitor class (Lab/Con/Lib) that has lent itself to the ' British Holocaust Programmes' of our enemy masters.

There are other opponents that we must fight against to preserve our future, a future for our children, they are many and varied. To all Stokies reading this, I would appeal to you to put aside any thoughts of running (away to the hills) away from this city in search of a better life - better to stay here and fight on this ground (our ground) against those responsible for your betrayal and suffering - to all Stokies I say "join the BNP and fight for the future of your children and grandchildren"!

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Local Houses? Only if you're not local!

Local Houses? Only if you're not local! | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
Adverts like this have been popping up increasingly all over our major cities, none more so than in our capital.


In years gone by it was well recognised that signs would appear saying “No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs”.

Those days are long gone and any such sign showing in today’s Britain would see the owner of the establishment hauled before a court and sentenced to custody immediately.

A quick internet search found these advertisements that are currently online at http://www.gumtree.com




Along with others such as

"Double bedroom available… Asian only"

"Double room to let Gujarati (Indian) only"

Close to the station and bus stops (Filipino only)

"Professional single lady or Sri Lanka professional couple"

"House for rent… only Asian families"

There have been so many of these adverts being placed across London now that even the anti British BBC have dedicated a story to it on the national news website!
Of course the establishment will take no notice of this anti white racism, but can you imagine the consequences of a “White British Family Only Please” advert !

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