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Halal or Not? Nobody knows!

Halal or Not? Nobody knows! | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

London 2012 Olympics is leaving a bad taste in many athletes mouths since they found out the British assured food standard is 100% Halal !


This is the deceit and hypocrisy of UK supermarket chains and slaughter houses which, whilst trumpeting the ‘Britishness’ of their products, surreptitiously purvey Halal meat to the general public and the Olympic teams, Halal is the Islamic method of religious slaughter whereby a live animal has its throat slit whilst being blessed in the name of Allah. And it can take up to six minutes to die.

In an investigation it was revealed that supermarkets, butchers and other retailers, restaurants, cafes, the food production and catering industry as a whole, all source from suppliers who serve Muslim as well as non-Muslim customers.

Some of these suppliers process all their meat to Halal standards. For example, all New Zealand lamb meets Halal standards.

And all British lamb and chicken is Halal, In these cases all of the processes still meet the same stringent animal welfare requirements, it is claimed some animals are stunned prior to slaughter whether the meat is sold as Halal or non-Halal, but all is Islamically blessed so it can be used for both the Muslim and non Muslim market.

The American Olympic national team are being fed this meat, which is blessed with the same words used by the 9/11 hijackers in the cockpit as they crashed into the World Trade Centre, French athletes, whose country has just suffered Islamic terrorists killing Jewish children outside a school are also being fed Halal meat by London 2012 officials.

The meat is not labelled in the UK, so shoppers and the catering industry do not know they are in fact eating Halal.
India, whose Olympic team might also object under religious grounds, being Hindus, and Spain, Denmark and Russia are just a few who could ask London 2012 organisers what are we eating, as British Red Tractor meat, according to all major supermarkets, is in fact now slaughtered Islamically to save packaging costs.

As the world looks at London, the British meat industry gets ready to show off some of its finest meat, forgetting to tell anyone that in fact there's not much that is British in the method it is slaughtered.

Christian athletes are being fed Islamic meat in the Olympic village.

Should they ask their team coaches for non Red Tractor meat or 100% guaranteed non Halal meat
which can be brought from farm shops and small butchers selling local meat, or just stick to Pork?

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Ritual Slaughter - List of Shame

Ritual Slaughter - List of Shame | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

By Simon Darby -Thankfully that ACTA initiative was well and truly crucified by the European Parliament on Wednesday. However of just 39 MEPs that voted for Orwellian Internet censorship and controls we find, rather paradoxically, a Liberal Democrat.


Perhaps Bill Newton Dunn, the East Mids LibDem MEP could be investigated under the Trade Descriptions Act?

That little anomaly is nothing though compared to the list of MEPs attempting to vote down Wednesday’s Paulsen resolution together with its sensible and compassionate measures for the treatment of animals. The measure contained this important paragraph:

49. Points to the concern among European citizens, expressed through their petitions to Parliament, about abuse of the derogations for un-stunned slaughtering in the EU; is particularly concerned that the current derogation for un-stunned slaughter is abused to a large extent in some Member States, to the detriment of animal welfare, of farmers and of consumers; urges the Commission to accelerate its evaluation on the labelling of meat from animals slaughtered without stunning and to present its report before 2013, following its commitment to undertake this evaluation in 2011; highlights that the question of consumers not being informed as to whether or not the meat they are buying is from animals slaughtered without stunning is an issue of great public interest for reasons of both transparency and animal suffering; underlines, however, that labelling is not an alternative to proper enforcement as it can only guide consumers if the information provided is verified and correct;

There's no prize for guessing that Conservative North West MEP and ritual slaughter enthusiast Sajjad Karim would be doing his best to slit the throat of this initiative.

However, the shameful list of those joining him makes for interesting reading:


See the list of shame here: 


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UAF and RSPCA, plus so called animal welfare groups humiliated in Sunderland

UAF and RSPCA, plus so called animal welfare groups humiliated in Sunderland | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

By Chris Thornton South Tyneside Organiser - After our huge success in reversing the decision by Subway in South Shields selling halal meat, myself and South Tyneside fund holder Martin Vaughan decided to organise a similar demo outside the Subway in Sunderland.


We informed the Sunderland Echo, who then wrote an article covering four pages.

Although they quoted Martin Vaughan's statement correctly, that we are demonstrating about the unnecessary pain and suffering of animals that are killed barbarically in halal ritual slaughter and that it was not an attack on Muslims, but to bring awareness to the public what halal is about.

It was also to shame the RSPCA and so called animal welfare groups who will not act because of fear of upsetting the Muslims.

However, they still tried to put their on twist on the matter suggesting it was a racist attack on Muslims but judging by the support we received from the public they saw through it and the article helped our cause no end.

We would have been more than happy to have around 20 activists but we were both pleasantly overjoyed by the massive turnout of over a hundred people who were very vocal, especially when the Truth Truck went past continuously throughout the demo.

The huge support we had was made up of local members, David Orr and fellow Scottish members, ex-members, the general public, and members of the farming community shocked at what they had read in the Sunderland Echo.

One Northumberland farmer Mr Henderson voiced his concerns that the RSPCA bombarded farmers, and rightly so with legislation rules and regulations on animal welfare from when the live stock is born until it is taken to auction.

His concern is that he and the farming community have seen a massive increase in Asian buyers at these auctions and through our Stop Halal Campaign he is disgusted with the RSPCA and government for then abandoning these animals and letting them endure and painful, frightening death.

I then repeated Mr Henderson's concerns in an interview with Sky News but the chance of any positive interviews by the British National Party being shown on National TV is very remote.

I understand why the Muslims want to support the selling of ritually slaughtered halal meat, however misguided I believe they are, but what I fail to understand is the two dozen UAF who turned up on a counter-demo and came to support ritual slaughter, they have travelled miles to support Muslim paedophiles in the past.

I put it to the UAF and the Muslim’s to please explain why they think animals should be slaughtered barbarically in this way and although many of them had travelled far and wide to be there, none would or could answer my question.
I would like to thank everyone who came and those that went on to help us with a table top paper sale in Jarrow later that day. We always receive a warm welcome in Jarrow and yesterday was no exception.

The day was rounded off with around 60 members attending The South Tyneside BNP meeting in Hebburn with the main guest speaker our Chairman Nick Griffin and the introduction of our new Regional Organiser Peter Molloy.

Peter has agreed to take over my old role, and I am looking forward to working alongside him to continue to help the North East British National Party grow.

This is not the end of the matter.

We will continue to protest at this shop until Subway change its policies on this sickening practice.

Martin Vaughan then continues; where do I start?
The media spin and lies never cease to amaze.I will start with what I think the vital points are.


1. We knew our leader and MEP Nick Griffin, which the Sunderland Echo failed to print, was not attending this demo, but that was for us to know and them to find out.


2. The 200 people The Echo stated were on the street was about right, but it failed to say that at least 150 of those were on our side.


3. None of the left wing comments in the paper even attempted to address the issue of Halal meat.


4. The Echo stated the day before the protest, that no one from Subway was available for comment, well at the protest I myself invited them to address the crowd, but still no comment.


Dare I say this was because, what can they say, you cannot justify this barbaric practice.
I have today called The Echo to tell them that it does not matter how much spin they put on it, the public can see right through it.

I also told them the BNP will not stop until this shop withdraws the sale of Halal meat, I went on to say that this protest was the tip of the iceberg, and there will be many more protests.

The day could not have started better. We turned up at our RV point to be met by at least 5 police vans, taxpayer’s money no object.
We handed out hundreds of leaflets and we had 100% support from the public.

No one went into the shop when we were there, but Greggs next door was packed out.
We spent about an hour there and then as a climax to our day, our Truth Truck turned up all sounds blaring, it was a proud moment for all of us.

We should warn the local rag (Echo) that it won’t win the public over on this one and that it should never underestimate its buyers.

We should also warn Subway that this problem will never go away until all Halal outlets stop serving the terrible food.

Today I am writing to Subway CEO to get his response to this, I will keep you posted. I also warned him we will be having lots more flash protests at this store, and when we are done there we will move to the next store.

I would especially like to thank David Orr and his team from Scotland for travelling down to support us. We will return the favour by supporting his team in Glasgow very soon.

We still have car space if anyone wishes to travel to Glasgow with us they can contact myself on 07944841659.

After the protest we all moved on to Jarrow shopping centre and held a table top, the public response was tremendous, they were so glad to see us back.
The evening function went very well, we were very organised throughout the whole day, we had members out doing the business and members in doing the catering for the evening buffet.

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Croydon is only 4% Muslim but 90% Halal?

Croydon is only 4% Muslim but 90% Halal? | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

In parts of Croydon, things all things English have been visibly relegated into obscurity. It’s all halal here, all halal there, halal pretty much everywhere. If you wish to enjoy an animal that has been spared the unstunned, prolonged, throat-slashing torture of Islamic slaughter, good luck.

There are “Halal Meat Sold Here” signs that inform the population of the ‘enrichment’ bequeathed to us via the odious triumvirate that is mass pandering, mass appeasing and mass immigration. On the stretch of London Road leading up to Croydon shopping centre the cultural prerequisites of Croydon’s Islamic population, which is said to account for 4% of the town’s total, are very prominent. The presence of the remaining 96% is stealth-like in comparison.


Read more: 


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