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Nick Lowles - HopenotHate's Grass

Nick Lowles - HopenotHate's Grass | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it


By S Cartwright


Most Folk today when they think of Nick Lowles will think of the mouthpiece for the Anti White hatesheet "SEARCHLIGHT". They will think of an individual who like to portray himself as some great Anti- Fascist researcher. As someone who goes into the "belly of the beast" and reports from the perceived front line. Ever since Lowles became co-editor of "Searchlies" we have had many wildly exaggerated and down right falsified reports allegedly from him. This is well in keeping with the traditions of this vile rag, purporting to be journalism.

Dispatches from the BNP's "Red, White and Blue" festivals, the Anglo-French dinner or Nationalist Branch meetings and the occasional "White Power" gig are always grossly distorted. Unfailingly we have Lowles just scrapping past event security, where he is often able to record or report on the Jewbaiting and Hitler Worshipping that Lowles and all the other Searchlight liars would have us believe happens at such events.

Of course no one really believes that Lowles attends these events . He undoubtedly relies on movement touts, agent provocateurs and titbits from unsuspecting individuals who let their tongues waggle once the beer flows. If Lowles had ever attended such events he would have been heavily disguised. Searchlight and their ZOG puppetmasters would never contemplate Lowles being caught and unmasked and perhaps (in their fevered minds) ending up as fertiliser for that splendid farm at Sawley in Lancashire where the BNP regularly hold their "RWB" festivals.

Recently Nick Lowles has not been slow to offer his corrupted opinions to any newspaper , up and down the land, that has a "movement", and in particular an Anti- BNP smear story running. The Daily Record rag in Scotland regularly quotes Lowles, as if quoting from the oracle , and as usual the Lowles spin and distortion is clearly evident . Alastair Campbell is a rank amateur compared to this spinmeister.

This arrogant Race Traitor , (and I have to assume that he is in fact a White renegade as I have seen no evidence yet proving that he is of a certain nomadic tribe normally associated with Searchlight) is very much different from the Nick Lowles I met in London in 1998.

On that occasion I was introduced to Lowles by Darren Wells (then C18 2IC and erstwhile Searchlight mole and Race traitor) and Will Browning, C18 leader. The occasion of our meeting is rather complicated and lends much of its explanation to the time of the trial of Charlie Sargent and Martin Cross for the murder of Chris Castle. It was also shortly after the time of the C18 videotape bombing campaign in Scandinavia.

To simplify matters I will explain that I was in London to be filmed by the "World In Action" (WIA) TV programme. This programme was to explain that Charlie Sargent (C18 founder member) was in fact a traitor to the white cause who was working for the ZOG establishment. Sargent was informing on many White Racial Nationalists in the UK as well as grassing on the beleaguered Loyalists in Ulster to his Special Branch and MI5 handlers.


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Ryan Gosling should have thrown Laurie under a lorry......

Ryan Gosling should have thrown Laurie under a lorry...... | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Historian David Starkey provoked a race row yesterday after claiming the Rochdale child exploitation ring who groomed white girls for sex had values 'that were 'entrenched in foothills of the Punjab'.
During a public debate he said the gang, who were jailed last month for targeting vulnerable teenage girls, needed to be 'inculcated in the British ways of doing things.'
But he was branded a 'racist' and a 'bigot' by journalist Laurie Penny, who attended the panel event at Wellington College in Berkshire.

Miss Penny, 25, who writes for the New Statesman, later joined him on a panel discussing Britishness and accused Mr Starkey of 'playing xenophobia and national prejudice for laughs.'

As she spoke, the audience shouted 'keep going, keep going' as she moved on to speaking about about his tax status.
Once she had sat down, the historian walked over to her, jabbed his finger in the columnist's face and declared 'I will not be lectured to by a jumped-up public school girl like you.'

As Miss Penny continued speaking, Claire Fox, director of the Insittue of Idea think tank stood up and told the journalist who has written for The Independent and the Guardian, that she was a disgrace to both women and the left.
The Sunday Times reported that following the heated exchange, Tim Novia, the chaplain of Wellington College took to the stage to prevent the situation escalating, followed by Mr Starkey's partner James Brown
On her Twitter page, Laurie Penny ‏@PennyRed later wrote: 'When you call a racist a racist, you get attacked. I don't care. I wasn't going to let him stand there being a bigot without calling it out.
'Because ultimately, David Starkey is a troll, and that's what trolls do.'

Last month, days after the men were convicted, Mr Starkey declared that the Rochdale sex gang were 'acting within their cultural norm'.
He has also made several comments in the past which have courted controversy.
After the riots last summer on Newsnight he blamed ‘black culture’ for the trouble and claimed that parts of Enoch Powell's 'rivers of blood' speech had been right.
The British historian's comments led to around 700 complaints to the BBC, while Labour leader Ed Miliband branded the remarks 'disgusting and outrageous'.
The interview was later cleared by the TV watchdog.
Miss Penny last made headlines two months ago when she was saved from oncoming traffic by Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Gosling and tweeted about it on her Twitter page.

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Communist Party meeting in Liverpool

Communist Party meeting in Liverpool | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it



The Historical Need for Communism
At Casa Bar, 29 Hope Street, 2pm – Saturday 23rd June 2012






e-mail: icparty@international-communist-party.org

Homepage: http://www.international-communist-party.org/index.htm
Email: britishnationalistforum@gmail.com

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Left wing rags selling family silver to cover the losses of its newspapers

Left wing rags selling family silver to cover the losses of its newspapers | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

The Guardian Media Group is selling its family silver to cover the losses of its newspapers.

Nationalist supporters will be delighted to hear that the Guardian Media Group, the company that owns The Guardian and The Observer is selling all its lucrative assets in order to cover the loss of the two titles.

Recently Press Gazette reported how Guardian Media Group has sold off its network of radio stations to Global Radio as it seeks to shore up the finances of its loss-making national newspaper titles.

The Guardian has previously reported that the offer for GMG Radio was worth £50m.

Now it reported that the final purchase price was closer £70m.
In the 2010/2011 financial year GMG Radio reported operating profit of £0.9m on turnover of £47.1m.

GMG overall reported an operating loss of £54.5m on turnover of £255.1m for the year to 3 April 2011.

GMG's chief executive Andrew Miller said: “Our portfolio of investments that lie outside our core national newspaper business exist to underpin the long-term financial and editorial integrity of the Guardian.

If we believe that best value for the group lies in the disposal of a non-core asset, then we will do so.
In 2009 GMG sold off its regional newspaper titles, including the Manchester Evening News, to Trinity Mirror for £7.4m.

Indeed you don't need to have a PhD in finance to understand that selling the profitable bits of a company to cover the losses of some division is the best way to bankrupt it but the Marxists in charge of the GMG are doing just that and this is a good news for nationalists as the closure of those two rags will happen sooner rather than later and anybody can do his/her bit by boycotting the two titles.

The country will be far better off without them.

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The quality of history teaching in our schools is a national disgrace

The quality of history teaching in our schools is a national disgrace | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
A poll asking secondary school pupils reveals that less than half of students know where the Battle of Britain took place, only 62 per cent recognise Winston Churchill and one in five thinks there has been a WWIII.


It was a turning point in the war, when only the bravery of The Few who took to the skies to defend their country stood between Britain and the might of Nazi Germany’s Luftwaffe.
But less than half of today’s secondary school pupils know the Battle of Britain was fought in the air, a poll has revealed.
Only 62 per cent could correctly identify a photograph of Sir Winston Churchill, it found – but 92 per cent recognised a picture of Churchill the insurance dog.

More could identify Jedward, Wayne Rooney and Katie Price than their country’s wartime leader.
Only a third of 11 to 18-year-olds know the Second World War began in 1939, according to a poll by former Conservative Party deputy chairman Lord Ashcroft, while only one in five knows what happened on D-Day.

The survey of 1,000 children at secondary schools across Britain was commissioned to mark the unveiling of the Bomber Command Memorial in London later this week.
Its results will heighten concern about the quality of history teaching in our schools.
It found that only 34 per cent of pupils – including 45 per cent of those aged 17 and 18 – knew the Second World War began in 1939. Only 39 per cent knew it ended in 1945, again including only 45 per cent of 17 and 18-year-olds.

Forty-three per cent knew the Battle of Britain was fought in the air, 29 per cent believed it was fought on land, and 8 per cent at sea. Twenty per cent admitted they did not know.
Just 34 per cent correctly said the Battle of Britain took place in the 1940s, and only 11 per cent of these – about one in 27 of the whole sample – knew it happened in 1940.
Only a fifth of children had any idea of what happened on D-Day, with the most frequent answer being the day the war ended.
Eighty-six per cent correctly said there had been two world wars – but one in 20 thought there had been three.
Nearly a third were unable to give any unprompted explanation of why Britain fought in the Second World War
And while 89 per cent identified Germany as an adversary during the conflict, only 15 per cent could name Japan unprompted.
Nearly a quarter thought Britain’s enemies had included Russia, France, China, the USA, Australia or New Zealand.
Only 61 per cent correctly named the USA as an ally of Britain’s in the Second World War. One in ten thought our allies had included Italy, Germany or Japan.

When the children were offered four different explanations for what Bomber Command is or was, only 36 per cent correctly said it had been part of the RAF.
There was some encouraging news, however - 95 per cent correctly identified the Royal British Legion’s poppy, and 84 per cent knew what it signified.
Lord Ashcroft, who made a £1 million donation towards the new Bomber Command Memorial, which is being unveiled on Thursday, said: 'It is sobering to find that so many children of secondary school age simply do not know important facts about crucial events in Britain’s recent history.
'My own father fought in D-Day, and I was keen to discover how much today’s young people know of what happened just 70 years ago.
'I don’t mean to criticise the children. We must all take responsibility for ensuring that what we know is passed to the next generation. These findings show we can never be complacent about our duty to remember.
'One of the ways we can do this is to build lasting memorials to those who have sacrificed so much to serve our country. That is the purpose of the Bomber Command Memorial, which I am proud to support.
'The Memorial is long overdue. Those who flew on countless missions over Nazi Germany and occupied Europe, many of whom were barely out of their teenage years, knew the odds were stacked against them, and many did not return.
'All of us should be thankful for the sacrifice they made to ensure that we can all live in a free society.'

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Commies Wasting Police time with Jackanory Plots Again !!

Commies Wasting Police time with Jackanory Plots Again !! | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Police have confirmed that they have received notification that Commies and UAF smelly brigade are once again attempting to incite a riot by circulating unfounded rumours.  The latest attempt see's unfounded rumours of EDL’s intention to march in Bury Park.


I can confirm without doubt that EDL or any other patriotic group including Casuals United have no intention of going anywhere near Bury Park and this is simply another attempt by the lefty dhimmiwits to throw a vermin ridden, flea infested smelly cat amongst the pigeons !!.. Must try harder !!

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