New Britishness: Heralding The Death of a Nation and People | Race & Crime UK |

With absolutely zero shock, new research has revealed that ethnic minorities feel more British than whites. Nobody could have seen that result coming.

According to the Institute for Social and Economic Research, Muslims are most likely to identify with the concept of Britishness - whatever the hell that has now been turned into by the machinations of a PC and diversity obsessed state.

It seems Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, and Indians scored highest for "Britishness".

Apprarently the findings rubbish any suggestions that ethnic groups are unwilling or unable to integrate into British society, and that threats to our cultural identity are over-stated.

"Our research shows that people we might assume would feel very British in fact do not – while others who we might assume would not associate themselves with feelings of Britishness in fact do" said Dr Alita Nandi.

Of course that's the case, the whole concept of Britishness has been utterly destroyed - nobody has any damn clue what it is now, what Britishness is permissable, and what is deemed 'racist', save that it has to include every minority group going.

Who does the law favour? Minority.

Who gets the best deal from the benefits system? Minority.

Who is told day in and day out that they are British, the new British, more British than us? Minority.

Who gets the joys of 'positive discrimination' to fast track them into high office and status within the workplace? Minority.

Whose feelings and interests are those in charge always looking out for? Minority.

Who gets told that they're racist if they retain any national identity which doesn't include every minority group going? Us whites.

Who comes bottom of all considerations, are not allowed to have a community or an identity without including minority, are generally told day in and day out how racist and nasty we are, and how we need to better accommodate minority wishes? Us whites.

It's not that these millions of foreigners are becoming British, that's an impossibility, it's that British is being re-defined to embrace all of these foreigners.

As part of that re-definition, us, the indigenous, are being shoved aside and disenfranchised of our own nation and cultural identity.

Minority may well feel more British - because British is now defined in terms of them, not in terms of us Britons.

True British has been abolished by officialdom in favour of some sickening soup of races and cultures with a tacky label of Britishness shoved on the tin.

We've become nothing more than a line on a map, a nation open to all where all can be British and all are told that they are more British than us.

As thousands of years of British culture, and our white British kin, become nothing more than a note in a history book, moronic surveys will tell us how well immigrants have integrated.

Our national and racial suicide note will conclude with the words "they're just as British as us" - only we will have ceased to be, the new Britain and Britishness will be all theirs; Britain and its people will be no more.