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Tips To Apply For Aviation Courses In Dubai

Tips To Apply For Aviation Courses In Dubai | National Academy UAE |

So, are you looking out for an aviation related course? Well, if you have a passion for aviation, you should definitely opt for the International Certification in Fares and ticketing course in Dubai. This course provides you with an extensive programme which enables you to complete the course with two certifications on completion. Here’s what you need to do for getting admission to the course:

1. Choose the correct course:
There are many options available these days. However, you need to understand your personal strengths and attributes. Also, your area of interest is an important element to understand.  So, consider all the options you have in front of you and then pick out the best course that suits you as per your needs and comfort. There are some full time courses and some part time courses. If you are a working individual, it is advisable to choose a part time course as a full time course would mean compromising on your work.
2. Check the Requirements:
Different universities and institutions have different rules and regulations for their courses they offer. So, it is essential that you check with the requirements these universities before applying to their course. There are times when some universities need you to have some kind of educational background with aviation or related courses to be eligible for pursuing the course. Moreover, it is also important to know if they have any form of entrance tests that you are required to pass before you are given admission to the course.
3. The Right Documents:
For any course that you apply, you will need to have a set of documents that the university will demand from you before accepting your applications. Make sure you have all the necessary documents needed. Generally, you need your school or high school certificates. Some institutes also demand your certifications from IELTS or TOEFL. Make sure you have all the required certificates so that you do not face any hassles later.
4. Apply:
When you apply for the course with all the appropriate documents, make sure that your application is successful and you get a revert confirming the same. Moreover, you can also check on the online websites of these institutions if you can get the admission procedure done through the internet itself. There are a lot of universities which have tremendous help offered online for you to get your admission process smoothly. Check the fees, the structure of payment and other admission related queries before you apply for the course.

Essentially, these are the things you need to ensure before getting into an aviation related course. These courses have a wide scope for students and there are a lot of options for them to make their careers in.

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Aviation Courses In Dubai :


It is important that you check with the requirements, the admission procedures and the fee structure of the air ticketing and fares or aviation courses before applying for the same. These courses have excellent scope and opportunities for students to make their careers in.


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How To Handle Internship

How To Handle Internship | National Academy UAE |

As a student, internships are excellent opportunities to get the right kind of experience. Well, a first job can make anyone nervous. But worry not! Just follow these simple tips and make a successful intern out of yourself:


1. Be positive:


It is very important to be positive. Do not keep worrying always. Be confident about yourself and think in an optimistic manner. It is essential that you undertake every project assigned to you with a correct attitude. You might be scared and nervous about how to go about things, but, you need to calm down and be sorted so that you can understand how to work.


2. Listen:


One of the most important things to do as an intern is to listen and listen carefully. Be very attentive towards whatever you are being told. Also, have a notepad and pen along with you whenever you are being given instructions. This way, you will not forget whatever instructions you are being given.


3. Time Management:


This is of high importance. Firstly, be punctual. Yes, it is the obvious thing to do but a very important one. It is highly important that you reach your work on time, not take extended breaks and devote all your works hours diligently in completing your tasks.


4. Ask Questions:


No matter how silly your questions might sound to be, ask them. Remember, you are an intern. You are there to learn, so, do not be afraid to ask questions. It is definitely better to ask a silly question than to make a silly error; your error can cause severe problems. So, make sure you clarify all your doubts and do not assume.


5 Co-workers:


Be friendly with your co-workers. Get to know them better; talk to them. However, do not be overfriendly or too nosy. Take it slow. it is important to be friends with your colleagues because you will be spending a great deal of time with these people. So, you can share a healthy relationship with them and make wore more interesting.


6. Work Hard:


There is no shortcut for a good performance; you need to work hard. You are there to learn and understand the dynamics of your field. So, work hard and generate good results. This will impress your employers more than anything else. This in turn could also increase your chances of being called back to the company as a permanent employee when you are done with your academics.


More importantly, remember why you are doing the internship and be ready to face all the challenges that might come your way. So, stop worrying about your new job, be confident enough and get going!

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Summer Is Here: Enroll In An Internship In Dubai

Summer Is Here: Enroll In An Internship In Dubai | National Academy UAE |

Summer jobs are quite popular amongst students in Dubai. Wouldn’t you want to gain some experience which would definitely help you in the long run? Well, what’s better than taking up a summer job to gain this experience and learn something worthwhile? However, before you take up a summer job, there are a few things you might want to consider.

1.Get through the hidden market:
Well, there are some companies, who do not advertise the vacancies that they have. However, you can ask your friends and family for some help. Do not miss out on these jobs; they can be a great opportunity to make the most of your summer time. Make attempts to grow your professional networks and stop being dependant on the advertisements for everything you need.

2.Be willing to travel:
If you are in a town which has a popular university or a city which has a lot of colleges, you might be up for a tough competition and there might be fewer opportunities for getting a job. So, if you are having troubles in finding a job in your town, you could look out for something outside the town and you could travel a little extra to your work place. Since you would be in your vacations, you wouldn’t be in a hurry to rush home to finish your assignment.

3.Do something related to your academics:
Well, if you are pursuing a certificate course in management, it is ideal you take up a job which would teach you something practically about whatever you are learning in the course. While you are looking out for a summer job, look out for something which will help you in your career. Learning how a corporate functions, learning the basic ethics and practices of a business is highly beneficial.

4.Don’t be after the money:
Yes, you are a student for whom the pocket money is never enough. However, you need to understand that there will come many opportunities in your life where you can make money. Utilize the ‘student time’ to learn as much as you can. There are some companies who offer you a paid internship and some others do not offer the same. However, the experience that these jobs offer you is priceless.  

5.Do not waste time waiting:
Well, if you keep waiting for ‘something better’, you might miss out on the opportunities that you have. Some students wait for the ‘big’ companies to have vacancies and then apply. Well, instead of waiting like this, it is better to consider a job in a smaller firm. In fact, these firms could help you learn even more if they are a new start up or are just a few years old in the industry.

Essentially, these are the tips you should definitely follow to find a perfect summer job. Make the most of your vacations!

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Internship In Dubai :


Summer jobs are excellent opportunities to learn and grow in your career. These jobs help you gain practical knowledge and should definitely be considered as a great learning tool over the vacations.



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Best Tips To Score Well In IELTS

Best Tips To Score Well In IELTS | National Academy UAE |

So, are you planning to take the IELTS exam? Well, firstly, you need to understand that these exams are essentially to test your English language skills. Passing IELTS with flying colours requires not only hard work but also smart work. Normally, students aim to score a 7 band in their tests. Here are a few tips that will help you to master skills to pass this test:


1. Practice, Practice and More Practice! Well, nothing but the right practice will help you to score well in these exams. Don’t just be stuck with the books given to you. Go out of your way and start practising spoken and written English in your everyday life. You need to master your skills over the language and not simply practice for the test.


2. Use the language around you. Well, there are many books, magazines and other things in English that we have an easy access to. If you do not come from an English speaking country, you can get the help from internet. Start reading and speaking the language.


3. Think in English! Yes! Do not keep translating everything in the language, instead, start thinking in the language. When you start thinking in the language, you will automatically come up with the language easily.


4. Stay focused. Do not do everything at one time. Read, write or speak at one time. Don’t push yourself to an extent where you cannot remember anything at the end of the activity.


5. Engage yourself in exciting and entertaining activities with the language. Go for a movie, watch sitcoms or simply listen to the radio! Learning definitely becomes more impactful and fruitful when you are having fun!


6. If you have friends who are also given the IELTS exam in Dubai, make a rule which says ‘Speak only in English’. Yes, this surely helps. When you have conversations in the language constantly with friends, you not only practice the language but you can correct each other and learn more.


7. Attend your classes diligently; follow whatever advice your teachers give with regards to the exams and how to practice. They know the tricks and thus following their advice is the best thing to do.


8. Engage in activities where in you have to use this language in a proficient manner. It is important to stay in touch with the language constantly. So, may be go out to a school and read for the primary students or join a library so that you constantly read.


Follow these tips and make sure that you score well in your exams and pursue your dreams confidently!

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