FREE! NaNoWriMo YWP Classroom Kit 2012 | Nanowrimo |

If you are facilitating NaNoWriMo for 10 or more students in a school, library, or community center, you may order one 2012 classroom noveling kit free of charge!

The classroom kit includes:

• NaNoWriMo’s Triumphant Chart of Noveling Progress
• up to 35 sets of NaNoWriMo progress stickers
• up to 35 “Imagination Activated” buttons

Teach more than 35 students? Order extra kits orbuttons.

Teach fewer than 10 students? See our resources for small groups.

Looking for more classroom goodies? We also have low-priced sets of pencils, stickers, and posters!

Via Karen LaBonte, Janet Ilko