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From your initial round of interviews you have picked a small list
of desirable candidates you are interested in speaking with and who
in turn want to work with you. This is important, because it helps to
root out those who look good on paper but did not sound right to you
when you spoke to them on the phone. Now comes the important second
interview. The second interview is extremely important because
this is the interview that will decide whether the candidate will be
selected to care for your child. This interview should always be a
face-to-face meeting, this is because non-verbal and physical cues
can give you a good idea about how honest a candidate is. The
questions you have need longer and more in-depth answers because you
must get a deeper understanding of the candidate who left a positive
impression on you during the first interview. Question the candidate
on her previous work experience, what did she do? Who did she take
care of? Has she got a reference? Make sure to note down everything
that the candidate says because you will have to contact the
references she has given and cross-check the information to check if
she is being honest. Conjure a hypothetical scenario and ask her how
she would manage an  emergency. Will she be available if needed
on short notice? Does she have transport? How will she get here if
she doesn't have transport? Does the candidate have children of her
own? If so, will the candidate be able to balance her  own
children with yours? If she says yes, create another hypothetical
scenario and ask her how she will handle it. How would she discipline
a child? Is she willing to stay for a long time?  
Do not hesitate to throw unexpected questions into the mix,
ask her what will she do if your children do not like her. Depending
on the answers she might give, do not hesitate to follow up with some
more questions even if the questions are not part of your checklist.
It is also best to bring the candidate over to the house to observe
how she interacts with your child. It is crucial to walk away
from the second interview with a clear impression of the candidate
because you will have to decide which will be responsible for your
child based on the answers they have given you. During the second
interview you must grill your candidate for as much information as is
possible, while also making clear what duties you expect them to
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