Navy Doc and Combat Psychologist Write Graphic Novel For Corpsmen | Nancy Parker |

As San Diego's Naval Health Research Center chief scientist for behavioral health in the Behavioral Science and Epidemiology Department, Dr. Jerry Larson realized that warrior is an increasingly common role for corpsmen, and saw the need to deliver information that would help psychologically prepare corpsmen for the stress of active combat.


But how best to deliver this information to corpsmen? After some thought, he concluded it could best be done by the the modern storytelling method of a graphic novel. Graphic novels, which are so popular these days among young adults but have not been utilized to date by the military, tell stories with art in a traditional comic format, but have a 'beginning, middle, and end' like traditional novels. Larson says he chose this format specifically for its appeal to the targeted age group and its value in providing thought-provoking content for discussion in training scenarios.

Via Josué Cardona