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I feel so inspired to read the teachings of Brugh on these sites and it rekindles something so deep inside to hear his wonderful words of inspiration once again.


Today, I have been captured by the profound remembrance of decades of the privilege of entering Brugh's Sacred Circles and the pure magic and healing that came from those experiences. I knew that anytime, when a life changing event or new cycle was coming into my life, I could always find a circle to drop into, to have a deeper dream that would surface to reflect the wisdom of a larger view of what was really happening. Brugh was brilliant in helping to see and understand the uncensored forces that were being played out both consciously and unconsciously in the events that were unfolding in my life. Each time, the work that came forward in the circle, no matter who he was working with, another layer would individually and collectively open a vast territory of a truth and understanding that was just not accessible in any other way that I know of. I know that is what we have all experienced. For that and so much more, I will be forever grateful.


I met Brugh in 1978, a year after I had an energetic awakening (in those years no one had a reference for a Kundalini type experience) and for someone who was asleep in the 70's and never took drugs, I was having visions, psychic experiences and all kinds of phenomenon going on that was frightening and so beyond anything I could imagine. A friend of my husband's who knew Brugh, said something like... "Hey, there is this guy in the desert you should see, he thinks all that shit's real". So, instead of heading for a hospital to get some antipsychotic meds... at the ripe age of 28, the journey began.


With all that being said, I wanted to open this ongoing topic and conversation as a place for us to recollect some of the whole pieces of work that have come out of the circles and in time, share many of the cycles of what Brugh brought forward in his teachings in his lifetime.

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