Why Are Americans Leaving the GOP? Party Registration Continues to Fall | MyPresidentObama | Scoop.it

by JOSH MARSHALL, Talking Points Memo

To understand the current ‘debate’ about party ID levels in 2012 polls, check out this chart below the fold. You can’t understand what’s going on without it. 

I’m not sure this requires a great deal of commentary. You can read it as well as I can.

Two points are worth noting. There is some mild rebound in the number of self-identified Democrats since the mid-point of the Obama presidency, especially recently. And there seems to be some number of moderate Republicans moving to an independent self-identification. But for reasons tied to chart and other data from polls, the decisive move seems to be an exit from the GOP to the right. [MORE]

NOTE: Earlier this week we hosted a forum for moderate Republicans on Coffee Party Radio who had either left or were considering leaving due to extreme tactics and extreme positions. But Mr. Marshall has an interesting point — just because people leave the GOP, and apparently regestier as Independents, it doesn't mean that they are becoming less conservative. Maybe they think the GOP (or Mitt Romney) isn't conservative enough. —EB

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