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With the advent of affordable digital cameras and photo-editing software such as Photoshop, what used to be an expensive profession is more and more accessible to casual individuals.
There are many tutorials and guides on the web to help you become a photography master. This is a collection of 50 of the best tutorials and guides we could find for helping you capture better digital photos.

1. How to Capture Stunning Fine Art Landscape Photographs

Learn how to compose beautiful monochromatic landscape photos through this easy-to-follow guide.
2. Photoshop Quick Tips: Light Leaks in Photography (Video)

Process your photos to have a vintage-style appearance with the aid of this Photoshop tutorial video found on Abduzeedo.
3. HDR Explained

HDR is a popular photo technique. If youre interested in this genre, take a look at this quick start informational tutorial on HDR.
4. Overprocessing in Photography

This tutorial aims to teach readers how to mimic photo-processing techniques inspired by popular photographer, Dave Hill.
5. Street Photography Explained

Nothing comes close to the unpredictability of taking photos in urban landscapes. This guide shares tips and basics for great street photography.
6. Hand Colouring a Black and White Photo in Photoshop

Its quite simple to convert full-color photos to black and white, but how do you go in the other direction? Check out this Photoshop tutorial to find out.
7. Self Portrait Photography Guide

Photographers often spend their time at the opposite side of the lens. If you want to make yourself your subject, this guide shares some useful tips for snapping self-photos.
8. Action Photography The Tips You Should Use

This photography guide goes over tips, techniques and tricks for capturing dynamic subjects with your camera.
9. Water Photography the Easy Way

How do you capture water beautifully? This guide offers suggestions and techniques for taking photos of water.
10. Create a Colorful Portrait with Easy Lighting Effects

Spice up your ordinary photos by infusing interesting light effects into them. Learn how to do this through this easy-to-follow Photoshop tutorial.
11. Capturing The Smoke Amazing Smoke Photography Tutorial

Ever wondered how you could effectively take pictures of smoke? Learn how to set up a stage that will allow you to take beautiful photographs of smoke.
12. Desaturated Film Style Photos

In this Photoshop tutorial, you will discover a method for processing your images to give them a desaturated and trendy appearance.
13. How to Create HDR Photos

This is a tutorial on how to make high dynamic range (HDR)-style images using Photomatix, a popular HDR software.
14. Retouching a Studio Portrait

Often, we need to retouch photos even if they are taken in professional studio settings. Learn basic techniques for correcting photos through this Photoshop tutorial.
15. A Guide to Nightclub Photography

In event photography, nothing is as tricky to cover as nightclubs. Here are a few tips to help you take great photographs in bars and nightclub scenes.
16. How to Make Your Twins

Have fun with photographs by learning how to compose photos that make it look like you have a twin sibling.
17. Edgy Style Photo Treatment

In this quick and easy Photoshop tutorial, youll learn how to give your photos a dark and mysterious appearance.
18. How to Create an Atmospheric Car Portrait

Learn how to take stunning photos of cars in this excellent tutorial that goes over the preparation, suggested equipment, and more.
19. How to Photograph Comets

Comets are rare and wonderful things. Make sure you dont fudge up that sometimes once-in-a-lifetime event by learning the basics of photographing comets.
20. How To Photograph Wakeboarders & Waterskiing

Water, rapid movement, loud noises: taking photos of water sports is a tough gig. This basic guide shares tips for effective photography of water sports.
21. 5 Second Eye Enhancement

Learn to retouch the eyes of your photos subject quickly and effortlessly by reading through this awesome Photoshop tutorial.
22. Photographing Buildings A Guide

Theres an art and science to capturing buildings in photos. For inspiration, check out this guide.
23. Dual View Photo Editing in Photoshop

This tutorial promotes the use of a dual-view workspace set up for efficient editing of images inside of Photoshop.
24. Color Blending Collection I

This is a particular post-processing technique for blending colors into photos to make them look more interesting.
25. Infrared Photography Technique

Infrared photography is a post-processing technique for giving images interesting and often unpredictable effects. Learn all about it through this guide.
26. Changing Hair Color

Photoshops Brush Tool and the Soft Light blend mode are utilized in this technique to change a persons hair color.
27. Local Contrast

This tutorial shares a method for utilizing Photoshops Unsharp Mask filter to enhance the contrast of certain parts of a photo.
28. Retouch a Girl with Lighting Focus

This tutorial goes over retouching techniques, paying attention to accurate lighting considerations when photo-manipulating images.
29. Selecting & Extracting Hair

The most difficult part of selecting subjects in Photoshop to isolate and superimpose them into another photo, for example is the hair. This is a technique to help you better select hair.
30. How to Fake Reflections in Photoshop

Want to add a digitally-placed reflection in a photo? This Photoshop tutorial uses layer duplication, quick masking and the Gradient tool to get the job done.
31. Make Up a Girl

Give a subjects face an appearance of having make-up in this Photoshop tutorial that involves Curves adjustment and the Gaussian Blur filter.
32. Basic Exposure Blending in Photoshop

Using layer blending and tweaking exposure can result in better images. This Photoshop tutorial walks you through a cool process of photo blending.
33. How to Create a Serene Panorama from Multiple Photographs

Learn how to piece together a beautiful panorama using multiple photographs in this tutorial on Psdtuts+.
34. Use Photoshop to Turn Day into Dusk

Realistically fake evening shots by following along this excellent Photoshop tutorial on how to convert day photos to look as if you took them just before nighttime.
35. Wedding Photography Explained

This wonderful guide goes over tips and techniques for taking professional-level photos at weddings.
36. Add a Realistic Rainbow to a Photo in Photoshop

This Photoshop tutorial will instruct you on how to add a rainbow into a photo with the use of the Gradient tool and the Screen blending mode.
37. Devils Eye

Learn how to process eyes to look dark and eerie with the help of the Burn tool, the Brush tool, and blending modes in Photoshop via this tutorial.
38. Add Dynamic Lighting to a Flat Photograph

Learn how to create a surreal scene that incorporates dynamic lighting by studying this Photoshop tutorial.
39. How to Smooth Skin without Losing Texture in Photoshop

Learn how to realistically smoothen the skin of your subject with the help of blending modes, image adjustments, and more by reading this Photoshop tutorial.
40. Remove a Person from a Photo with Photoshop CS5

Photoshops Content Aware feature is full of awesomeness. One way to use it is to remove a person from an image; this tutorial will walk you through the process.
41. Glisten in the Sunshine

This Photoshop tutorial will cover how to give your photographs that popular Bokeh photography effect, among other techniques.
42. How to Use Lines in Photography Compositions

Effective knowledge of photocompositions involves the use of lines in the scene in question. This guide will discuss the usefulness of lines for better shots.
43. How to Capture Really Sharp Photos

If youre having a hard time taking photos that arent blurry, it might be best to read this guide on how to take crisp photos.
44. Look More Muscular

You can beef up your photo subjects with the Liquify filter in Photoshop; discover how in this step-by-step tutorial.
45. Tilt Shifting Miniature Photography with Photoshop

Tilt-shift photography is a popular style of photography that simulates miniature scenes. This tutorial utilizes Photoshop to mimic the effect produced by tilt-shift lenses.
46. Color Correction Basics in Photoshop

An important part of photo-processing is the ability to enhance and correct the colors of a digital image. This guide will go over the basic tools on color correction in Photoshop.
47. Infrared Photography: Tips on How to Get Started

This multi-part guide discusses the hardware, techniques and tricks for capturing beautiful infrared photos.
48. 13 Steps for Shooting the Perfect Water Droplet

This tutorial on Phototuts+ shares tips, tricks and techniques for capturing water droplets with your camera.
49. How to Create a Radical Photo Sequence

Learn how to take those stylish and dynamic photo sequence shots with the use of Burst Mode capabilities found in many digital cameras, and Photoshop to compose the image.
50. How to Shoot a Sequence Photo


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