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One Way To Make Some Extra Cash

One Way To Make Some Extra Cash | MyLife Network |
How To Make Money Blogging. Learn 3 Easy Ways you can make money online blogging. -Complete Blog In A Box System-No technical stuff to ...
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Everyone should know different tools to make money.

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MLM vs Pyramid Scheme - Difference and Comparison | Diffen

What's the difference between MLM and Pyramid Scheme? Fraudulent pyramid schemes often try to disguise themselves as MLM (multi-level marketing) programs.

Via Diane Bjorling
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This is a great article about the difference between these commonly misunderstood entities. People should educate themselves on these. Protect themselves from schemes and learn how it is possible to make a good income in a legitimate, legal way with a good MLM.  

Diane Bjorling's curator insight, July 16, 2013 12:22 PM

When it comes to people and internet marketing, it is very easy to get fooled into joining a Pyramid scheme.  Understanding the difference between MLM and pyramid schemes is important so that people do not lose their shirts to these kinds of happenings!