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Reflection of Week One

Reflection of Week One | My Reflection |

 7/9 Class I

1. Topic to cover: Pronunciation: CAPT

2. What I contributed in the class:

     I shared my experiences in using powerpoint and movie clips dowloaded from youtube to teach

     the reading of Frankenstein. :)

3. What I gained in the class:

    Through the discussion and experience sharing of incorporating multimedia in our classroom, I  

     learned a lot from my classmates. They provided me with much useful information which I

     didn't know before. For example, they introduced websites and software facilitatinig students'

     spelling and vocabulary memorizing, such as "Spelling City," "0憶連," and "澎湖灣單字檢測系

     統," founded by a group of Taiwan's senior high school teachers. Besides, Professor Tsai's 

     online pronunciation courses on MyET is a concrete example of the application of CAPT. I even

     tried the pronunciation test on My ET. Unfortunately, I got pretty low score. It's so disgraceful

     for me, an English teacher, to get a bad pronunciation according to the evaluation of the online

     program. However, I think such results derived partially from the limitation of my recording

     equipment, which also revealed the potential problem of the programs of My ET.


7/11 Class II

1. Topic to cover: Listening

2. What I contributed in the class:

    In response to Jill's questions, my partner Victoria and I discussed about the principles and  

    possible application of Photo Story 3 to facilitate students' speaking. We expressed our concern

    about accuracy and fluency of speaking and talked about how to strike a balance in terms of

    students' proficiency levels.

3. What I gained in the class:

     I am really inspired and amused by Professor Tsai's MMC hobby sharing activities, in which  

     students of MMC talked about their hobbies through the video clips they made themselves.

     Prof. Tsai also gave us practical suggestion about using such projects during our summer 

     courses for students. I started to think about the possibility of asking my students to use Photo

     Story 3 to present some topics they are interested in.

ps. This is the last time Prof. Tsai teaches us in the course. Special thanks to her teaching. She is


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Livemocha | My Reflection |

This is a useful social interface to learn and help others learn languages.


Reflection of Week 2


7/16 Class 3

Topic: Multiliteracies

Application: Audacity

1. What I contributed in the class:

Although I gave some opinions in class, I don't think I made much contribution today. So, let's just skip it.


2. What I feel "confused" in the class:

Today is the first time for me to attend Prof. Chao's course. I found that I have difficulty fully

understanding what we tried to cover today. I think there are three reasons for it. First, the topic,

multiliteracies, is so new and a little bit complicated for me to absorb. I did preview the articles; however, I think there are so many gaps between my schema and the content of the handouts that I can hardly go through the whole pages, not to mention grasping the main ideas of the two handouts. Second, I need time to adjust myself to Prof. Chao's teaching style, her so-called "afternoon tea time" teaching, which I am not familiar with. Her lectures cover more than the content in the handouts. Sometimes, I foud that I just lost my track in the wide "information sea" she tried to lead us through. Last, I didn't succeed in trying out Audacity. That's a little bit frustrating. I think I need more time to explore the interface and functions of Audacity.


3. What I gained in the class: Ideas about Audacity

Although I didn't successfully try out Audacity, I still think up a probably feasible plan to use Audacity to improve my students' listening and speaking. Maybe I can ask my students to record broadcast plays (?廣播劇) with Audacity. The scripts can be written by themselves or ready-made ones. I think it'll be fun when I conceal the producers' names for the other students to guess whose voices they are listening to.

Besides, they have to listen attentively to know what the stories are about. The cast of the plays will have opportunities to practice reading aloud fluently and emotionally to play their roles well.


7/18 Class 4

Topic: Communicate

Application: Livemocha

Self exploration after class:

1. What I gained from the course:

(1) I learned about many new terms. Just to name a few: affordance, willingness to communicate, 

     focus group, dishibiting effect of CMC, old literacy and new literacy, identity, voice, design, self,

     triangulation, interactional analysis, and so on..... This list can go on and on.

(2) Through experiencing Livemocha.come in class, I am inspired by CALL's possibilities in

     language teaching. I learned that we should break the myths of focusing too much on the

     problems of CALL instead of embracing the positive effects it can bring to us. (Such points are 

     already mentioned in the handouts of CAPT, but I realized it through other articles. How 


(3) I tried to publish my reflection on Scoop. it, another application for me to explore its fun and



2. What I am happy about:

Somehow, the gap between my schema and the concept of multiliteracies is bridged through

the introduction and discussion about learning "new literacy," which I think of as a key force for teachers to advance our teaching and to maintain our passion for teaching.

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- Mobile Apps and Resources for Students and Teachers

- Mobile Apps and Resources for Students and Teachers | My Reflection |
The Resource for Education Technology Leaders focusing on K-12 educators.


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