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My Random Thoughts
Some stuff just need to be said, but let's keep it funny!
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10 Steps to Game Planning Your Gaming Campaign

10 Steps to Game Planning Your Gaming Campaign | My Random Thoughts |

John Vaskis:  "Setting up a gaming crowdfunding campaign is easy. Creating a successful one that reaches its fullest potential takes some more effort though — think of it as the difference between beating Halo on Normal and Difficult."

Via The Digital Rocking Chair
The Digital Rocking Chair's curator insight, March 28, 2013 2:07 AM

Good advice for anyone thinking of running a crowdfunding campaign.

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Twitter L O V E!

Twitter L O V E! | My Random Thoughts |


 If you’re an addicted Twitter user, then you’ll probably have difficulties settling down. Because, my friend, you’re flirty!


Being influential on Twitter means getting and keeping numerous followers. And this has a lot to do with professional flirting:

- You need to be attractive and have creative background and original photo!

- You need to be a “master of words”: in 140 characters you must incite and tell enough to catch attention, while not disclosing the essential!

- Once you’ve got a new follower, you must give him/her enough attention for him/her to stay around!

- You must be “the soul of the party”: entertain, inform, have catchy conversations! You want everybody’s love!


Twitter, like all addictions never cease to provoke! You feel the need to get more followers, to increase your social influence! And you get prettier background, write “out of the box” bio and program your tweets to get everybody’s attention!


You’re continuously courting for new followers and you’ll never settle down…You’re a social media polygamist.


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Six interesting examples of gamification in ecommerce

Six interesting examples of gamification in ecommerce | My Random Thoughts |

The video game industry is worth more than $100bn worldwide, so it's no surprise that businesses are using gamification to try to boost sales.

The idea is that by adding gaming elements to the sales process, such as small challenges and rewards, you can increase customer loyalty and advocacy.  


As in every game or competition, the participants have to be motivated by a worthwhile reward. It’s also true that the greater the reward, the more you can ask people to do to earn the reward.

Via Martin Gysler
Rodica Balan's insight:

Is Gamification the new trend in Advertising? Apparently, yes!

Martin Gysler's comment, April 19, 2013 9:45 AM
Thank you David, I saw a few months ago and I also read some comments from people who have completed this training.
David Bennett's comment, April 19, 2013 9:53 AM
I'm about halfway through. I am trying to see whether and how it would fit into our nascent ecommerce business. I don't see it yet, but the course has helped me to see in a gamified way.
Martin Gysler's comment, April 19, 2013 11:01 AM
Great David, I look forward to your feedback at the end of the course.