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Intelligent application packed with innovative features that make managing personal or business finances effortless. Money iQ offers multiple accounts management, smart budgeting, instant currency conversion, statistical reporting, balance view for assets, liabilities and net worth, transactions scheduling, records e-mailing and much more. 




- Your single balance of all your finances 
- Switch currency on the fly 
- See Net Worth, Liabilities and Assets 

- Multiple accounts management 
- Accounts grouping 
- Various currencies support 
- Account balance and reporting 
- Easily order your accounts and groups 
- Track your bank name, phone number, account number and other useful information 

- Manages expenses 
- Track your income 
- Use transfers to manage transfers within your accounts 
- Categories, user defined categories and sub categories 
- Add transactions in any currency, currency converter 
- Manage your bills with recurring transactions 
- Add notes, map location or attach images 
- Search over transactions 
- Filter transaction for a specific period of time 

- Manage your monthly budget 
- Add category budgets 
- Add budget in various currencies 
- Order your budgets 
- Navigate thru weekly, monthly periods 

- Summary of your expenses and incomes 
- Pie charting 
- Bar charting 
- Summary for quick transactions navigation 
- Filter your reports: select accounts, categories you want to see 
- Export your reports in HTML 
- Export your data in CSV 

- Sync over iCloud with multiple devices 
- Sync with your iPad application 
- Backup data to iCloud, or download 
- Restore your data 
- Import data from CSV 
- Automatic rates update or user defined rates 
- User defined categories