My American Dream | My American Dream |

"The American Dream is the idea that all people can have happy and successful lives if they work hard."

This quote from the webpage describes part of who I am and what I believe it. It makes sense that if you work hard for your goal, you'll eventually reach it. Even during the hardest of times, if you truly believe in your American Dream, you'll get there. What really makes chase that dream is how hard you work towards it. It's also how you work towards it, such as setting short-term goals and then eventually setting long-term goals. For me, my American Dream is to become a music producer and to reach that goal, I've set short-term goals that will allow me to become what I want. Some of them are performing covers for songs and getting preparing to take the SAT and hopefully pass it. Setting these short term goals will eventually take me to long-term goal setting, such as completing college and saving money for recording studio equipments. Then, using those long-term goals to my advantage, I would make my own recording studio and start my own record label. Even if I set these goals, what really makes me reach those goals are my hard work and perseverance. Only those two factors can really be defined as the American Dream, and the rest are part of these assets.