How Multitasking Slows Your Brain & Kills Your Productivity | Recruitment News 2017 |

It wasn’t long ago when people were consistently praised for multitasking– the parent who, in one night, juggles children’s homework, their own professional work, the laundry, and spinning classes. Or the ultra-connected marketing manager who, in an hour, answers 10 emails, works on a sales pitch, grabs a coffee, and books a plane ticket for a trade show. Both sound like veritable productivity masters. But the mental toll caused by multitasking has been proven to far outweigh peoples’ ability to simultaneously juggle tasks.


Multitasking, in fact, is multifaceted. The term can be defined as performing two or more tasks at the same time, or constantly switching from one thing to another. It can also be described as performing numerous tasks in rapid succession– like sending a tweet, then writing an email, then making a call, then checking your messages, then finishing your presentation. Sound familiar?

Via The Learning Factor