The surprising iPad rival in education that isn't a tablet, laptop or desktop - Tabtimes via Teachers with Apps | Must Read articles: Apps and eBooks for kids |
Education has been quick to jump on the tablet bandwagon by deploying iPads and a handful of Windows 8 and Android tablets. But in one surprising new twist the iPad finds itself under threat in the classroom from a different form factor altogether.



Running Google’s Chrome OS, the Chromebook allows users access to web applications only and has been generally well-received, even if some reviewers have been quick to note its limitations.

“A Chromebook cannot do everything that a Windows PC or a Mac (of even a Linux PC) can do. It can’t even do everything that a tablet can do. For one thing, the selection of games is very limited though there is, of course, Angry Birds,” wrote seasoned tech journalist Steve Wildstrom recently for Tech-pinions.

“But it is very good at what it does well, and for a large number of people, it would be a more than adequate replacement for a conventional PC”.