Music Piracy
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Company tracks illegal downloading of 1 million Canadians

Company tracks illegal downloading of 1 million Canadians | Music Piracy |

Recent changes to Canada’s copyright laws now make it possible for content producers to go after individuals who are found to be illegally distributing or downloading their content -- and they’re now using companies that track Internet piracy in Canada to help them.

A judge recently ruled in favour of NGN Prima Production, a production company based in Burnaby, B.C., when it ordered internet companies to reveal the names and addresses of 50 people who allegedly illegally downloaded a copy of their film “Recoil.”


And a Montreal-based company that tracks illegal downloads on behalf of several movie and music companies says it has identified one million Canadians that are sharing copyrighted content over the Internet.


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Jesse Himmelsbach's insight:

I think this is amazing. The producers of music get to choose whether  to seek legal action against piracy in canada. Rather than letting everyone get away with stealing music companies can go after people literally one by one.

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We Can All Go Home Now. Piracy Is Mostly Dead | TechCrunch

We Can All Go Home Now. Piracy Is Mostly Dead | TechCrunch | Music Piracy |

According to a report by Norwegian researchers at Ipsos, piracy has fallen alarmingly in that country thanks to viable alternative sources. For example, music piracy has fallen from 1.2 billion songs in 2008 to 210 million last year. About 60 million movies and TV shows were pirated last year, compared to 125 million and 135 million five years ago. In short, access to paid content, whether via streaming or a la carte services, is slowly whittling away the impetus to pirate.


To be clear this data comes from Norway and may not be representative of all areas but given the popularity of services like Spotify, Rdio, and Netflix – not to mention the many platform-specific releases made available on each of these services – has done what Hollywood couldn’t.


Norway has led the charge against file-sharing sites, recently passing a law that can shut down sites at the ISP level and allows rights holders to go after copyright offenders. However, it seems it’s a case of “Too much, too late.” The laws coincide with some of the lowest levels of piracy in the country which, in the twisted logic of the MPAA, will be chalked up to strong laws and not to the success of stable, usable, and preferable alternatives to piracy.


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Via Chuck Sherwood, Senior Associate, TeleDimensions, Inc
Jesse Himmelsbach's insight:

Statistics that show that less illegal downloads are happening because of streaming. This article also shows that norway has been cracking down on Pirating websites.

Steven Wang's curator insight, February 15, 2015 7:49 PM

Here is another article which supports the idea that pirating is going "out of fashion". Another report was found by Norwegian researchers that the frequency of piracy has fallen by extreme amounts, due to the accessibility and convenience of streaming services. 

Joshua Lewis Ramey's curator insight, May 17, 2015 11:14 PM

This is what has been going on in the music industry for quite some time now, as one popular site dies another is almost always born. Whether its legal service or not, the consumer will always find another way to consume. Just as Spotify has replaced tools such as limewire in the past… Other services such as Tidal have since replaced it.

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Google attacked by MPs over failure to curb music and film piracy

Google attacked by MPs over failure to curb music and film piracy | Music Piracy |
Company accused of 'derisory' attempts to stop many illegal downloads amid concerns over level of influence in coalition

Via britishroses
Jesse Himmelsbach's insight:

I think this article tells us how much big corporations actually care about stopping music piracy. When you have such a big amount of people doing something illegal you would think that there would be a bigger motivation to stop it.

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Charts: How Spotify is killing music piracy

Charts: How Spotify is killing music piracy | Music Piracy |
Music piracy has gone down significantly in the Netherlands since the launch of Spotify in that country. What’s more, artists who embrace Spotify see lower levels of piracy.
Jesse Himmelsbach's insight:

Being able to stream your favorite TV shows, Movies, and Music makes it easier to get your favorite sources of entertainment for free from legitmate companies rather than piracy.

William Reilly's curator insight, December 6, 2015 5:38 PM

It is interesting to see that piracy itself has gone down, but you have to wonder what kind of overall impact this has on the business of music overall. The fact that artists who embrace Spotify see even lower levels of piracy makes it seem like a huge step up from normal, but what kind of rights and profit will Spotify take away?

Isaiah Muller's curator insight, February 17, 2017 7:34 PM

Spotify in my mind isn't really on my piracy list. yes you can listen to free music, but you can also pay a small fee to get as much music as you want. In 2010 in the Netherlands, Spotify was introduced and from 2010 to 2011 the rate of piracy actually dropped 10% even though we will see if Spotify can do something to fight it everywhere rather than just being able to afford it.

Paul Baker's curator insight, July 23, 2017 3:31 PM

I think its conducive to create platforms like Spotify in order to reduce music piracy.

The source I find valid because all sources are labeled within grafts.

I find it a valid resource for audio industry professionals because it is interesting to know where music sales productivity is going to in current times.

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Music piracy on the decline as digital music sales grow | Wash Post

Music piracy on the decline as digital music sales grow | Wash Post | Music Piracy |

Maybe music executives can finally stop singing the blues. Music piracy is on the decline, analysts say, while an industry group said digital music sales in 2012 drove global music industry revenues up for the first time since 1999.


It’s not a very big gain for the music industry — just 0.3 percent to $16.5 billion — but even that small uptick may be a sign that digital music has finally put the industry on the path to recovery. Digital music and services, the report said, grew 9 percent in the past year. That comprises digital downloads, as well as newer subscription services such as Spotify and ad-supported services including Pandora.


“No doubt, this is welcome news,” said Recording Industry Association of America spokesman Jonathan Lamy, who said over half of the industry’s revenues come from digital services now. “We are starting to turn the corner, and that’s great news for the business and fans.”


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Via Chuck Sherwood, Senior Associate, TeleDimensions, Inc
Jesse Himmelsbach's insight:

News like this gives me hope in the future of the music industry, When illegal downloads start declining, online streaming companies are turning massive amounts of money.

Charles Bohart's curator insight, January 17, 2016 9:26 PM

In today's age, where the majority of my friends are pirating music the majority of the time, having a decline in piracy i welcome. Hopefully this minor uptick in legal digital downloads will snowball in the coming years and eradicate this problem.

JustTheBeginning's curator insight, February 9, 2016 10:08 PM

We're seeing times change not just over night but rapidly faster than usual with just about every big name company becoming a contender in the sweepstakes to providing the best music streaming services at the most convenient rate you gotta expect to see things get into tip top shape. Apps like Spotify, Apple Music, & etc are all in the ranks of running circles around the industry as a whole.

George Slight's curator insight, February 10, 2016 11:11 PM

This great news for the professional who is worried about sales. Until today I thought that music piracy was at an all time high, I'm glad to hear this news to prove me wrong and that the music field is thriving.