Foursquare, Deezer innovating to drive user engagement | MUSIC:ENTER |

LIVE FROM MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS: The CEOs of Foursquare and Deezer described how they are innovating to drive user engagement in today's keynote at Congress....


CEO of music service Deezer, Axel Dauchez, said that innovation is “absolutely critical” but knowing where to focus this innovation is key to driving engagement.

Deezer is aiming to make music a “more intense part of users identity”, according to Dauchez, by providing the means for active music discovery and making the relationship between users and artists more tangible by providing exclusive content.

Integrating the live music experience into the service is also an important element that drives user engagement. “We need to provide a better experience of the gig itself,” Dauchez said.

Although taking down barriers to music discovery is important, Dauchez there is also scope to put in some restrictions to drive user engagement. For example, if a band is making an album, they can make some of music available for a short period of time, which drives a significant rise in user engagement.

Via Nicolas Moulard - Actuonda