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Startups + Developers | SF MusicTech Summit

Startups + Developers | SF MusicTech Summit | Music |
Sam Brinson's insight:

Lot's of cool new startups in the music field, something for everyone!

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Rescooped by Sam Brinson from Bounded Rationality and Beyond!

The neurochemistry of music - Mona Lisa Chanda and Daniel J. Levitin

Music is usedto regulatemoodand arousal in everyday life and to promote physical and psychological health and well-being in clinical settings. However, scientific inquiry into the neurochemical effects of music is still
in its infancy. In this review, we evaluate the evidence that music improves health and well-being through the engagement of neurochemical systems for (i) reward, motivation, and pleasure;

(ii) stress and arousal;
(iii) immunity; and

(iv) social affiliation. We discuss
the limitations of these studies and outline novel approaches for integration of conceptual and technological advances from the fields of music cognition and
social neuroscience into studies of the neurochemistry of music

Via Alessandro Cerboni
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