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How To Get Packed for Your Move

How To Get Packed for Your Move | music |

Most people dread moving, yet there are things you can do that will keep you from being exhausted in the end. Here are ten moving tips that will make the journey from point A to point B a little happier.  

1. To begin with, give yourself as much time as possible. Moving is rarely fun, but is much more tolerable if you can take it in smaller stages and follow these moving tips. You'll need time to prepare for the packing process, to pack, to move. Several weeks is ideal.

2.Secondly, declutter first. There is no use moving things that you are not going to use in the future. Have a garage sale and donate the leftover items from the sale to charity. If necessary, pay for a dumpster so you can get rid of trash.

3.As you prepare to move, thirdly, collect the supplies you'll need, such as cardboard boxes of several sizes, tape, markers, materials for packing fragile things, and cleaning supplies. Get enough supplies so you don't have to run around your house trying to find your marker or your tape. Try to have a stack of supplies in each room.

4.Fourth, keep in mind that there two levels of packing: the things you can live without, which get packed first and go in the truck and the things you can't live without. For every room have a spot in which you place the things you can't live without, which will be packed at the last minute.

5.Fifth, in order to get through the move, pace yourself. It's far better to start early and do a couple or three hours every day than to procrastinate and have to cram everything in at the deadline.

6.Clean as you go, is the sixth thing to think about. When your boxes have been taken, you don't want an exhausting amount of cleaning to do because you will need to save some of your energy for physically getting to your new place, cleaning it, and unpacking.

7.Label everything, seventh. Although it can get tempting to skip this step, you will save yourself a lot of frustration if you label the room in your new place where each box needs to go as well as some idea of the contents of the box. No one enjoys searching through box after unlabeled box for that one thing that is absolutely necessary right now.

8.Eighth, stay as neat as possible. Moving is a chaotic process but chaos can get in the way of your emotional well being. Keep the packed boxes stacked neatly.

9.Ninth, when packing the truck, last in is first out, so plan accordingly. If you need your pots and pans to feed yourself and your family, they should go in last.

10.Last, and most important moving tip: be nice to your future exhausted self. From moving day until you are reasonably well unpacked is going to feel like a marathon.

The more you can do ahead of time to make that marathon a little easier, the better off you and your family will be.  


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Read this article to know more about the packing tips before a move. Here, this article represents the 10 useful tips to pack your goods in a easy and proper manner.

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