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Rescooped by Daniel Battis from Sound Art and Design!

Brian Eno on bizarre instruments

Brian Eno on bizarre instruments | Music |
This week, producer Brian Eno launched a new exhibition at the Science Museum
with an enthralling talk about the role of technology in music.

Via listenhear
Daniel Battis's insight:

In this article Brian Eno discusses the term technology as it is applied to music.

Think about what techniques or technology you use or would like to incorporate into a composition and write a brief reflection on why this is.
After reading this article propose your opinion on why musicians are often attracted to new musical technology and explain the benefits of working with digital software in modern times.

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Rescooped by Daniel Battis from so many interesting things!

Electronic Musical Instrument 1870 - 1990

electronic music...

Via Kaleo
Daniel Battis's insight:

This is an introduction and brief history of electronic music.
Music has always been shaped by the instruments that allowed its creation and thus with the introduction of synthesizers and computers a number of new possibilities arose for composers.
For an upcoming assessment item you will be asked to create a short composition (30 second minimum) using digital software.

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