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Robin Good: The Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in New York offers a unique free feature to its registered users, allowing them to capture and collect their favorite artworks from the online MET exhibitions and save them into dedicated collections which can be shared with anyone online.


How to use MyMet:

1. Click the gold "MyMet" tab located in the top right-hand corner of every page on the site and either sign in or register to create an account.

2. Browse the collections and add your favorite works of art by clicking the "Add to MyMet" button on each individual object page.

3. Click the gold "MyMet" tab located in the top right-hand corner to view recently saved items; select "View all your items & recommendations here" to return to your "MyMet" page.

4. Create a set and name it "MyMet." Under Notes, complete the phrase, "My Met. My ___________." You may also add a description about what the Met means to you.

5. To add a saved object to your set, hover over it with your mouse and click "Add or remove this item from sets," and then save it to your "MyMet" set.

6. Share your set on Facebook or Twitter. On Facebook, tag The Metropolitan Museum of Art. On Twitter, include @metmuseum and #MyMet in your tweet.

7. You may also share your set via email.


The service is free to use.



Examples of user curated sets:


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Via Robin Good, Giuseppe Mauriello