Things we’re learning about Digital R&D in a museum context | Museums and Digital Media |

"Hasan Bakhshi said earlier in the year that:


“Unlike science and technology, very little is known about how R&D is managed by cultural institutions, how it should be evaluated, and how well the knowledge created through R&D diffuses (or not) across organisations”


With this in mind over the past year we have been muddling through on the Social Interpretation project (SI) at The Imperial War Museums with the overarching aim of finding out what R&D is in a museum context, what’s possible in the timeframe and within certain budget constraints.
So here’s a list of things we’re learning about R&D in a museum context:


- It’s hard

- It’s fast

- Adapt or Die

- Be a Good Communicator

- Advocacy, Advocacy, Advocacy

- Manage expectations

- There are no benchmarks

- Smile



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