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move your forearms I mean I can attest tithe pomp the contest the palm it’s a unique exercise that time the reason why you haven’t been exposed to it is because it's use other look at a higher level for allot of professional athletes that I been exposed to and then work with we actually I'm in my professional baseball career had to do that I before period time to strengthen the role because the fact that for wood bats in baseball you need to have extremely strong forearms to be able to snap about his own so I think that time that exercise modified a little better to the weight room so that I can maximize extreme bass Berry & Puma to them but that's kind of where I got the idea from mom from my professional baseball career so basically I think that'll help you out I know it'll get you some extreme pump the bass player to improve your grip strength use it don't overuse it okay Hun talking once a week max for total a four to five weeks then take a break for at least three weeks then restart you don't want to strain especially the tendons in your wrists are very delicate okay he would put strain on third-party Roble careful on this one don't abuse it use it okay will talk to you later have a good one favorite you try to build some muscle its yeah just Goodland step real good you spot a right to know 0 Oct way sobered by go to somebody intro use may tighten up yeah a man this whole bills the show cue what