Multiculturalism in Australia
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Multiculturalism in Australia - Society and Culture Assignment

This is a short video briefly describing multiculturalism in Australia in the present day and age. I was originally asked to record a voiceover for this, and...
Jørgen Tryggestad's insight:

Australia, a country built on immigration.


It all started when the English immigrants came and made Australia an British colony. During the colonizing of Australia they encountered the Aboriginals, the native population. It is well known that Australia has been quite cruel and harsh against it`s native inhabitants over the years, nonetheless close to the 20th century, all this changed. Australia became one of the leading countries regarding multicultural politics.  Nationalities and religions from all over the world are now represented  and they are managing to live in coexistence with each other. 


How to manage multiculturalism is crucial for the well-doing of the people within the country. Australia has done several important actions along in making it`s country an multicultural-friendly nation. 


One solution is to strengthen the multiculturalism by hosting Harmony Day on 21 march each year. There they focus on not to judge indigenous people or immigrants based on the color of their skin and their belonging. 

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Losing faith in the multiculturalism minefield

Losing faith in the multiculturalism minefield | Multiculturalism in Australia |
In the last State election, Fred Nile's Christian Democratic Party ran a record number of candidates. One of their policy platforms was "No Islamisation of Australia". When I pressed our

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Jørgen Tryggestad's insight:

Jørgen Tryggestad`s insight:

This text addresses a current dilemma regarding multiculturalism in Australia. Some of the inhabitants fear that the current laws of Australia would be replaced with religious laws from Islam. They especially fears for the introduction of Sharia law. Today Muslims are a minority in Australia, nevertheless they are increasing swiftly. Nonetheless Australia is a multicultural nation and was even build on these pillars. 

I do not believe that Sharia law would be allowed now or in the future, mainly because the democratic attitude is too strong in Australia. I also doubt that especially women would like to give away their democratically born freedom in exchange for suppression and intolerance.


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